November 21-23: SCA St Catherine's Fair -- Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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St Catherine's Fair is the largest annual event hosted by the Barony of Ildhafn, in Auckland.

Friday, 21 November 2003, YMCA Camp Adair, Hunua

Beatriz and Emrys's pavilion
Still setting up: Ulf, Bastian, Kaspar
Baronial pavilion
Bernard shows his shoes to Alys
Background: Ulf
Mari, Æsa
Looking at sparklies: ? (obscured), Llewelyn, Therese, Adele
Background: Æsa, ?, ?
Æsa (very obscured), Alan
Æsa (very obscured), Francesca (background), Katar, Magnus, Lorenzo
Maree, Alana (obscured)
The Laurels seek a new member: Bess, Rowan, Asbjorn, Llewelyn, Marienna, Eleyne, Stefano, Sanchia (obscured), Alaric, Charles, Nerissa, Francesca, Rowena (obscured)
Alys, Ulf
Background: Barrett, Bernard, Adele, Therese
The Pelicans seek a new member: Asbjorn, Rowan, Eleyne, Alaric, Marienna, Nerissa, Charles
Rowan, Asbjorn (obscured), Marienna
Bernard (obscured), Martuccio
Barrett (obscured), Willehelm, ?
Magnus, Emrys, Miles, Fulk, Carl
Vigil: Llewelyn, Ulf, Alys, Duncan, Eleyne, Bastian (obscured), Helen (obscured)

Saturday, 22 November 2003

Mari, Francesca, Alana, Lorenzo, Martuccio, Magnus, Miles, Kaspar
Background: Baxton, Duncan, Allegranza
Duncan, Kaspar
Bernard, Kaspar, Thyra
Background: unidentifiable
Mari (obscured), Baxton, Allegranza, Maree (obscured)
Edward, Mari
Background: Lucas, Baxton, Allegranza
Alys, Helen and the squeaky laurel
Ceina, Aaron? (obscured), Clyde
Roheisa, Martuccio (obscured)
A Martuccio displayed...
Obscured: Roheisa, William, Lorenzo
Asbjorn, Marienna
Fulk, Godfrew
?, Minas, Will
William, Duncan (obscured), Francesca, Ulf (obscured), Kaspar (obscured), Bernard, Willehelm, Fulk, Lucas, Jade, Godfrew, Allegranza, Llewyn, Baxton, Constance (obscured), Clara, Rowan, Therese, Thyra, Aaron?, Katar, Rowan?, Will (very obscured), Clyde, Anthony, Asbjorn, Marienna, Kate
Kate, ?Philip? (obscured), Clyde, Aaron and Rowan, Diane, Marienna
Before the Grand Melee: Barrett, Ruad, Bernard, Fulk, Minas, Asbjorn, Emrys, Benedict, Lucas, Magnus, Willehelm, Martuccio, Brian, Ulf, Bastian, Edric, Duncan, Kaspar
Miles, Barrett, Bernard, Emrys, Ruad, Minas, Martuccio (obscured), Lucas, Ulf, Lorenzo (background), Asbjorn, Willehelm, Edric, Brian, Bastian
Secret Laurel symbol: Del, Charles
Willehelm, Ruad (obscured), Martuccio, Magnus
Kaspar (obscured), Willehelm, Lucas, Aaron, Barrett, Llewyn, Jade
Background: Rowan, Bess
Francesca, Benedict, Magnus (obscured)
Æsa and her beads
The list tree
Background: Bastian, various unidentifiable
Clarice, Therese
Background: Maree, Adele?, Teresa (obscured), Eleanor, Estrid
At the toy stall: ?
?, Will (obscured), ?Aaron?, Teresa, Rosa
Bastian, Asbjorn, Edric
Background: Emrys (obscured), Diane? (obscured)
Ulf, Willehelm
Allegranza, Therese, Æsa, Barrett, ? (very obscured), William, Benedict, Eleanor, Natal'ya?, ? (head), Alys, Kate, Nerissa
Beatriz, Asbjorn, Emrys, Ruad, William, Marienna, Edric, Benedict, ? (foreground), Alaric, Willehelm, Duncan, Nerissa, Brian, Rowan, Barrett
Photo courtesy of Mine
Becoming a Pelican: Alaric (obscured), Benedict, Nerissa (obscured), Duncan (obscured), Marienna, Rowan, Del, Charles, ?, Francesca, Bess, Diane, Rosa
Photo courtesy of Mine
Alaric, Del, Brian, Nerissa, Marienna, Duncan, Charles, Rowan (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Mine
The boys from the bar... Fulk (obscured), Brian, Willehelm, Magnus, Edric,
Ruad, Emrys, Asbjorn, Stefano
Dartonshire versus Cluain: Miles, Bernard, Duncan (sword), Martuccio, Ulf, Fulk, Bastian, Tarquin, Brian, Llewyn
Brewing class: Jardine, Mine, Roheisa, Aaron
Natal'ya, Adele
A Benedictine map
Llewelyn, Francesca, Charles, Del
Ladies tea: Eleanor, Beatriz, Rosa, Renee (foreground), Josephine, Eleyne
Photo courtesy of Mine
Renee, Natal'ya, Teresa, Eleanor, Beatriz
Kate, Eleanor
Waiting for court: Clarice, Bess, Æsa?, Bernard, Adele, Alan, Charles, ? (obscured), Francesca, Philip, Alys (background), Helen (background), Miles, ?Godfrew? (obscured), Therese, Eleanor (background), ?, ?, Francesca, Carlos, Fulk, Allegranza, ?, Brian, Constance, ? (very obscured), Baxton, Teresa
Kate, Emrys, Beatriz, Olaf
David, Elena, Jardine, Estrid
Willehelm, Josephine
Duncan (obscured), ?Mari?, ? (obscured), Magnus, ? (obscured), Llewelyn
The hat and stick game: Alys, William, Rowan, Llewelyn, Bess, Del, Helen, Lucas (kitchen), Isolde (kitchen), Magnus
Lorenzo (very obscured), Miles (background), Benedict the busy herald, ? (obscured), ?, Maria, Estrid, Madeleine, Jardine (obscured))
Here come the Crowns: Nerissa, Marienna, Willehelm, Asbjorn (very obscured), Alaric, Duncan, Ruad?, William, Renee?, ?, Llewelyn, Lorenzo
Benedict (obscured), Asbjorn, Marienna, Duncan, Willehelm (obscured), Alaric, Nerissa
Photo courtesy of Mine
Receiving an AoA: Alaric, Nerissa, William
Photo courtesy of Mine
Constance, Baxton, Renee, ?, Llewelyn, Lorenzo (obscured)
A letter of marque: Willehelm (obscured), Alaric, Nerissa, Martuccio
Photo courtesy of Mine
Edric, Sanchia, Marienna
Swearing fealty: Alaric, Nerissa, Edric
Photo courtesy of Mine
Background: Elena? (obscured), ? (obscured)
The Laurels gather: Duncan, Willehelm, Llewelyn, Alaric, Mine, Nerissa, ? (foreground), Brian, Roheisa (very obscured), Bess, Barrett, Del (obscured), Stefano, Rowan, Francesca, Charles, Aaron, Martuccio, Teresa, Clarice, ? (obscured), ? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Ulf
Beatriz, ? (very obscured), Helen, Alys, Olaf, Ulf, William
Asbjorn (obscured), Marienna, Willehelm, Alaric, Duncan, Nerissa, Rowan, Bess, Alys, Francesca, Llewelyn, Charles, Roheisa, Del, Martuccio
Photo courtesy of Ulf
Duncan (obscured), Llewelyn, Alaric, Nerissa, Alys, Bess
Photo courtesy of Ulf
The house of Wilton: William, Llewelyn, Olaf, Alys, Ulf, Helen
Ceina, Diane, ?, William?
Photo courtesy of Ulf
Feast time
The trial: Minas, ?, Isolde, Godfrew, Brian, Asbjorn, Marienna, Ulf, Alaric
One of these people is disposing of evidence... Jardine, Teresa
Stefano, Kate, Eleyne (obscured)
Brian, Emrys, Lucas
The chivalry seek an addition to their ranks: Barrett (obscured), Asbjorn, Marienna, Ulf, Alaric, Nerissa, Bastian, Edric, Alys
Marienna (very obscured), Asbjorn, Alaric, Nerissa, Edric, ?, Minas, Renee, Willehelm, Maree, Benedict, Bastian, Ulf, Isolde
Lorenzo (very obscured), Mari, Æsa, Martuccio, ? (obscured)
Lucas, Allegranza, Godfrew (foreground), Clara, Minas, Constance, Baxton, Brian, Philip, Stefano, Fulk, ?, ?Teresa?
Teresa, Stefano, ?, Godfrew, Æsa, Mari, Isolde

