November 10-19: SCA: St Jude's Fair and St Catherine's Fair

St Jude's Fair, Rimu park, 10-12 November, 2000

Preparing tea: Michael, Aliena, Iarnulf
Evening conversation: Thorkell, Aliena, Tim, Iarnulf and my toes
Black Company breakfast: Valerian, Becs, Phoebe, Michael, Catherine
Clearing the listfield: Richard, Callum, Valerian, Tycho, Vitale, Geoffrey, Ilar, Chrettienne
Toss the infant
Heloise, Thorkell, Myfawnwy, Sigurd
Baronial sunshade: Ethelind, Arnfridr, Teresa, Chrettienne, Eleonora, Edouard, Cristia
Black Company sunshade: Becs, Catherine, Adele (foreground), Alexander (obscured), Phoebe (obscured), Emma, Steffan, Xavier (foreground), Therese, Thorkell
Clash of fighters: Vincent, Tycho, Valerian?, Vitale, Callum, Heloise (background), ?, ?Richard?, Sigurd
A sloth
Baronial shade again: Callum, Myfawnwy, Vincent, Chrettienne, Emma, Eleonora, Alexander, Sigurd
Clearing the archery field: Myfawnwy, Tim, Alexander, Iarnulf, Thorkell, Vincent, Valerian (obscured), Vitale, Richard, Geoffey
Geoffrey, Sigurd, Ulfric, Valerian, Thorkell
People collapse in the warm sun: Rowena, Becs, Valerian, Rebecca
Iuliana, Arnfridr, Daniel, Paul
Village football: Daniel, Vitale, Ulfric, Ilar, Valerian
Iarnulf gets a gong: Chrettienne, Sigurd, Therese, Eleonora, Tycho, Iarnulf and his Argent Arrow
Cooks and servers: Therese, Xavier, Steffan, Adele, Arnfridr
My table: Iarnulf, Aliena, Michael, Phoebe, Catherine, Tim, Steven
Iarnulf winning the archery

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St Catherine's Fair, Motu Moana, 17-19 November, 2000

I'm not very good with Ildhafn names, so any additions/corrections would be very welcome!

Relaxing after exploring: Marie, Alaric, Alexander, Bethany, Yusuf
Alexander and Bethany
Evening meal: Bethany, Alaric, Cheryl, Benedict (obscured), Asbjorn, Maria?, Marienna, Alexander, Brigid, Marie, Yusuf
Estrid, Benedict, Eleanor, Cheryl, Johanna, ?, Brigid
Late-night gaming: Rosalind, Willehelm, Johanna, Iseult, Glenys, Bethany, Marie, Beatriz, Eleyne, Kaspar, Eleanor
Breakfast: Willehelm, Emrys, Yusuf, Magnus, Inigo, Isobel
Brigid the merchant
Bales for the barrier: Alaric, Yusuf, Willehelm?
The fighting musician... Kaspar, Eleyne, Rosalind, Bethany, Iseult
Guy, Alaric, Willehelm?, Asbjorn
Marienna's coffeehouse
The fighters gather
Fighting across the barricade
The trading game
Joan of Arc Tourney: Johanna, Ulf, Shaitan
Looking up the feast hall
Looking back down...
Midnight revellers
Garb class
Castle seige
Organising archery

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