August 5-6: Games evening, Operation Can-opener, barbecue, decadence and deviance party

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Games Evening, Ramsay Street, 5 August 2005

Blokus: Dust, Natalia, Brendan, Carys
Nigel, Jade, Ana
Betrayal at House on the Hill: Russell, Daniel, Sean

Operation Can-opener, Woodhaugh Gardens, 6 August 2005

Thomas, Simeon, Joe, Daniel, Harry, Miche, Meran, Peter, Dust, Colin, Natalia (obscured), Nathan
Harry, Daniel, Miche, Peter, Nathan
Stacey, Duncan, Nicola
Incoming Carthaginians: Cameron (obscured), Emma, Joe, Sam, ?, Nick, ?Reece? (obscured), Louise, Dave
The barbarian and his trainers: Cameron, Dave, Nick, Emma
Cameron, Dave, Nick, Reece?, ?, Emma, Sam, Louise
Nathan, Thomas, Peter, Daniel, Harry, Sean, Nigel (obscured), Heidi (very obscured), Meran, Miche, Jade, Ana, Natalia, Joe, ?, ?, Dust, Stacey
Sean? (obscured), Harry, Daniel, Nathan, Dave, Peter?, ? (obscured), ? (obscured)
Nick, Reece, Daniel, ?
? (obscured), Jade, Kathy, Heidi, Miche, Anna, Duncan? (obscured), Shelley, Thomas, ? (obscured), Simeon, Harry, Daniel, Ana (obscured), Nathan
Emma, Nick, Reece, ?, Sam
? (ground), Jade, ? (very obscured), Nigel, Natalia, Simeon, Harry (obscured), Sam, Reece?
Sam, Simeon, Terry?, Jade, Peter, Natalia (obscured), Nathan, Nigel, Sean?, Daniel, Meran, Thomas, Miche
Emma, Jade, ? (background)
Dave, Russell, Natalia? (very obscured), Daniel, Joe, Louise, Ana, Jade (obscured), Miche, Chloe, Emma, ?, Sam?, Simeon, Harry
Photo courtesy of Cathy and Anna
Background: Emma, ?, Dave
Cameron, Meran, Ana
Background: ?, ?, ?
Harry, Nick, ?
Dalek charge: Sean, Daniel, Nigel, ?Miche? (very obscured), Meran, Heidi? (very obscured), Jade, Ana (obscured), Nathan, Simeon, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Thomas, Nicola (cape), Louise, Chloe
Louise?, Emma, Natalia, Miche (obscured), Sam (dead), Cameron, Joe, Thomas, Dave, Sean (dead), Ana, Simeon, Reece, Harry, Jade, ? (obscured)
Sean, Peter, Terry, Thomas
Conga lines: Nigel, Sean, Jade, Meran, Heidi (obscured), Peter, Ana, Simeon, Daniel, Miche, Phil
Photo courtesy of Cathy and Anna
Dave (dead), ? (dead), ?, Harry (foreground), Anna, ? (obscured), Joe, Sam, ?, ?, Nigel, ?, Nicola
Last stand: Daniel, Simeon, Peter?, Nathan, Terry? (obscured), ? (obscured), Natalia, Jade (obscured), Nigel
Sean, Ana, Nigel, Simeon, Terry, Daniel, Heidi
Raising morale: Nicola, Nathan, Chloe, ? (obscured), Sam, Joe, Miche, Thomas, Natalia, ? (obscured), Sean (obscured), Heidi, Simeon (obscured), Terry (obscured)
Jono, Kathy, Dust
Background: Joe, Heidi, Daniel
Photo courtesy of Cathy and Anna
? (obscured), ?, Nathan, Anna, Reece, Dave, Nicola, Ana (obscured), Nigel (dead), Terry, Miche, Daniel, Natalia, Simeon? (obscured), Jade, Cameron, Peter
Background: Natalia, Nicola, Daniel
Meran, ? (legs), Jade (legs), Chloe, Miche (legs), Dave (dead), ? (very obscured), Simeon (legs)
Captive civilian: Cameron, Nicola
Daniel, Peter, Reece
Zombie elephant: Emma, Sam, Anna, Reece, Louise, Dave, Nicola, ? (background), Sean, Peter
Reece, Simeon
A witch! Joe (very obscured), Miche (obscured), ?, Nathan (gun)
Thomas (obscured), Will, ? (obscured)
Heidi (arms), Miche, Reece?
Nathan, Peter, Jono, Sean? (obscured)
Another Carthaginian atrocity: Dave, Chloe, Nicola
?, ?, Dust
Joe, Ana, Miche, Dust, Cameron, ?
Lindsay, Reece, Harry
The final rout: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? (obscured), ?, ? (obscured), Dave, Chloe, ? (obscured), Russell, Louise?, ? (obscured), Peter?, Nathan? (obscured), Ana, Simeon?, Meran, Daniel, Miche. ? (obscured), Jade, Will?
Photo courtesy of Cathy and Anna
?, Russell?, Ana, Peter?, ? (obscured), Miche, Daniel, Simeon?, Meran, ? (obscured), Jade, Will?
Heidi, Daniel
Fraternising with the enemy: Miche? (obscured), Harry, ? (obscured), Nigel, Simeon, Will, Daniel?, ?, Nick (obscured), ? (background), Nicola, Peter?, ? (obscured), Nathan, ?, Ana, Terry, Jono?, Russell, ?, ?, ?, Thomas, Joe (obscured), ? (obscured), Reece

