August 25 - September 1: SCA Darchester Anniversary, miscellaneous, New Bordello flatwarming

SCA Darchester Anniversary, Brookfield Scout Camp, 24-26 August, 2001

Aidan checks his helm
Willehelm and Miles
Sinech, Sanchia, ?
Preparing for the archery: Emrys, Willehelm, Beatriz
? (from Sword & Shield), Richard
Redbeard and Niamh
?, Martuccio, Rowena
Duncan and Alys
The cooks prepare: Marcus and ?
? and Angel
Martuccio and the rooster...
Rowena, Ulf and Aidan in his first tourney.
Spectators: ?, ?, ?, ?, Peter?, Francis, ?, ?, Richard
Aidan, Miles, Callum, Martuccio, Chrettienne, Richard, ?Emrys?, Willehelm, Rosalyn, Duncan
Rosalyn and Teresa
The feast
Standing: ?, ?, ?, Peter?, Helen?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?Miles?, ?Alexander?, ?, ?
Seated: ?, ?, ?, Claris, Adele, Therese, Martuccio (foreground), Angel, ?Teresa? (background), ?Edouard?, Ulf
Many fine dishes were served: quail and quail's eggs on a green salad
The few with stamina: Marcus, Angel, Beatriz, Lesley, Alexander

Miscellaneous, 28-31 August, 2001

Cats like to sit in awkward places: Nutkin and Belle
Theuns turns Heather comatose at Jenny's flatwarming

New Bordello flatwarming, 1 September, 2001

Mark's room: Mark, Chris
Belle (obscured), Debra, Seth, Paula
Newly engaged: John and Traci
Wayne and Steve
Josie, Charlene, Mary Anne
?, Karl, ?, Brian, Michael?, ?Tony?
Spud and Lubie
?, Tria, Dan
Natalya, ?Sebastian?
Simeon and Pip play with the playlist
Adam, Storm, Alex
Puppy pile: Rebecca, Lesley, Damon, Debra, ?
Michael, Lubie, Trond
I don't think we want to know... Jason, ?, Mary Anne, Leon
Kat and Cat
Dan and Jess
Jenny and Zane
Lubie (again!) and Andrew
Brian, Ashes and Mike

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