September 13-21: Gothic Vampire party, spring picnic, post-picnic party

Gothic Vampire party, Mays Road, 13 September, 2002

Photo courtesy of Marsden
Glenn, Sandra, ?
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Lisa, Scarecrow, Storm
Photo courtesy of Marsden
? and ?
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Starz and Lubie
Erin and Robert
Simeon, Kat, James
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Jenny (obscured), Nicola, Zane
Meredith and Ashes
Nicole, ? (obscured), Darcy
Fridge and the bishop
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Three maniacs: Josh, Mike, Todd
Scarecrow and Leslie
? and ?
Dan (obscured), Charlene (obscured), ?, ?
?, Shekinah (obscured), Al, ? (obscured), ?Danny?, Todd?, Seth, ?, ?, Jonty, Nick, ? (obscured), ? Foreground: Amy, ?, Meredith, ?
Shekinah, Josh, ?, Mike
Theuns, ?
Ashes, Brian?, ?
Nigel and Michael
Kat, Glenn, Darcy
Background: Dan, ?, James
?, ? (obscured), ?, Leon, Amy, ?, James
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Bethany, ?, Morbid, Diana, Dan, Seth
Photo courtesy of Marsden
The dictator and his floozy... Carolyn and Tony
Trond and Del
Andre, Nick, James, Diana, ?, Nicole, Shekinah, Leslie (hair), ?, Sas (background), ?, Rebecca, ?
Danny, Scarecrow
Michael, Sakura, Morbid
? and ?
Al, Amy, Duncan, Rebecca

Spring picnic, Hagley Park, 21 September, 2002

First arrivals: Belle, Karen, Dan, ?
A few more: Karen, Dan, ?, Angela, Cutter (obscured), Alan, Stefan, Danny, Belle, Nick, Amy, Paula, Leon (obscured)
A lot more... Stefan, Beast, Duncan, Jacqui (obscured), Brent, Meredith, Jenny, ?, Del, ?, Alan, ?, Dennis, Angela, Danny, Paula? (obscured), Steve, Leon (standing), Dan, Amy (obscured), Belle, ?, ?, Vicki, Peter, Pete, Bastian
Background: seated strangers
Jenny and ?
Anthony and Lisa
?, Zane, ? (obscured), Kevin, Jenny, Roland
Brent and Steve
The Alfs arrive
Shore: Zane, Brent, Pete, ?, Erica?, Perry, Belle, Karen, ?, Steve, Angela, Jenny (background), Dan, ? (obscured), Amy, ?, Daniel, ?, Nick? (obscured), Leon, Nicola (obscured), Dennis, ? (background), Mary Anne, Scarecrow, Kevin? and ? (background)
Boat: ?, ?, ?, Karl
Pete and Bastian
?, ?
Simeon and Kat
Jenny does Lara Croft
Ian and ?
Background: Rebecca?, ?Leon?, Stefan, Steve, Del
Photo courtesy of Alan
Some people only have ants scavenging their picnics...
Sonya and Peter
Kat, Amie
Photo courtesy of Alan
Amy?, Karen, Kevin, Rolan, Nicola
? and Troy
Diana, Trond, Alan, Tony, ?, Del, Hamish, ?, ?, Mary Anne (seated), James, Scarecrow, Simeon, Paula? (hair), Nick
Troy? (obscured), Nigel, ?, Karl, Belle
Pete and Belle
Leon, Tony, Trond
James and Scarecrow
Mayhem: James, Scarecrow, ?, Tony, Cutter, Trond, Nick?, ?, Danny, Leon, Anthony
Racing! Anthony, Hamish, Leon, Cutter, Danny, Tony, Trond, ?
Angela, Peter, David, Trond, Anthony, Tony
Photo courtesy of Alan
?, Beast, Stefan, Meredith
Michael and Rebecca?
Danny, Beast, Jenny, Seth, Amy
?, ? (seated), Roland, ?, ?, Zane, Jenny, Kevin

Post-picnic party, White Palace, 21 September, 2002

?, Karl, ?
?, James, Tony, Trond
Wayne and Theuns
?, Nick, Becky
Robert and Angela
Matson and Diana
Mary Anne
Nicole and Josh
Background: ?, James, Lubie
Diana (very obscured), James, Lubie
Dan and Seth
Rebecca? and Michael
Background: ?, ?, ?, ?, Wayne, Stacey
Michael, Cutter
Darcy and Dennis
Mary Anne, Dan, Leslie
Background: Darcy, ?
Storm, Leon, Andre

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