1993: Photos from Dillon's Collection. First party, toga party, Mandeville Street, change of dictator

The years may be wrong on these, and there may be pictures which don't actually belong in the batch where they're placed.

First Party, Maxwell Street, 1993

Euan, LX, Claire
?, ?, JSR, ?
A bit blurry, but there's a young Richard and Simeon in the far corner. Adele stands far right
Karl and someone perform a long-lost ritual of KAOS
Guy, ?, JSR, Jacqui, ?
Annette, LX, Krispy
Puppy, ?, Meredith, ?, Isobel
Daniel and Sean
Aaron, Puppy, JSR
Mark, ?Simeon?, Isobel, Richard?
? from Canada, Wulf

Toga Party, Glenside Avenue, 1993

Leonie and Adele
Rat, Craig?, Phil, Robyn
Annette and Phil
?, ?, ?, Nicole, Dillon
Karl and Pauline
Krispy and Diana
Keely and Rat
Vaughan and Danny
Keith, ?

Mandeville Street party, 1993

This set of photos was taken by Craig McGeachie, who supplied them to Dillon.

Cheryl and Chris
Rachel and Philippe
Rachel, Philippe and Zilch
Careful of that cookie! Gold, Isobel, Pauline, Karl Dearden
Mike and Claire
Debra, Adele, Philippe
Mike, Oliver, Emma, Dillon
Simeon, Sara, Phil
JL and Euan
Richard, Leonie, Scott, ?
Phil, LX, Keith, ?, Menolly
Euan, Dan, Sharon, LX
Wulf, Bastian, Philippe?
?, Bastian, Belle, Neil
?, Dave, Simeon, Sara, Belle, Fitz, LX, Menolly, ?, Karl Dearden?
Debra and John

Change of Dictator, Homer Place, 1993

Ian's execution!
Pete, Jason, Kassandra, Danny
Aaron, Jeremy, Idiot, Tim, ?
Isobel obscures Karl
Guy and Michelle
Michelle, Guy, Kassandra, Eamon, James?
Jason and Idiot
Simeon's hat had a life of its own
Dan, Debbie, Jacqui, Karl

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