May 5-19: SCA First Feast, Dillon's next farewell drinks, LCR, Heather's flatwarming, games evening, Dollhouse drinkies, Bordello flatmate warming

SCA First Feast, St Peter's church hall, 5 May 2001

The Official Bransle: Vitale, Alexandra, Mark, ?
Rufty Tufty: Heather, Ethelind, Aliena, Jonty?, Einar, ?Eleanora?, Sonja, Katharine?, ?, Roland?
Court: Callum, Geoffrey?, ? (obscured), Chrettienne, Arnfrithr, Duncan, Heloise
Kitcheners: Lesley, Rebecca, Thorkell, Adele, Therese, Stefan, Edward
Stephen? serves Katharine
Dennis, Isabella, Cassandra, Miles, Bethany

Dillon's Next Farewell Drinkies, Puriri Street, 9 May 2001

Simeon, Thorkell, Zane, Dillon
Peter, Zane, Fluffy, Nigel
Examining the lay-line chart: Peter, Zane, Dillon

LCR, 11 May 2001

Wide-screen Playstation: ?, Tony, Anthony
Photo courtesy of Marsden

Heather's Flatwarming, Waimairi Road, 11 May 2001

Yummy cake
Matt, Jenny, Theuns, John
Al, Matthew, Belle, Karen
Leon, ?, Theuns, ?, ?, ?, John?, Heather, Heather's flatmate, Al

Games evening, Hounslow Street, 12 May 2001

Playing Metro: Euan, Rat, Pip, Ray, Pretzel, Craig
Playing Tikal: Euan, Ryan, Linda

Dollhouse Drinkies, Auburn Avenue, 18 May 2001

Danny, Trond, Kaye, Tony, Robert
Chris, Glenn, Diana, Theuns, Lesley
Debra, Russell, Danny
Darcy, Russell, Beast, Oliver, Lesley, Wayne

Flatmate Warming, the Bordello, 19 May 2001

Gary, Brent, CJ
Ivan, Heather, Al
Flatmates: MaryBeth, Mary Anne, Dennis
Del and Josie. Oliver and Duncan in background
Duncan, Tom, Mark
Meredith's new haircut
Phil and Morbid
Ashes and Tony
Fridge, Spud, Mary Anne, Jenny, Nigel, Russell (obscured), Jess (obscured), Lubie, Garth, Alex, Dennis (background), Olly, Sarah, ?
Pip, Simeon, Beast
Sophie and Clare?
Copper, Ivan, Leon, Storm, Matthew
Chris and Russell
Damon, Morbid, Daniel
Ricki, Michael, Emily
Miles, Hamish, Andrew

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