March 27: Storm and Leon's wedding and reception, Canberra toga party

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Storm and Leon's Wedding, Great Hall, Arts Centre, 27 March 2004

Natalia, Nigel
Door warden: ?
Dan, Jason
Matthew, Duncan, Nicola, ?, Mel, Ollie, Chris, Theuns, Fluffi, ? (obscured)
?, ?, Phil
Photo courtesy of Mel
Fluffi, Rebecca, ?, Belle, Martuccio
Background: unknown
Troy, Sarah, Duncan (obscured)
Bastian, Jo
Erin, Adam
Background: unknown
Duncan, Charlene
? (obscured), Duncan, ? (obscured), Karl, ? (obscured), Chris?, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Diana, ?, ? (obscured), Rachel? (obscured), Nick (obscured), Martuccio, Danny (obscured), Tony, Belle, Glenn (obscured), Jonty (obscured), Nigel, ?, ?, Karen and Samantha, Theuns? (obscured), Theresa, ?, ?, ?
David, ?, Garth (obscured), Meredith, Erin, Morbid, Beast, Schmoo, Adam, ? (obscured), Scarecrow, ? (foreground), Troy (obscured), ?, Dan, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Nick, ?, Sarah, ? (obscured), Mel (obscured), Duncan, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Jason, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Charlene, Al, Amy
Leon, Brent, Andre, Chris
Amy, Jess
Amy, Tria, Jess
Shannon, Laura
Background: ?, ?, ? (obscured), ?, Bastian, ? (obscured), Glenn, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), ?, Rachel, ? (obscured), Karl, Pip, ? (obscured)
Jess, Tria, Amy
Here comes the bride: Storm
A walk down the aisle
Stage: Amy, Tria, Jess, Storm, Roz, Leon, Brent
Lighting the candle: Storm, Leon
Married: Storm, Roz, Leon
Kissing the bride: Storm, Leon, Roz
Signing the register: ? (obscured), Jess, Picasso, Storm, Leon, Roz
Storm, Leon, Roz
Rachel, ?, Danny, Glenn, ? (obscured), Matthew, Erin (obscured), Adam, ? (obscured), Fluffi, ?, Amy, ?, Tony, Pip, Dan, ?, Al (obscured), Martuccio, Jason, ? (obscured), ?, Scarecrow, Pip (obscured), Bastian, ? (obscured), Tria, ? (obscured), Nick?, William, Daria, Chris, ?, ? (obscured), Charlene, ?, Amy, Jess, ?, ?, ?, ?, Leon, ? (obscured)
Storm, Karen, Samantha, ? (hand)
Drew, Hayley, Theuns
Garth, Keli, Sarah

Dinner Break, Dux Deluxe, 27 March 2004

At the Dux: Amy, Fluffi, Josh, William, Mel, Liz, Rebecca, Mel, Peter

Storm and Leon's Reception, The Bordello, 27 March 2004

?, Nick
Bastian, Nigel
Dan, Josh
Allanah (obscured), Celia, Dawn (obscured)
Nick, Diana
Dawn, T
Rebecca, Josh (obscured)
?, ?, ?, ?, ?
William? (obscured), Fiona
? (obscured), Adam, ?, ? (obscured), Chris
Jason, Chris, William, Erin (very obscured)
Allanah, Binky, ? (obscured), Norman (foreground)
Dawn (obscured), Allanah
Rhys, Robert, Mel, Tinks
Rhys? (obscured), Peter, Mel, Tinks
Chris, Diana, Julie
Liz, John, ?Evan? (obscured)
Anna, Nicky, Byron (obscured)
Idols of Eve: Julie, Chris, Diana, Jason
Photo courtesy of Mel
Robert, ? (obscured), Amy, Tria? (obscured), Tinks
Photo courtesy of Mel
Adam (obscured), Hamish, ? (obscured), Storm, Leon, Brent (obscured), Nigel (obscured)
Brent, AJ
Photo courtesy of Mel
Sakura, Erin, Anthony
Jenny (obscured), Tony
? (very obscured), ?, Hamish, Paula
Tria, Pip, Ozy, Neil
Vanessa, Matthew, Heather
?, Amy
Norman (obscured), Tria, Dan
JL, Norman (obscured)
Norman, Josh, JL (obscured), Jess, Haz
?, ? (obscured), Brent, Jenny
Dust, ?, Amy, Chris, Charlene (obscured)
Aaron, Mia
? (obscured), Diana, Nick (obscured), Fiona, Byron, Tony (obscured)
Drew, Dale, ? (obscured)
Sarah, Troy
Neil, Glenn, ? (obscured)
Diane (obscured), ?, Mia
Photo courtesy of Mel
Terri, Alec, Binky
Photo courtesy of Mel
Now you hold this one, no wait, let's swap these two and mix the other four: Andre? (obscured), Rebecca, ? (obscured), Charlene, Chris, Dan, Carolyn, ? (obscured)
Storm, Dan (obscured), Jess
Josh (obscured), T, Peter
James, Norman, Mel, Frank
William? (obscured), Cutter
Jaine, ? (obscured), Daniel, Andrew, Mel (obscured), Fluffi (obscured), Heather (obscured)
Andrew (obscured), ? (obscured), Terri, Mel, ? (obscured), Danny (obscured), Dust, Fluffi (obscured)
Background: Dust (obscured), Vanessa? (obscured)
? (very obscured), Fluffi (obscured), Scarecrow
? (background), Dan, Michael, Evan, Frank?
Duncan, ? (obscured)
Jeff, Brent, Jess
Shannon (obscured), Daniel, Storm
Al, Charlene
Morbid, Daria
? (obscured), Shekinah, Bastian (obscured)
Jonty, ? (obscured)
Neil (obscured), Karl, Jess? (obscured)
Tinks, Natalia
Brian, Evan (obscured), ? (obscured)
Karl, Mel
?, Phil
? (obscured), Chris
Jaine, Dale, Andre, Bree, Drew, Hayley, Diana, Chris (obscured), Jason, ? (obscured)
Laura, Bree
? (obscured), Vaughan, Jonty, Sophie (foreground)
James, Fluffi
Carolyn, Seth

Canberra Toga Party, 27 March 2004

All photos courtesy of Gregory Schoenberg.

Crissy (obscured) Patrick, Rachael, Aimee, Zane
Katie, Greg "Schrub"
RobbY, ? (obscured)
Mark (obscured), Roland, Dean
Lachlan "The Bastard", Rachael, Rob, Jess
Wee Jamie
?, ?, Allan (obscured)
Rachael (obscured), Allan, Kieran (obscured), ? (hand), Dean (obscured), Liz
Roland (obscured), Claire
Matthew, Chrissy (obscured)
Claire, Patrick, Rachael, Roland, Lachlan, Macca, Jamie, Jenny (very obscured)
Patrick (very obscured), Rachael, Claire and Macca sherbeting Lachlan
Rob the Vet
Alice (obscured), Oliver
Macca the bathroom Roman
Aimee, Alice, Claire
Alice, Claire, Aimee (obscured), Lachlan

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