October 12-27: UCSA, Brain! Braaain!, SCA Beltane, White Palace drinkies

UCSA, 12 October, 2001

Natalya, Russell and Nigel go duck herding
Denis, Mary Anne, ?, Andrew, ?, ?, Heather and Jonty watch

Brain! Braaain!, White Palace, 19 October, 2001

Having a whale of a time...
Andi, Fluffy, Simeon, ?
Tony and Trond at war
Dust and Picasso
James and Ashes
Dan, Theuns, Duncan, Karen, Steve
Diana (foreground), Natalya, Jacqui? (obscured), ? (obscured), Brendan, Jonty, Heather, Michael
Cameron and Andrew
Drowning in women: Cat, Diana (obscured), Tony, Del?, Heather
?, Jonty, Jenny, Zane, ?
Background: ?, Claire, ?Tria?, ?, Jason, Fluffy (purple), ?, ?
Kirk, Angela, Shekinah
Sitting: Danny, ?, ?, Nicole, Darcy
Standing: ?Damon?, Alex, ? (obscured), Mary Anne, ?, ?
Tess, Picasso, Ashes, Cat, James
Kiefer, ?, Mike, Ashes, Mary, ?, Victoria, Will?
?, Claire
View from the gate
Charlotte and Cameron
? (obscured), Dust, Jenny, Leon, ?
Mike and Shekinah
Heather and Theuns
Mary and Will
? and ?
Garth, Jess, ?
Clare, ?, Adam
?, Simeon, Russell, Phil, Heather, Storm
Euan, Russell, Fluffy
Leon and Storm
Glen, Lubie, Trond, Kat, ?
Ben, Belle, and Russell trying to retrieve his trousers
Dodgy boys: Tony, Troy, Alex

SCA Beltane, Christchurch Music Centre, 21 October, 2001

Valentine and Alexander
Erica and Charlotte molest Danny. Brian, Geoffrey, ?, Therese, Stefan, Einar? in background; Angus in foreground.
Front table, clockwise: Phoebe, Michael, Bethany, Bartholomew?, Einar?, Sonya, Valentine, Niamh, Clarice, Aliena
Standing rear: ?Sigurd?, ?, ?
Standing center: Alexander, ?, ?
Rear table: Rebecca?, Josie, Angus, ?

White Palace Drinkies, 27 October, 2001

Witch Trial: Belle, Matt, James, Steve
Diana, James, Troy
Todd's semi-infinite pizza supply
Heather, Belle, Jenny, Matt, Darcy, Leon, Tony, Rebecca
Zane, Jenny, Robert, Ashes, Mike, Cat, Kirk, Todd, Jenny

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