September 10-26: Carolyn's birthday, games evening, Bordello drinkies, pirate movie, pirate party, smokers cafe, SAGA minicon

Carolyn's Birthday, UCSA Foundry bar, September 2003

Mel (obscured), Carolyn, Tony, James (obscured)
James (obscured), Brett, Sass
Binky the irritable leprechaun
Mel, Carolyn, Tony
Tony? (obscured), Theresa, James (obscured)

Games Evening, Greers Road, 12 September 2003

John, Trond, Carolyn
Tony, Fiona, James
Web of Power: Tony, James (obscured), Stacey, Paula
Carabande: Matthew, Chris
? (very obscured), Hamish, Kirk, John, Mike
Sass, Brett
Sass, James, ? (obscured), William, Cutter, Tony (obscured)
Al, ? (obscured)

Bordello Drinkies, 13 September 2003

Bastian, Pip, Picasso, Glenn, Schmoo, Emma, Tria, Ozy (obscured), Danny (obscured), Al (obscured)
Schmoo? (obscured), Emma, Tria, Ozy
? (obscured), Karl
Evan, Jo, Bastian, Rachel
Danny, John, Amy, Neil, Dan
Amy (obscured), Ozy (obscured), Picasso, Jonty
Picasso, Jo, Bastian?
Emma, Rachel
Jo (obscured), Tria, Bastian, Emma (obscured)
Pip discovers Ozy's true nature... Bastian (arm), ? (obscured), Rat, Pip, Karl, Jo, Ozy
Pip, displayed
Glenn, Schmoo
Glenn, Dan, Neil, Jo, Amy, Amy, Danny
Pip, Emma, Karl, Dan

Pirates of the Caribbean, Hoyts 8, 19 September 2003

Angela, Cutter, Carl, Matthew
Amy, Stacey, Al, ? (obscured)
Amy, Brett, Binky? (obscured), Sass, Fiona, William, Mary Anne (obscured)
Avast... Angela, Duncan, Charlene, ? (obscured)
David, Martuccio, Carl, ? (foreground), Angela, Mary Anne, Cutter, Dennis, Amy
? (obscured), Fiona, Bastian, Jo, William, Matthew, Carl (obscured)

Pirate Party, Karo Place, 19 September 2003

Amy, Anna, Rach, Robert, David
Such a cute couple: Amy, Chris
Background: ?, ?
Norman, Celia, ?Theuns?
Al, Duncan
Shannon, Amy, Haz, Brett (obscured), Norman
Rebecca?, Theuns, Morbid, Sakura, Jenny, ? (obscured), Chris, ? (obscured), Nick, ? (obscured), Josh, ? (obscured)
Norman, Nick, Josh
Haz, Brett
Gypzy, Jenny, Sakura, Amy, Rebecca, Dust (obscured)
An aye-aye and Angela
Background: ?Leon?, Duncan
Morbid (obscured), Robyn
? (very obscured), Rebecca, Liz, Josh
? (obscured), Al (obscured), Spike, Danny, Cat, Neil, Dust
? (obscured), Mel, Carolyn
Background: unidentifiable
Karen, Hooch
? (obscured), Amy, Amy, Dan, Jess,
Ashes, Tony
Angela, Josh
Haz, Robert
Simeon, Shannon (obscured)
Heather, Morbid, Storm
William, Ozy, Charlene (background), Andre, ?, ?, ?
Chris, Celia, Josh
? (obscured), Greg, Glenn, Ashes, ?, Chris, ?, Nick, ?, Gypzy, Charlene, Theuns, John, Amy, Tria
Amy, ?
Nicola, Evan
Duncan, Robert (obscured)
Ashes, Cat, Erin, Andrew, Tony, Caleb
Leon, Andre
Greg, Josh, Angela?, Gypzy, Theuns, Mel, ? (obscured), Storm
?, Glenn, ? (very obscured)
Liz, Storm, ? (obscured), ?, ? (obscured)
Jenny (obscured), ? (obscured), Caleb, ?, Shannon, ?
Jenkins, Nick
Seth, Neil (very obscured)
Luke, Brett

Frankleigh Street, 23 September 2003

Who needs gargoyles when one has cats?

UCSA Smokers Cafe, 25 September 2003

Alice, Brett
Jonty and his confectionery fetish

SAGA Minicon, UCSA Shelley Common Room, 26 September 2003

Puerto Rico: Beast, Meredith, David, Robert, ?
Michael, ?, Alastair
Peter, Carla, ?, Naomi, ?, William

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