Claire's albums, part 5, June 1997-May 1998

These pictures are scanned from an album belonging to Claire Hill, and the photos were generally taken by her.

Masked party, June 1997, Watchtower

John, Richard, Bagel
Simeon, Chris, Bagel
Zane and Robyn
Karl and Sara
Keith? and Oli
LX and Gold


?Picasso? and Robbie

Kara's 21st, 2 August 1997, Pegasus Arms Tavern

Simeon and John
Todd, Chris, ?, Fridge, Hamish
Kara and her parents?
?, Mike and Kara
Serving wench
? (obscured), Bob, ?, Duncan, Vivienne, Jason
?, ?, ?, Traci
The cake? Bagel, Kara, Jason
Bob, ?, ? (obscured), Vivienne, ?, ?
A roosting shopping trolley

48-hour party, 22-24 August 1997, Ilam Road

Simeon and Sarnia
Tria? and Dillon
Picasso, Duncan, Dan
?Caitlin?, Charlotte, Chris
Tria? (obscured), Dillon (obscured), Fridge, LX (obscured), Claire
Gold and Oli
Kath and Wintermute
Duncan and Sara
Richard and Oliver
Matt and Picasso
Menolly, Pixi, ?
Vivienne and Bob
Duncan and Dan
Claire, Picasso, Fridge

Simeon's going-away party, 19 September 1997, Hillary Crescent

Oli, Sarah, ?Simeon?, Gold
Meredith, Vernon, ? ?
Simeon and Brent
? and Julie
?, ?, Belle, ?, Oli

Devils and angels party, 26 September 1997, ?

Cutter? (obscured), Teri, Julie, Damon?, Julie Anne
Gary, ?, ?
Chris, ?
Fluffi, ? (foreground), ?Fridge?, Angela (background), Julie, Damon?, ?, Robert, Gary
? (obscured), Penny, Mouse, Christian, ? (obscured)
Richard, ?, Morbid, ?
Robbie, Julie Anne
?, Chris, Gold, Tria
But why is Chris so horrified?

Julie Anne's 21st, 4 October 1997, ?

The cake: ?, ?, ?, Julie Anne

Picasso's 20th, Claire's 21st, 25 October 1997, Ilam Road

Claire, Pixi?, Picasso
Picasso and Claire
Hamish, Vania, Kirk, Fridge
Todd and Kara

Hadley's 21st, 14 November 1997, Hillary Crescent

Simeon, Julie Anne, Matson
Watching the, um, entertainment...
Standing: ? (obscured), Glenn, ?, Teri, Nick, Cutter
Seated: Sarnia? (obscured), Bagel, Hadley, Trond

Awards party, 28 November 1997, Ilam Road?

Seth, ?, Picasso, Bob, Belle, Dillon, Dave, Vivienne? (foreground), Oli
?, Dillon, Karl (obscured), ?, Ian, Julie Anne, Bagel, ?, ?

New Year's Eve, 31 December 1997, Curletts Road

?, Josh, Fridge
Dan, Matt, Chris
?, ?, Bagel, Richard
Euan and John
Richard and Steve
Simeon and Jess
...and effect: ? and Claire
Bob? in shorts, JL, in red shirt, Sarah to his right, ?, Oli?, ?, ?, Phil?

James's 21st, 5 February 1998, Hilalry Crescent

James and his brother

Philip/Bob's 21st, 7 March 1998, ?

?, ?, Vivienne, Bob
Jason, Picasso, ?Evan?

First meeting, 13 March 1998, LCR and Ilam Road?

Politburo: Morbid, Schmoo, Hamish, Cutter, Dillon, Picasso, Josh, Starz, Gary
Josh and ?Colin?
?LAS-R-GUN? and Picasso

Porridge wrestling? March 1998, UCSA amphitheatre

Nick, Picasso, Chris

Traci's 21st, 20 March 1998, ?

?, Traci, ?, ?

Perversion party/flatwarming, 1 May 1998, Grahams Road

Spice girls: Fluffi, Kara, Mike, Claire, hris

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