November 16-25, 2001: SCA St Jude's Fair and St Catherine's Fair

St Jude's Fair, Rimu Park, 16-18 November, 2001

Black Company camp among the trees
? (obscured), Bec, Valerian, Clarice? (foreground), Einar, Iarnulfr, Duncan (foreground), Phoebe, Michael, Bethany, Ceina, Brian, Aidan, ? (obscured), Emma, Aliena
Therese, Iarnulfr, Aliena, Emma, Geoffrey, Aidan, Ceina, Martuccio, Jonty
Deordannan and his seige engine
Danny's masterpiece
Therese, Angus, Elizabeth
Iarnulf and Danny aim at the target
Brian's tablet weaving
?, Aidan, Emma, Thorkell, Aliena
Brian and Thorkell prepare for the feast

St Catherine's Fair, Motu Moana, 23-25 November, 2001

Asbjorn, Inigo, Alexander, ?, Yussuf, Willehelm, Benedict
Beatriz and Magnus
Late nighters: Brian, Alexander, Sonya, Magnus, ?
Benedict's map
Magnus shows Brian his wares
Asbjorn, ?, Yussuf?
Melee: Magnus?, Emrys, ?, Asbjorn, Yussuf? (obscured), Willehelm, Inigo, Benedict (obscured)
Foreground: Brian, Sonya, Alexander, Mark, Sanchia, Niamh
Midground: ?, natalia, Eleyne?, Isobel
Background: unknown
Niamh and Emrys
After the fighting
The feast
Sonya plays with fire
Naughty nuns: Beatriz? and Iseult
Singing around the fire: ?, ?, Sonya, Alexander, Brian, ?, ?, ?
?, Yussuf, Asbjorn, ?, ?, ?, Natalia, Inigo, Isobel, ?, ?
Dance practice: ?, Niamh, Sonya, Iseult, Isobel, Brian
Training is best started early...
The detritus of war: Kaspar, ?, ?, ?, Eleyne, Inigo, Willehelm, Benedict, Emrys

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