February 16-23: Zilch, Rachel and Suzanne's birthdays, John's flatwarning, Nelson to Christchurch, the "Trond Hates Theme Parties" party

Zilch, Rachel and Suzanne's birthdays, Rodd Island, Sydney, 16 February 2002

Photos courtesy of Zilch. See the party Web site for more details and photos. I've just got photos of KAOS people and the venue here.

Shaun and Teri
Nice site
Access by boat...
?, ?, Gold, Sarnia, ?, ?
Gold and Shaun mucking about in boats
?, Sarnia, Shaun, Gold
Another scenery shot
The birthday people: Zilch, Suzanne, Rachel
Shaun and Teri

John's flatwarning, Collingwood Street, Nelson, 16 February 2002

Just like home: Tony, Diana, Simeon, Andi
Carolyn and Trond
At Lambretta's: James, Tony, Diana. The pizzas are good there.
LX (who nearly avoided all photos), Simeon, John
Mel, Rebecca, Simeon
Alex is watching!
Andi, James, John, Carolyn, Simeon's hair, Tony, Diana
Simeon, Andi, Schmoo, Meredith
Mascot and transport
Most of the culprits the morning after: Trond, Schmoo, Mel, Simeon, Rebecca, Carolyn, Diana, Andi, John

Nelson to Christchurch, 17 February 2002

Gratuitous scenery from the road trip, rather less blurry than I expected. Many thanks to Carolyn for playing taxi!

Heading north out of Nelson
Crossing the Whangamoa Saddle
Turnoff to the northern Sounds
Pelorus bridge
Tidal flats outside Havelock
Cloud shadows on the hills
Dry hills south of Blenheim
The bridge at Seddon is a little unusual...
...but no trains above us today...
The sea!
Heading down the coast
More sea
Kaikoura, above the town
Travellers: Carolyn, Mel, Rebecca
Paratitahi Tunnel, modified for big trucks
Weather looks ominous
Heading into the Hundalees
The road winds through the hills
Back in Canterbury
Crossing the Waiau
North Canterbury
Somewhere near Omihi
Outskirts of Christchurch

The "Trond Hates Theme Parties" party, the White Palace, 23 February 2002

He's baaack! Mel
Dictator and floozy (Tony and Ashes)
Robert and Angela
Verandah: Zane, ?, Duncan, Robert, ?, Angela, Steve, Tina, ?, Anthony, Theuns
Lawn: Al, Jenny, Peter, Sonya, Rebecca, Trond, Meredith, ? (obscured), Diana, Tim, Tony, Del, Ashes
? and Mary
Sonya, Peter, Al, Jenny, Zane
Zane (decapitated), Storm, Del, Leon, Anthony, Lisa, Rebecca, Mia, Nick
Nicole and Keenie fight over the DODGY stamp
Phil and Pixi
Jenny, Mel, Jacqui
Ricki and Glenn
Leon, Mel, Steve, Lisa, Glenn
Al and Dan
Amy and Mel
Josie and Morbid
Emma, Tria, Pip
Background; Steve, Lisa, ?, ?, ?, ?
Fiona and James
'allo 'allo 'allo 'allo! Who's this in the shower? Ricki and Pixi
John and Daniel
Mia, Storm, Lisa. Nick lurks in the background.
Zane and Garth
Jenny and Claire
Background: ?, Spud, ?, Dust, Adam?, ?, ?, James
Hamish and Scott
Dan? and Anthony
Charlotte and Jess. Angie in the background.
Storm and Leon
Andrew and Mia
Ashes, Tinks, Del
CJ and Chris
Puppy pile: Pip, Keenie, Morbid, Hamish, Schmoo
Mel and Kat

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