August 28-31: Kaotic Winter Weekend, Gypzy's drinkies, Bec with balloon

Kaotic Winter Weekend, Mt Hutt Retreat, 28-31 August 2003

Amy, Duncan, Chris, Cat, Brent (obscured), Jenny, Danny, Meredith, David, Dust, ? (obscured)
Martuccio, Thorkell
Mmmm, dessert...
Meredith, Amy, Chris? (obscured), Belle, Dust (obscured), Danny, ? (obscured), Mouse, ?, Stacey, Robyn?, Martuccio, Jenny (obscured)
Illuminati: Ashes?, Mouse, Dave, Cat, Amy
Beast?, Dust, Vicki, Charlene, Robyn
Shiny toys: Dave (very obscured), Jennifer, ?
No sin is ever forgotten... Steve (hat),Vicki? (obscured), Jenny, Jennifer, Mike, Duncan, Thorkell, Heather
Dave, Mouse, Steve
Endless movies: ?,?, Vicki, ?
Some simply read: Dust, Cat
Richard, Al, Steve, Chris, Mouse
Martuccio, Theuns
Dave, Duncan
Al, Amy, Martuccio
Steve, Bastian
Carabande: Bastian, Dave, Heather, ? (obscured)
Meredith, Brent, David, Steve
Steve, Duncan
Bathing beauties: Ashes, Cat
Jo at work
Giant anthropoids unknown to science haunt the mountains around the lodge
Richard? (very obscured), Steve, Claire, Dust, Amy, Chris, Duncan, Belle, Jo, Bastian, Danny, Martuccio?, ? (obscured), Stacey (obscured)
Dinner: Jenny, Theuns, Steve, Robyn?, Dan, Al? (obscured), ? (obscured), Vicki (obscured), Peter, ? (obscured), Jennifer, Mike, Steve, ? (background), Amy, Beast, Meredith (obscured), David, ? (obscured), Duncan, Thorkell? (obscured), Amy, Dust, Chris (obscured), Brent, Danny, Jenny, ?, ?
? (very obscured), Bastian, Robyn, Mouse, ? (obscured), Steve
This will hurt you more than it hurts me... Steve, Duncan
Some games are stranger than others: Bastian, Dan, Rebecca, Al, Dave, Beast
Seth, Amy, Peter, Jenny, Dave, Theuns, Mouse
Still at it: Dave, Duncan
Seth, Rebecca?, Mike, Amy
Al?, Bastian, Rat, Dave
Jenny, Danny (obscured), Martuccio, Mike, ?Amy? (obscured), Charlene, Rebecca (obscured), Bastian, Seth, Jo, Chris, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Dan, Jenny, Brent, David, Steve, Dave, Cat, Peter, Claire, Spike, Vicki, Duncan, Al, Rat (obscured)
Danny, Dan, Beast, Belle, Seth, Peter, Vicki, Amy, Amy, Chris, Dust, Mike (obscured), Stacey, Jenny, Jo, Spike, Bastian, Brent, Cat
Al (obscured), Rat. Pip, ?Ashes?
Bastian, Ashes, Charlene (obscured), Martuccio (obscured)
Jenny, Jenny, Richard, Vicki, Stacey, Al, Jennifer, Dave, Cat
Don't bug the Cat...
...or the Mouse
Martuccio finishes his drink
Meredith, David
Late night chatting: Theuns, Bastian, Robyn, Richard, Stacey, Vicki, Peter, Seth, Heather, Jennifer, Steve, Amy, Dave, Mouse
Beast, Robyn, Jo, Meredith
Seth, Claire, Vicki, Steve, Jennifer? (obscured)
Jenny, Peter, Steve, Brent, Bastian
Theuns, Charlene, Dust, Amy, Jenny (obscured), Duncan, Stacey, Richard, Belle, Vicki, Martuccio (obscured), Amy, Thorkell, Jo
Martuccio, Peter, Richard, Stacey, Vicki, Thorkell, Jo, Brent, Bastian
Back: Mike, Beast, David, Claire, Rebecca, Richard, Dust, Dan, Stacey, Spike (obscured), Belle, Peter, Vicki, Brent, Heather, Thorkell, Theuns, Jo, Danny
Middle: Meredith, Charlene, Cat, Ashes, Duncan, Amy, Amy, Jennifer, Al, Dave, Bastian
Front: Chris, Jenny, Martuccio, Mouse, Robyn
Absent: Phil, Steve, Steve, Jenny, Seth
Steve, ? (obscured), Thorkell (obscured)
Snowy hills

Gypzy's Drinkies, Madras Street, 29 August 2003

Greg, Gypzy
Photo courtesy of Marsden

Antarctica, August 2003

Bec launching a balloon
Photo supplied by Bec

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