May 30-June 1: Operation Spartacus -- Toast, Ludi Natalis Dictatrixia, Dictator's birthday party, battle, ball

An Evening at Toast, 30 May 2003

Weird ray effect -- the sun is setting behind the mountains behind the camera, but there seem to be bright rays coming up from the seaward horizon. Identified by Dan and Miche as anticrepuscular rays.
Hunters and Gatherers: Simeon, Heather, Miche, Phil
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Maria (obscured), Colin, Naomi, Stacey, Chris, Amy
Colin, Maria, Laura
Miche (obscured), Heather? (obscured), ?, Andy, Shannon
Laura, Simeon, Heather
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Tori, Megan
Heather (obscured), Simeon, Laura (obscured), ?, ?, ?Naomi?, Carl, Ben
Amy, Chris
Tori, Duncan
Ben, Andy (obscured), Shannon, Rebecca, Nick, Laura, Simeon, Shannon

Ludi Natalis Dictatrixia, Chingford Park, 31 May 2003

Carthaginians arrive: Heather, Reece, ?, Nick, Jesse
At the stables: Shannon, Ben, Duncan, Heather, Nick, Joe (obscured), Colin, Laura, Maria, Jesse, Rebecca, Shannon, Simeon, ? (very obscured), ?, Cameron, Reece, Heather
An honorary rank for the head Carthaginian: Matthew, Reece, Joe? (obscured), Ben (obscured), Miche, Simeon, Heather, Shannon, Laura
The games commence: Shannon, Cameron, Matthew, Stacey, Nick, Reece?, Rochelle?, Joe, Heather, Rebecca, Shannon, Andy, Zay, Ben, Chris, Theuns, Simeon, Laura
Miche, Meran
Background Carthaginians: Heather, Nick, ? (obscured), Reece? (very obscured), Jesse
The ringmistress: Maria
Photo courtesy of Stacey
Spoon-race winners: Zay, Laura
?, Laura
Best butt-horn blower: Rochelle, Andy, Theuns (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Stacey
The balloon toss: Nick, Reece, Naomi, Maria, Laura, Simeon, Daniel, Colin, Robert, ?, Heather, Nick, Rebecca, Joe (foreground), Carl, ? (obscured), ?, Theuns, Duncan, Shannon, Matthew
Shannon, Joe, Colin, Laura, Nick, Rochelle (foreground), Reece, Naomi, Duncan, Simeon, Daniel, Nick (obscured), Maria, ? (obscured), Carl
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Laura, Simeon, Duncan, Theuns, Joe, Nick
Colin, Carl, Robert, Duncan, Maria, Simeon, Laura
Photo courtesy of Stacey
? parades...
...for the firing squad: Simeon, ?, Joe, Shannon, Laura, Theuns, Robert
Photo courtesy of Stacey
The chase is on: ?, Simeon
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Naomi, ?, Heather, Nick
Toga wrestling: Reece, Meran (background), Colin, ? (obscured), Eliza, Carl, Rochelle, Shannon, Rebecca, Zay, Duncan, Daniel, Ben, Simeon (obscured), Nick, Laura (obscured)
Zay, Nick
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Laura, Miche, ?, Eliza, Reece, Simeon (obscured), Carl, Rochelle, Shannon
Photo courtesy of Stacey
Triumph! ?, Simeon
Photo courtesy of Stacey
Short Circuit eating: Nick, Reece, Simeon, Naomi, Chris, Daniel, Laura, Heather, Zay, Cameron
Nick (obscured), Phil, Reece, Simeon, Naomi
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Carl, Meran
Background: Ben, Colin, Reece, ?
Photo courtesy of Stacey
William Tell contest: Simeon, Daniel, Carl, Robert, Duncan, Theuns, Rebecca, Jo, Amy, Eliza (background), Reece, Chris, Zay, JL, Heather (obscured), Nick, Joe, ?
Success! Laura (obscured), Chris, Duncan
Photo courtesy of Stacey
Daniel, Nick, Jo, Gareth, ?, Duncan, Laura, Amy, Chris, Colin
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Duncan the ape-man
Stacey (very obscured), Gareth (obscured), Nick, Joe, Colin, Laura, Jesse (foreground), ?Robert? (obscured), Jo, Heather, Naomi, ?, Duncan, Amy, Chris, Heather, Reece, Nick
Stacey, Matthew, Nick, Carl (lion), Zay, Laura, Colin, Heather, Amy, JL, Theuns, Chris, Colin
How to handle a hungry lion: Carl, Theuns
Background: Duncan, Matthew, Eliza, Nick, Zay, Jo, Laura
Talking their way into trouble: Reece, Joe, Zay? (obscured), Gareth
Photo courtesy of Stacey
Trouble: Nick, ?, Amy, Carl, Matthew, ?, ?, Eliza, Duncan, Simeon

