November 5-11: Guy Fawkes midnight regatta, boardgames, dictator's birthday

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Guy Fawkes Midnight Regatta, Greers Road, 5 November 2005

Hamish, Allanah (obscured)
Some might say that sitting this close to the action is unwise... Fiona, Allanah, Kirk, Hamish, Dan
Vanessa, Trond, Dan, Fiona, Duncan, Matthew
Pretty fireworks
Hamish determines that sitting that close to the action is unwise!
Fiona, James, John
People never learn... Matthew, Jason, Steve, Dan, Kirk, Hamish
Mel, ? (obscured)
Jennifer, Matthew (obscured), ? (fingers)
Jason, ?Julie?, Vanessa
Trond, Mel
Seth, Robin
Ed, Allanah
John and his luxury yacht...
...and elaborate riverboat
Some just go for boring boats full of pyro
Gathering in the darkness: Trudi, Euan, JL, ? (obscured), Duncan, ? (background), Allanah (background), Pip, ?, Karl, Jennifer, ? (obscured), ?, Dan
New regatta entrant: Kirk, Justin, John, Sheryl, Lex
Becky, ? (hair), James, Andre, Claire (obscured), Storm, Andi, Simeon?, Ed, Chris, Rebecca, ?, Matthew, ? (obscured), Damon, Amy, ? (background), Trond
Going the wrong way
Not going anywhere
Photo courtesy of Robert
Justin, Seth, Vania, Tony, Brian, Anita (obscured), Trond
Kirk's landing craft
Minor collateral damage: Euan?, Kirk, Robert
Robert, Robin, ? (obscured), ?, Amy, Dan, ? (obscured), Seth, Sheryl, Slosh?, Allanah, ?, Duncan, ?, ?, Justin, ?, ?, Vania, ?, ?, Brian, ?, ?, Hamish
Paula, Euan, Luci, Allanah, Storm, Slosh, Brian, JL, Chris, Amy, Damon, Matthew
Hamish launches another one
Celebrations on the riverboat
Photo courtesy of Robert
By now the rain has set in: Slosh, Allanah, Seth, Rebecca, ? (obscured), Morbid
Vania (obscured), Dust
Andre, Damon (obscured), Storm and her beer, JL, Seth, Amy (obscured)
Watching Euan's fireworks: ?, ?, Trudi, Andi, Claire, ?, Justin, Simeon, Vania, Seth, Terry, Damon, Amy, Ed, Tony, Slosh, ? (obscured), Andre
The river is filled with burning hulks
Claire plays midnight Ultimate
Andrew, Ben, Paul, ?, ?, ? (background)
Putting out the remains: Terry
Luci, Mel (obscured)
Mel, Storm, Trond, Ed, Luci? (hand)

Boardgames, Frankleigh Street, 8 November 2005

Attika: Damon, Amy, John

Dictator's Birthday, Dollshouse, 11 November 2005

Maria, Heidi
Martuccio, ? (obscured)
Andre, Leon, Chris
Colin, Maria (obscured), Reece? (obscured)
Daria (obscured), ?
Hamish (obscured), Frank
?, Chris
Diantha, ?, Dan, Slosh
Frank, Allanah
Elaine, Ana
Ozy, Nicola? (fingers)
?, Martuccio, Diantha
Cody, Robert (obscured)
Robert, Ana (obscured)
?, Daria, ? (obscured)
Damon? (hand), Tony (drink), ? (background), Chris, Frank (obscured)
? (foot), David, James
Luke, Chris (obscured)
Tim, ? (arm)
Joe (arm), ? (very obscured), Todd, ? (background), Ed, James
Paula, Hamish, Todd, Neil, Tony?, Matthew?, ?, Damon, JL, Ozy, ?, Frank, Rebecca, James, ? (very obscured), Elaine?
? (obscured), Daria, ?, Dave, ? (obscured)
Jonty, James
? (obscured), Luci
John, Terry? (obscured), ? (obscured)
Sam, ? (obscured), Denni, Jonty?
Joe, Erebus, ? (fingers)
Gold's new decorations
Ross, Roisin
? (obscured), Andre, Chris (obscured)
Leah, Ness, Luke (very obscured)
Leon, ?
Nicola, Andrew
Dust, Binky
Daria, Jason, ? (face)
?, ? (obscured), Ana
Hamish, Claire
Andi, Ed (hand)
? (foot), Gypzy
Leah, Joe, Alison, Chris, Amy
Alison, Ness, Andrew
Balancing act: Hamish, Storm, ? (arm), Amy
Captain, Reece
Binky, Todd, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
Storm, Tony, Fiona
Leon, Elaine

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