September 5-6: Otago 48-hour party (Operation Shock and Mild Surprise) -- Friday night, battle, Saturday night

Friday Night, Dolphin Street/Glencairn Street, 5 September 2003

Miche, Megan, Reece
Photo courtesy of Morgan
Naomi (obscured), Joe
Photo courtesy of Tom
Naomi, Yvette
Photo courtesy of Morgan
Yvette, Jo, Tori, Gareth
Photo courtesy of Tom
?Angus?, Donnelle, Naomi
Laura, ? (obscured), John
Naomi helps Morgan to pose for a photo
Andy, Yvette
? (obscured), Rebecca
Jesse, ?, Louise, Seth
John, Naomi, ? (obscured)
Seth, Chloe, Daniel, Heather, Steven
John, Miche, Rebecca, Angie, Dust
Photo courtesy of Tom
Jo, Donnelle, ?Daniel? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Tom
? (obscured), Phil, Yvette
Photo courtesy of Morgan
Reece, Laura, ? (very obscured), Dust, ?, Tom?
Miche, Shannon, Tom, ?, Chloe, ?, Seth, Angus? (obscured), Jesse
Steven the Sot
Louise, Nick, Heather
Reece?, Louise, Jesse (obscured), Nick, Heather
Simeon, ? (obscured), Naomi, Daniel (obscured), Donnelle (very obscured), Joe, Miche
Naomi (obscured), Daniel, Donnelle, Miche, Chloe, Angus
Simeon, Yvette, Andy, Miche
Shannon, Joe, Andy (obscured), Jo

Battle, Woodhaugh Gardens, 6 September 2003

Shannon, Rebecca, John, Mike, Simeon
Gareth, Daniel, Joe (obscured), Maria
Gareth, John, Simeon, Daniel, Colin
Aerial reconnaissance: ?Colin?, ?, ?, Maria, Joe, Daniel, Phil, Tim, Daniel
Photo courtesy of Tom
? (obscured), Carl
Seth, ?, ?, Heather, Nick, Rebekah, ?, Reece, Chloe, Angus
Premature charge: Shannon, John, Joe (obscured), Daniel, Simeon, Carl, Shannon, Luke, Mike, Tim, ? (very obscured), ?, Maria
Laura, Colin, Shannon
John, Rebecca, Simeon, Paul, Luke
Joe, Gareth, Naomi, Jo, Daniel
Louise, Nick, ?, ?, ?, Rebekah, Seth (obscured), Heather, ?, Reece, Angus
Negotiations: Jo, Miche, Gareth, Dust, Angus (obscured), Reece
Photo courtesy of Tom
Celts waiting for cabbages: Rebecca (obscured), Shannon, Mike, Paul, Naomi, Tim, ?, ?, ?, Daniel
? (obscured), Angus, Heather, Baxter (obscured), Daniel, Seth, Reece (obscured)
Fire! ?, ?, Louise
Carl, ? (obscured), Angus, ?, Baxter, Heather, Reece, ? (obscured), Morgan, Seth, Jo (obscured), Luke, Gareth, Daniel, Simeon, ?Joe? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Tom
?, Maria, ?, Chloe, Jo, Shannon, Seth, Heather
Rebecca, Simeon, Mike, Shannon
Fiendish torturers: Naomi, Shannon, Joe, Miche (victim), Seth, ?, Reece, ?, Heather, Angus
Daniel, Morgan, Paul (dead), Simeon, Mike, Rebecca, Baxter, John
Retaliation: Rebecca, Mike (dead), Simeon, Paul (victim), Maria, John, Joe (obscured)
Daniel, Nick, Baxter, ? (obscured), Angus, Chloe, Reece, Luke (dead), Heather (obscured), Shannon, Tim
Photo courtesy of Tom
Nick, Heather (obscured), Simeon, Gareth (obscured), Luke, Chloe, Mike (dead), Rebecca, John, Morgan, Colin, Seth
Unidentifiable spectators in background
Heather, Nick, Paul, Shannon, Maria, Gareth, Simeon, Chloe, Luke, Mike (dead), Rebecca, Reece, John, Morgan (obscured), Carl
Unidentifiable spectators in background
Reece, Daniel, ?, ?
Rebekah, Daniel, ?, ?, ?, Shannon, Luke (foreground), ?, Nick, Angus, Heather, ? (upended), Seth, Reece, Tim
Gareth, Miche, Jo
Unidentifiable spectators in background
Photo courtesy of Tom
Chloe, Angus, Shannon, Seth, Joe
Rebecca, Simeon, John, ? (very obscured)
Decabbaging the field: ? (obscured), Seth, ?, ?,?, Reece, Simeon, ?, Chloe, ?, Naomi, ? (obscured)
Tim, Luke (obscured), Mike, Gareth, Katrina, Daniel, Maria, Jo
Katrina, ?, Luke, Mike
Celtic plots: Paul, Daniel, Seth, Naomi, Heather (obscured), Tim, Baxter
Charge! Paul, Daniel, Baxter, Naomi, Shannon, Tim
Naomi (obscured), Daniel,Laura, John, Luke
Colin, Miche, Carl (obscured), Luke, Morgan, Maria, Gareth, Jo (obscured), John, Daniel, ?, ?, ?, Rebecca, Mike
Simeon, John, Maria, Carl (obscured), Luke, Miche, Daniel, Joe, Paul
Photo courtesy of Tom
? (obscured), Baxter, Gareth, John? (obscured), Jo, Tim, Simeon, Luke
Photo courtesy of Tom
?, Baxter, ?, Carl, ?, Shannon, Paul? (obscured), ?, ? (obscured), Seth, Angus, Reece, Nick, ? (obscured)
Mike (obscured), Rebecca, Gareth (obscured), John, Joe, Simeon, Morgan, Luke, Colin? (very obscured), Daniel, Seth, Nick, ?, Heather, ?, ? (obscured), ? (obscured)

Saturday Night, Crawford Street, 6 September 2003

Hosts: ?, ?, ?, ?
John and Simeon admire the decor
Maria, Jo, Megan
?Maria?, James
Megan, Miche
Simeon, Daniel, Naomi?, Rebecca, Miche, James
Daniel, Laura
Colin, Maria
Photo courtesy of Morgan
Meditative Joe
Photo courtesy of Morgan
Laura, John
Photo courtesy of Morgan
Photo courtesy of Morgan
? (obscured), ?, Paul, ? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Morgan
Rebecca, Angie, Dust
Paul, ? (very obscured), Tim
Photo courtesy of Morgan

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