January 1-22: New Year's aftermath, Beast and Meredith's dinner, Amy and Sonya's birthdays, Akaroa harbour cruise, Number 8 flat-cooling, sunset, SCA pas d'armes, beach trip, dictator's return drinkies, home alone drinkies

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New Year's Aftermath, the Bordello, 1 January 2005

Cody, Theuns, Daniel
Phil, Gold, ?, Danny
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Theuns (very obscured), Amy, Gold
Jo, Robyn, Rachel
Nicola, Robert (very obscured)
Claire, Robert
Bastian, Mouse
Vanessa, Shannon, Robert, Claire (obscured), Charlene
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Vanessa, Tess, Karen, Nicola (obscured)
Josh (obscured), Simeon, John

Beast and Meredith's Dinner, Olliviers Road, 2 January 2005

Beth, Steve, David, Schmoo, Belle (foreground), LX
LX, Schmoo, Beast, Belle, Steve, Beth, Meredith, David
The bombe

Amy and Sonya's Birthdays, Riccarton Road, 3 January 2005

Josh, Claire, ?, ?
? (feet), Claire? (obscured), Theuns, Amy, ?, Peter, Nicola, Josh, Sonya, Rebecca
Two birthday cakes: ? (foot), Ruth, Heather, ?, ?, Danny, Del
Robyn, Lana, Heather (obscured)
David?, Ruth, Wayne
Danny, Theuns, Binky, Simeon, Rebecca, Nicola, Claire, Peter, Sonya
Robin, Josh, Amy, Amy

Akaroa Harbour Cruise, 5 January 2005

Akaroa seen from the main wharf
Little blue penguins
Fenced-off conservation area regenerating
Hector's dolphins
More Hector's dolphins
Sheep get everywhere
A fossilised elephant, honest guv
Shags. And shag guano.
Sea cave. Wonder how far back it goes?
Nice rocky cliff face
Little blue penguin caught out of the water
Palm Gully -- southen limit for nikau palms
Waves and rocks
A nice challenge for rock climbers
Rebecca, Damon
Natural arch
Fluttering shearwaters and gull
Terns and gulls feed on shoaling fish
Looking up the harbour
Fur seal

Number 8 Flat-Cooling, Homer Place, 7 January 2005

Photo courtesy of Jason
Fiona (obscured), Wayne, LX
Rachel (obscured), Dennis (obscured), Alex, Clare
Tony, Wayne, Julie, Will
Simeon, Paula, Allanah, Hamish, Luke, Dan, Binky
Vaughan, Sophie
Jason (obscured), Al
Jason, Lana
Jonty, Seth
Distributing largesse: Binky, Sophie, Clare, Rachel, Alex, Mary Anne, Wayne, Jonty (obscured), Allanah
Justin, Vania
Mary Anne, Sophie, Clare, Vaughan
Julie, Colin
Robin, Dan
Mel with Maya
Hamish, Will, Dennis, Al, Seth, Simeon, John
Paula?, Will
Rachel, Paula
Photo courtesy of Jason
LX, Dan, Jennifer (obscured), ? (obscured), Dennis, Will
Dennis?, Dan, Luke, Mel? (hand)
Jennifer, Binky (obscured)
Mel, Liz
Mary Anne, Todd
Lizzy Wiltshire took an axe
Gave these posters forty whacks...
Dan, Jennifer
?Clare? (obscured), Alex, Luke, Sophie, Vaughan

Sunset, Frankleigh Street, 13 January 2005


SCA Pas d'Armes, Kirkwood Intermediate, 15 January 2005

Sigurd, Martuccio
Photo courtesy of Ethan
Bastian, Ceina, Angus, Matilda, Elizabeta, Cristia
Photo courtesy of Ethan
Erin, Ceina (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Ethan
Rosa, Chrettienne, Richard, Martuccio
Photo courtesy of Ethan
Eleanora, Vitale, Chrettienne (obscured), Ethelind, Callum (obscured), Tycho
Photo courtesy of Ethan
Vitale, Richard, Ethelind, Sigurd (obscured), Tycho
Photo courtesy of Ethan
Electronic knight: Tycho
Photo courtesy of Ethan

Beach Trip, New Brighton, 15 January 2005

Gypzy, Rebecca, Dust

Dictator's Return Drinkies, George Street, 15 January 2005

Clockwise from front centre: Tria, Peter, Fiona, Gypzy (very obscured), Theuns, Schmoo, LX, Stacey, Allanah, Shannon, Storm, ?Amy?, Jason, ?Pip? (very obscured), Josh, Binky
Background: Theuns, Schmoo, JL, Stacey
Shannon, Storm, Jason, Pip?, Josh, Allanah, Binky, Chris
Al, Melisa, Gypzy (obscured), Theuns, Stacey (head), Schmoo
Chris, Tria, Peter, Fiona
Charlene, Ethan (very obscured), Al, Stacey, Diantha
Pip, Quill, Tria, ? (obscured), Mary Anne, Robin, Allanah, Danny, Dennis, Pip?, Tony, Josh, Chris, Dust, Theuns
Ethan, Al
Dust, Theuns
Mary Anne, Tria, Wayne, Dennis
Justin, Wayne
Background: Peter, ?, Binky
Allanah (obscured), Glenn, Dave, Shannon, Pip, Quill, Justin
Background: ?, LX, JL, Tria?, Peter
Peter (obscured), Tria? (very obscured), Robin, Dan
?, Rebecca (obscured), Schmoo (obscured)
Background: ?, ?
Lana, Robin, Amy (obscured), Dan (obscured)
Dan, Tony
Nothing naughty here! Amy, Glenn
Or here! Dan
Mysterious levitating door... ? (obscured), ? (obscured)
?, Rebecca, Schmoo, Ozy, Fluffi (obscured), ? (obscured), Chris, Tony

Home Alone Drinkies, Greers Road, 22 January 2005

A Thousand Blank White Cards: Todd, Justin (obscured), Spike, Ethan, Gary, Tony, Mel, ? (foot), Fiona, Becky, Nick
Nick, Becky, Jennifer
Fluffi, Vania, Todd
Tony, Mel
Diantha, Ethan
Fluffi, Dust, Justin, Fiona, Vania, Todd
Mel takes an anti-bath
Gary, Ethan, Fiona, Mel, Spike, Tony
Sarah, Amy

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