January 26-February 15: Simeon and Pixi's birthday party, Schmoo's birthday drinkies, Seth's drinkies

Simeon and Pixi's birthday party, the White Palace, 26 January 2002

Fluffi the Oppressor
Quiet observer
Missing elder god? What missing elder god?
Birthday kids: Pixi and Simeon
Tess and Shoei
Simeon's mother and brother
Tash and Dust
? and Pixi
Kara and Karen
Hooch and Troy
Dan, Duncan, Simeon
Oliver and Claire
Cthulhu flees from Erin
Russell and Cody
? (Kara's brother?), Hooch, Karen, Andi, Kara, Claire, ?
Beast and Rebecca
Lisa, Leon, Storm
Seth and Heather, both awake at the same time
? and Mary Anne
Glenn and Sophie
Copper, Hooch, Troy, Robert, Ben, ?, ?Cat?
Brian and Spud
Trond and Carolyn
Becca and Ben. Nicole's arm in foreground.
Leon and Clare
Cat and Ashes serenade passers by

Barbecue, Matai Street West, 8 February 2002

Al torments ducks

Schmoo's birthday drinkies, the Dollshouse, 9 February 2002

He's baack: Moz
Amy, Ben and Phil's alcohol selection
Becca, Storm, Schmoo
Preparing for a night on the town: Keenie, Ricki, Nicole
Jess, Carolyn, Rebecca, Scarecrow
Seth and Heather
Charlene, Danny, Mary Anne (foreground), ?, LX, Darcy, Diana (standing), Oliver, Duncan, Nigel (foreground), ?, Rebecca
Rebecca, Charlene, Natalia, Nigel
Mary Anne and Oliver
Danny, ?Simeon?, Tony, Ben, Matson, Shekinah, Darcy

Seth's drinkies, Elizabeth Street, 15 February 2002

Karla, Neil, Steve
Simeon, Del, LX, Jenny
Steve (obscured), Rat, Moz, Seth, Zane

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