March 17-April 5: Dollhouse drinkies, SCA archery and A&S, SCA Southron Gaard Anniversary, Mad Scientist party, Labyrinth drinkies, LCR

Dollhouse drinkies, the Dollshouse, 17 March 2000

Stefan, Dave, Beast, Meredith, Belle
Clockwise from back left: Beast, ?, Tony, Meredith, James, Schmoo, ?, Robert, John, Rebecca
Jenny (hiding), Daniel, Brent
The new kitten, Winnifred

SCA archery and A&S, Kirkwood Intermediate and UCSA building, 18 and 21 March, 2000

Getting ready to shoot: Bragwyth, ?, ?, Miles, Richard, Iarnulf, Andre
Bethany planting balloons
Hunting for arrows: ?, ?, Andre, Richard, Iarnulf, Bethany, ?, Leonie, Miles
Leonie's Japanese bow
Chatting at A&S: ?, Sigurd, Duncan, Myfanwy, ?Niamh?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Heloise, ?, Emma
Fighters in the ballroom

SCA Southron Gaard Anniversary, Rimu Park Scout Camp, 25 March 2000

People chatting: Callum, Emma, Geoffrey, Myfawnwy, Heloise, Miles, Einar
Lunchtime: Myfawnwy and Diana
Amberhearth pavilion: Lughaid, Tycho, Geoffrey, Cristia, Heloise
Face from the past: Yoshitoshi and his lady
Crossbow: Callum and Vitale
Time to recuperate: Johanna
Assessing the archery: Myfawnwy, Vitale, Eleanora, Sigurd, Alexander, Leonie, Callum
Iarnulf starts a fire with flint and steel
Tourney: Ulfric, Eleanora, ?Vitale?, Sigurd
Sheep a-roasting: Feran and Leonie
Twilight court: Tycho, Sigurd, Madelein, Eleanora, Chretienne, Callum.
Court from the other side: Cassandra (rear), Phoebe, Michael, Sinech, Geoffrey, Ayeshah, Michelet?, Iarnulf, Miles, Leonie (obscured), Feran, Emma, Aliena, Niamh, ?, Cristia (foreground), Myfanwy (obscured), Yoshitoshi, Einar, Richard, Vitale, Ilar
Feast table: Emma and Myfawnwy

Mad Scientist party, Epsom Road, 1 April 2000

Traci and John
Tentacle thing: Daniel
Igor: Robert
Food fairy and assistant: Jenny and Heather
Goodies. Some of these things are edible. Choose carefully...
Theresa and Cody
Experimental subject Leon
Balloonacy: Jenny (obscured), Michael (obscured), Heather
House of cards

Labyrinth drinkies, 1 April 2000

3D chess: ?, LX
Sabrina, ? Sophie, Leonie
Wasted unit: LX, John
Girls and their toys: Mary Anne
Small dancefloor! Vernon, Mary Anne?, Zane, Charlotte, Sabrina
Really, there's nothing going on... Charlotte, Mike, Simeon, Simeon, Andi

LCR, 5 April 2000

The modern LCR (looking out of KAOS corner) is not as good as the old one (looking onto it), of course...
?, ?, John, Tina (obscured), Robert, Erebus? (obscured), Troy, ?, Darcy, Cameron?, ?
A more comparable view -- looking southeast-ish towards KAOS corner instead of northeast-ish
Darcy (foreground), ?, ?, Cameron, Colin, Charlene (obscured), Michael, Jason (background), ? (obscured), ? (feet), ?, Adam
But people still gather around tables to play silly games: Tony, Tina, Colin?, Erebus, Adam?, Troy, John?, Daniel, James

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