Barbecue, Glencairn Street, 6 August 2005

Thomas, Daniel, Nigel
Simeon, Natalia, Reece
Phil, Daniel, Simeon, Thomas
Photo courtesy of Anna
Jade, Will

Decadence and Deviance Party, Ramsay Street, 6 August 2005

Natalia, Nigel
Nick, Trish, Jono? (obscured), ?, Nicola, Joe, Cameron, Stacey, Duncan
? (obscured), Joe
? (obscured), Joe, Ana, Russell (knee)
Megan, Seth? (obscured)
Helen, Daniel
Trish, ? (obscured), Sean (arm)
Natalia (obscured), Sean, Trish (obscured), ? (head)
Nicola, Stacey, Duncan and Cameron as first-years
Anthony, Zara
? (obscured), David, ? (elbow)
Miche, Brendan (obscured)
Zara (obscured) , Sam, Angus, Natalia (obscured)
Various feet, Nicola, ? (obscured), Kathy, Trish? (obscured), Daniel
Chloe, Dave, ? (arm)
Carys, Natalia, Craig, Nigel
? (obscured), Nick, ?, Miche (obscured)
Anthony, Emma
Carys (arm), Craig, Joe
?, Zara
Russell, Shelley
? (hand), Sam
Background: Dust
?, Will, Nicola, Anna, Daniel, Simeon, Sam, Jade, Sam, Kathy, Maria, Cameron, Jono (foreground), Harry, ? (very obscured), Angus, Dave, ? (foreground)
Freya, Will
Carys, Maria
Jono, Simeon, Emma
?, ?, Anthony (obscured)
Craig, Nick, Brendan (obscured)
? (arm), ?, Craig (obscured), Carys, Natalia, Simeon, Christa (obscured), Ana, Jono? (obscured)
? (arm), ?, Craig (obscured), Simeon (obscured)
Zara, ?, Miche
Unwinding the fairy: Natalia, Jono
Photo courtesy of Dust
Nick, Reece, ?, ? (obscured), Simeon (leg)
Chloe (obscured), Nigel, Colin
Zara (obscured), Carys, Seth, Brendan, ? (obscured)
Anna, Daniel, Peter
Ana, Sean, Shelley (obscured)
Chloe, Dave, Harry
Simeon, ?, Harry
Peter, Helen
Christa, Jade, Joe
Phil, Dave (arm)
?, ?, ?
Simeon (obscured), Maria
Photo courtesy of Dust
Jade, Kathy
Background: Adam
Freya, ?
Ana, Sean
Megan (foreground), Anna, ? (obscured), Peter, Kathy, Joe, Simeon (obscured), Jade, Cameron?
Photo courtesy of Anna
Angus (obscured), Megan, Will? (obscured), David, ?
Photo courtesy of Anna
Daniel, Seth
Photo courtesy of Anna
?, Jono
Photo courtesy of Anna
? (background), Adam
Photo courtesy of Anna
Jade, Peter
Photo courtesy of Anna
Joe, ? (obscured), Will
Photo courtesy of Anna
Ana, Dust
Will? (hand), Anna, Jade, Peter
Cleavage contest? Anna, Jade, David (obscured)
Peter, Jade (obscured)
Fiona, Anna
Jade, Peter, Freya, Will

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