Sunday, 23 November 2003

William, Constance, Allegranza, Clara, Isolde, Kaspar (obscured), Tatiana, Therese, Francesca, Adele (obscured), Llewelyn, Clarice, ?Teresa?, Bernard, Diane, Aaron?
Marienna, Benedict, Alaric, Edric, Nerissa, William, Bastian
Asbjorn, Barrett, Willehelm, ?, ? (very obscured), Inigo, Emrys, Lucas? (very obscured), ?
Marienna, Ulf, Benedict, Duncan (obscured), Alaric, Edric, Nerissa, Willehelm, William
St George: ?, Bernard (obscured), ?, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Emrys, ?, ?, Jardine (obscured), ?, Elena
Marienna, Benedict, Inigo, Ulf, Duncan (obscured), Alaric, Nerissa, William, Willehelm, Edric
Inigo, Marienna, Ulf, Benedict, Edric, Alaric, Duncan, Willehelm, Nerissa, William, Bastian
Alaric (very obscured), Nerissa, Ulf, Marienna, Willehelm, Barrett, Bastian, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Edric, ? (obscured)
Nerissa, Ulf? (very obscured), Stefano, Roheisa, Alaric, Del
Jardine, ?, ?, ? (obscured), Willehelm, ?, ?, ?, Ruad, ?, William, ? (obscured)
Moving supplies: ?, Brian, Edric, Willehelm, ?, ?, ?
?, Edric, ?, ?, Willehelm, Beatriz, Bernard, Brian, ?, Fulk
Tidying up -- front to back: Willehelm, Edric, ?, Asbjorn, Brian (to left), ?
Brian (very obscured), Duncan, Alys, Eleyne
William, Lucas, Asbjorn, Ruad, Olaf, Bess
Baxton? (obscured), Alana, Allegranza? (obscured), Mari, Martuccio? (obscured), Edric, Ulf, Rowan, Nerissa, Alaric, Inigo, Marienna

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