Dictator's Birthday Party, Chingford Park Stables, 31 May 2003

Colin, Amy, Heather
?, Zay
Theuns, Tori (obscured)
Maria, Stacey (very obscured)
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Megan, Tori
Carl, Chris, Heather, Gareth (obscured), Robert, Matthew, Amy
Photo courtesy of Stacey
Photo courtesy of Stacey
Matthew, Stacey
Photo courtesy of Stacey
Shannon, JL
Background: ?, Shannon, Andy
Heather, JL (obscured), Simeon, Chris (obscured), Stacey, Shannon (obscured), Laura, Andy, Miche
Jo, Chris
Naomi (obscured), Tori, Duncan, Jo (obscured)
Joe, Old Testament prophet and gonzo journalist...
JL, Simeon, Laura, Megan (obscured), Zay, Gareth, Stacey, Shannon, Andy, Miche, Martyn, Rebecca, Joe. And Duncan's hand
Joe, beforehand...
Naomi, tamed...
Andy, Shannon, Miche
Yvette, Simon, Sam
Stacey (obscured), Matthew, Daniel, Robert
Amy, ? (obscured), ? (obscured)
Chamber of horrors: ?, Tori, Joe, Thomas
Andy (obscured), Maria, Rebecca, Thomas (very obscured)
Amy, Duncan
Sam, Ben, Naomi, Rebecca, Carl, Chris, ? (obscured), Megan
?, ?, ?, Matthew
Now, say "Aaargh!" -- Jo, Miche
Laura, Heather
?Gareth? (obscured), Zay, Tori, Duncan, Miche
Duncan?, Jo, Megan
Naomi, Jo, Megan, Maria
Colin, Zay, Carl, Jo (obscured), Laura, Megan
Megan, Daniel

Battle, Upper Gardens, 1 June 2003

Duncan awaits developments
Navel warfare: Theuns, Laura
?, Joe, Amy, ?, Megan, Nick, ?, ?, Theuns, Laura
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Stacey, Tori
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Paul, ?, Jarrod, Jesse (obscured), Reece, Nick
Miche, Shannon, Duncan, Tori, Laura, Zay, ? (obscured), Heather, ?, Ben, Rebecca (obscured), Nick, Simeon, Joe, Amy, Chris
Harry, ?, Carl, ?
Photo courtesy of Stacey
Rebecca, Phil, Amy, ?, Zay, ?, ?, Nick, Gareth?, Miche, ?, Jesse, Reece, Harry, Nick, Carl, Shannon
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Duncan, Shannon, Tori, Gareth (obscured), Miche, Ben, Shannon, ? (obscured), Joe, Laura, Rebecca, Heather, Nick, Amy, Amy, Simeon
Photo courtesy of Stacey
Advancing behind cover: ?, Carl, ?, Laura, Duncan
Simeon, Duncan, Gareth, Laura, Miche, Shannon, Joe, Nick, Zay, Megan, Heather, Rebecca
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Carla, Paul, Zay?, Gareth, Nick (ground), Jo, ?, ?, Carl (obscured), Joe, ?, Nick, Rebecca
Photo courtesy of Stacey
Dalek charge: ?, Carl, ?, Robert
Paul, Reece, Nick, Jarrod, Jesse Joe, ? (obscured), ?, Carl, Harry, ?, Laura
Duncan, Gareth, Simeon, ? (obscured), Shannon, Robert, Joe
Hostage: Nick, Miche, Jarrod, Naomi, Jesse
Photo courtesy of Stacey
Into the Valley of Death... ?Shannon?, Ben, ?, Harry, ?, Tori, ?, Carla
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Stuffing the chicken-bomber:.. Carl, Chris, Miche (obscured), Duncan, Joe, ?
Photo courtesy of Stacey
Carnage: ?, ?, ?, Duncan (foreground), Chris, ?, Miche, Simeon, ? (obscured), Joe, Shannon, Rebecca, Megan, Heather, Nick
Photo courtesy of Stacey
Chicken cricket: Robert, ?, ?, ?, ?, Carla, (chicken in flight), Paul, Duncan (obscured), ?, ?, ?, Chris, ?, ?, Amy, ?, ?
Howzat! ?, Laura, Simeon, Carl, Duncan, Carla, Reece, ?, Nick (obscured), Phil
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Heather, Robert, Amy, Zay, Carl, ? (background), Harry?, Rebecca, Daniel (obscured)
Duncan, Stacey, ?, Nick, Shannon, Miche, Carl
Guarding the tree: Naomi, Jesse, Joe
Carla, Jo, ?, Jarrod, ?, Megan, Reece, Paul, Tori, ?Zay? (obscured), Gareth
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Charging the bystanders: Ben, Gareth, Heather, Rebecca, Shannon, Simeon, Megan, Daniel, Chris, ?, ?, Amy, Miche, Duncan, Joe, Theuns (completely invisible), Shannon
Rebecca, Ben, Shannon, Chris, Paul, Amy, Joe, Naomi, Carl, Miche, ?, Amy, Duncan
And then off for drinks. They thought we were weird. Nick, ?, ?, ?Theuns?, Reece, Simeon (obscured), Phil, ?Laura?, Joe, Ben, Jo, ?, Carl, Eliza
Photo courtesy of Marsden

Larnach's Castle Winter Ball, 1 June 2003

Stacey, Matthew, Laura, Carl
Photo courtesy of Stacey
The crowd
Photo courtesy of Stacey

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