August 8-16: Keenie's drinkies, Zane & Jenny's farewell, umbrella duel, Cat's drinkies, Copper's birthday

Keenie's Drinkies, Stanbury Avenue, 8 August 2003

Background: Todd, Hamish, James
Lisa, Hamish, Josh, James, Todd

Zane & Jenny's Farewell, Blenheim Road, 9 August 2003

Kat, Zane, Jenny
Karen, Kat
Karen (obscured), Cat, Charlene and cheese straws
Amy, Sasha
Zane discovers his tools are inadequate
Background: Danny
Cat (obscured), Robert, Danny
Binky, Al
Having introduced more efficient tools, Zane discovers a dinosaur
Phil determines that the original tools will cope with crackers
Background: Al, Bastian
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Danny (obscured), Sonya, Peter, Jenny (obscured), Vadim, Natasha, Jo, Thorkell, ? (obscured)
Mary Anne (obscured), Ivan, Charlene
Rachel, Glenn
Mary Anne (obscured), Dennis (obscured), Michael, ? (obscured)
Jenny, Fiona, Amy (obscured), John (obscured), Sasha, Pip (obscured)
?, Wayne
John (obscured), Karl
Amy (very obscured), Brian, ? (obscured), Kirk
Danny, Charlene
Scarecrow, Kat, Theuns and mousse
? (obscured), ? (obscured), Natalia
Mary Anne, Nigel
Al (obscured), Roland, Thorkell
?, Andre
Josh, Cat
Michael, Lesley, Euan, Robert?
Andre tries out the latest thing in nipple clamps
Tony, Paul
Jenny (obscured), Zane
Trudi (obscured), Danny, John, Heather (obscured), Fluffi, Simeon, Nicola, Kat, Carl, Matson, Zane
? (obscured), Pip, Mike, Robert (obscured)
Trudi, Kat, ? (obscured), ? (obscured)
Scarecrow (very obscured), Claire, Bastian, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Rat
Watching sparklers: Ivan, Roland, Simeon, Amy, ? (obscured), Trudi, Euan, Natalia, Kirk (obscured), Sasha, Brian (obscured), Fluffi, Michael, Mary Anne? (obscured), Kat, Binky, Jenny
Disposal of secret documents
Binky, Brent
Reviving the corpse: John, Theuns, Simeon
It begins: Kat, Glenn (obscured), Bastian
Fluffi, Amy
Andre, Simeon, Josh, Michael (obscured), Brian (jersey)
The master at work: Kat, Bastian
Surveying the results: ? (obscured), Bastian, Jo, Kat, Phil
Mel, Scarecrow
Getting a raise: Jo, Bastian, Al (obscured), Kat, Trudi, ? (obscured)
Ivan, Carl, Brian (obscured), ? (obscured), Mel (obscured), Simeon
Seth Whiskybearer, ? (obscured)

Umbrella Duel, University of Canterbury, 13 August 2003

There's nothing more dangerous than a wounded Binky... Binky, Kat, ?
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Kat, MaryBeth, Binky, ?, Michael
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Binky, Heather, Leon, Rebecca
Photo courtesy of Marsden

Cat's Drinkies, Hewitts Road, 15 August 2003

Munchkin players: Duncan, Paula, Hamish, Spike
Charlene (obscured), Martuccio, Cat
Deb, Al, Charlene, Martuccio (obscured)
Caleb, Paula, Adam, Duncan (obscured)
Duncan, ?, Martuccio (obscured), Keely, Al, Paul (obscured)
Hamish, Paula, Robert
? (obscured), Keely, Charlene, Deb, Lisa, Mia, Rebecca
Dan, Chris, Amy

Copper's Birthday, Gladson Ave, 16 August 2003

Simeon delivers a lecture
Hosts: Robert, Chris
? (obscured), Tony, Ashes
Carl, Kat
Karl, ? (obscured), John, ?Kat? (foreground), Paula, ? (obscured), ?, Wolfgang, Chris (obscured), Amy
Bathing beauties and the beast: Amy, Copper, Scarecrow, Kat, Paula
Wolfgang, Kat, Carl, ? (foreground), Matthew, Chris, John
Bethany, Quentin
Matthew, John
John, Chris, ? (obscured), Simeon, James, ? (obscured), Paula (obscured)
Wolfgang, Scarecrow, John, James, Simeon, Copper, Kat, Carl, Hamish, Paula
Amy, John, Steve, Brian
John, Ashes, Tony, Simeon, Amy
What are they on, and where does one get it? Ashes, John, Tony, Simeon, Amy (obscured)
?, Danny (obscured), ?, ?, Chris (obscured), ?, Copper
Simeon, Tess, Nicola, ? (obscured)
The wages of sin: ? (obscured), Hamish, Paula
Quentin (obscured), Kate
James worn out at last

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