January 25-February 2: Come as Someone Else party, Nicole's farewell, Drinkies/games evening

Come as Someone Else party, White Palace, 25 January 2003

?, ?, Daniel, Mia
Robyn as Todd... "Beer! Sport!"
Robert, Mel
Duncan as Oliver, Oliver, Del
Hooch and Karen
Carolyn as Simeon
Background: ?, Dust, Oliver
?, Glenn
Sebastian, Daniel
Tony (obscured), Nick, Becky
Jess and Garth
? and Fridge
Romano, Carolyn, Heather, Trond, Fridge and ? (obscured)
Simeon as John
Leon and Storm as each other
Storm and Metther as an NFKD
?, Copper, ?
Paula as Jessie, ?
Glenn (obscured), Jennifer, Wayne
Pip as Tria
Seth as Euan, ?Scmoo?
Foreground: Daniel, Dan, Seth, Romano
Background: ?, ?, ?Jess?, Storm?, Garth, ?, ?, ?, Trond, ?
Daniel and ?
Euan as Seth, finding out that Seth has short legs...
Background: Charlene, Al
Duncan, Ulf
Phil as Blue Meanie
Tim, Copper (very obscured)
Mike as Idiot
?, Matthew
Andre, Josh
Andi, ?
Troy, Daniel
"Todd" molests Del
Picasso, Del
Schmoo, Nick, ?, ?Heather? (obscured)
Amy as Stacey, Stacey
Background: ?, ?, ?, ?
?, Kirk, Del (hat), ? (obscured), Tim
Charlene. Mary Anne
Lawn: Tim (obsured), Tony, Kirk, Mia, ? (obscured), Nick, Mel, Schmoo, ?, Euan, Trudi, Wayne, Heather
Porch: ?, ?, ?, Matthew, ?Leon?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
Window: Angie, Chris, ?Andrew? (obscured)
?, Keenie
Paula, Al
Rat as Phil, Pip (very obscured)
Rat, Phil
Background: ?, ?
Wayne, ?, ? (obscured), Nicola as Tria, Mel, Charlene, Mike (very obscured)
Dennis, Daniel
Dust, Kitten
?Vaughan? (obscured), Morbid, Nick, Mia, ? (obscured), ? (obscured)
Sarah, Garth, Tony
James, ?
Angie (obscured), Chris, Storm
?, ? (background), ?, JMS (hand)
Before the door: Schmoo, Andrew, ?, Tess, Mia, Dust
Beyond the door: ?Lisa?, Nick, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Matthew
?, Zane as Dillon, Jenny as Zane, ?Carolyn? (obscured)
Trudi, Pip, Euan
Hamish as James
Daniel, Nicole, Dan, JMS, Danielle, Paula
Foreground: Kirk, Hamish, Daniel, Claire, Mike, Karen
Background: ?, Storm, ?, Ben
Simple pleasures: Charlene, Duncan, Dan
Background: Hooch?, Vaughan
Mary Anne (obscured), Rebecca, Mel, ?
?, Shekinah and Rachel as each other, ?
Jenny, Aaron, Brent, Mel
Matt and Mia
Tony and Pixi
Kate, Dan
Claire, Sophie, Vaughan

Nicole's farewell, Middlepark Road (Moulin Rouge), 31 January 2003

Diana has a few drinks...
Sakura, Stacey, Theuns
Trond, Carolyn, Paula, Danielle
Sakura, Simeon?, Trond
?, Daniel, Simeon, Andrew
Mary Anne, Carolyn, Diana
Wayne, Dust, Andrew, ? (obscured), Dennis, Mary Anne, Nicole, Danielle (background), Carolyn, JMS, Sakura (background), Diana
Wayne, Andrew, Mia, ?
Trond, Nick?, Mel, Tony, Jennifer, ?, Simeon, Carolyn, ?, ?Andrew?, ?, ?
Matthew, Nick?, Trond, Tony, Jennifer, ? (arm)
Tony, Jennifer, ?, Simeon
Nick, Becky, Kate, Tony, Jennifer
Stacey, ? (window), Carl, Matthew
Tony, ?, Schmoo
Simeon, Natalia, ?
Becky, Lisa
Camera-shy ladies: ?Becky?, ?Kate?
Addressing the crowd: JMS, ?, Amy, ?, ?, ?, ?, Nicole
Pip (obscured), Tria, ?
Amy, Seth
Karen, Del (obscured)

Drinkies/games evening, Blenheim Road (the House of Ill Repute), 2 February 2003

Mel, Seth, Zane, Vadim (obscured), Brian, Natasha, Amy (obscured), Peter, Sonya (obscured)
Clockwise from left: Vadim, Zane (very obscured), Brian, Amy, Peter, Sonya (obscured), Jenny, Seth, ?Stacey?
Backrub club: Theuns, Stacey, Mel, Rebecca, Amy, Seth
Purity test: Amy, Jenny, Zane, Theuns, Rebecca, ? (obscured), Heather

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