Puriri Street drinkies, Heather's chocolate evening, Surreal party, Bentley's, Rags to riches party, Pajama party, Emma's birthday, Spring picnic, Freeman Dyson lecture

Puriri Street drinkies, September 15, 2000

Charlotte and Del
Watching the Olympic opening ceremony: Josh, Dave, Zane, ?Lubie?
A boy and his dog

Heather's chocolate Evening, September 16, 2000

But did she peel the grape? Cutter and Angela
Ben and Jenny
Fridge, Heather, Matthew, Dave

Surreal party, Colman Avenue, September 16, 2000

This must be the place...
Random crowd in the kitchen zone
Pip and Robyn
Plunket Street boys: Troy, Alex, Garth
A nervous knot of newcomers
The chick in the hat...
Sophie and Julie
Dave, Ashes?, Zane, ?Morbid?
Mary Ann's warpaint
Zane, Del, Ashes?, James, Trond
Energetic dancefloor: Denis, Julie, Sophie, ?, Morbid, Josie, Ricky?
And again...
Quiet time: Michael, Kat, Troy, Tony
Bait... Lisa and ?

Bentley's, September 21, 2000

Colin, Duncan, Oliver (foreground), Rebecca, ?
Charlene, Duncan (obscured), Rebecca, ?, Dave, Oliver, Darcy, ?
Assorted folks

Rags to riches party, the Bordello, September 23, 2000

Early arrivals
Birthday cake: Sophie and friends
Moving outside
Operations centre: Danny, Karen, Glen, ?Pixie?, Ozzy
Spring is here
Darcy, Traci, John
Cool pendant
Busy hallway: ?, ?, Morbid, Keenie, Duncan, Rebecca, Sophie
Matthew, Olli, JL, Dillon, ?, Josie
Schmoo and Lubie
Lost in the woods at night...
?, Jo, Danny, Bastian, Duncan, Rachel, Karl, Traci (foreground)
Erebus, ?, Michael, Jo, Scarecrow, Dennis
Some tongue piercings are stranger than others..
Pixie, John, Traci, ?(background), Theresa
Friends of Sophie
A matched set
Practice makes perfect...
Zane and Teri

Pajama party, Curletts Road, September 29, 2000

A man of taste and discretion: Scarecrow
Driveway lurkers: ?Anthony? (obscured), Erebus, Chris, Robyn, Tony, Mary Ann, Cutter, Angela
Matthew, Heather, Fluffy, Chris
Another matched set: Leon and Mia
Cool slippers! Robyn and Lubie
Some people hate camera flashes... Michael, Lisa, Damon
Scarecrow and Debra
Anna and Meredith
Vernon and Ashes
Here comes trouble
Mel and CJ
?, Traci, Brian, Daniel
Simeon and Duncan plotting in the darkness
Morbid, Tony, Trond
Nick, Troy, Karen, Josh
Karen, Morbid, ?
Bust wrestling: Charlene and Mary Ann
Testing, testing...
Garth and Jess. Mary Ann and Charlene in background
Alex, Mary Ann (background), Duncan, Debra, Jess (foreground), Garth, Michael, Erebus

Emma's birthday, Eyre Lodge, September 30, 2000

Incorrigible cooks
Yep, bad taste all right
Dr Death
Dangerous jellies...
I sense a theme...
More bad taste
Emma and friends
Ryan and Linda

Spring picnic, Hagley Park, October 1, 2000

Picnic time. Clockwise from left: Robyn, Danny, Jenny, Jonathan, ?, Matthew, Simeon, Schmoo, Ozzy, Josie, Heather, Ivan, Zane
Assorted reprobates
Obscene statutary
More random people eating...
Jenny (obscured), Leon, Charlene, Cat
Lubie and Josh
Bemused tourists
Still eating. Clockwise: Charlene, Dennis, Lubie, Josh, Nick, Mary Ann, Schmoo
Relaxation: Lubie
Costume shot. Front: Josie, Michael, Robyn, Ivan. Back: Fluffy, Dillon, Mary Ann, Cat, Charlene, Murray, Zane, Heather
Some play Settlers: Beast, Steffan, Meredith, Rebecca
Others play petanque: Trond, Duncan, Tony
The return of the Bear: Zane and LX
Aftermath. Foreground: Josie, Jenny, Heather, Jonathan (obscured). Middle: Ivan, Michael, Murray, Zane, ?, Trond, Nick. Background: LX, Schmoo, Dillon, Seth, Duncan

Freeman Dyson lecture, C1, October 4, 2000

Freeman Dyson lecture
Neil, Jenny, Karl, Glen, Danny
?, Freeman Dyson, Vicki, Peter

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