January 2000: SCA barbecue, Mel's farewell, SCA Twelfth Night, Scantily clad party

SCA post-archery barbecue, Clyde Road, 7 January 2001

Clockwise from bottom left: Stephen, Al (obscured), Catherine, Katharine, Michael, Bastian, Cassandra, Dennis, Clarice, Iarnulf, Aliena
Clockwise from bottom left: Iarnulf, Aliena, Alexander, Catherine, Einar, Vincent, Francesca, Miles, Al, Katharine (obscured), Duncan, Phoebe
Emma and a silly sculpture...

Mel's farewell, Puriri Street, 13 January 2001

Jenny asleep already
The dear departing: Mel
Charlotte, Diana, Rebecca, ?
Chocolatiers: Beast and Heather
Amie, Jacob, Josie and Mel
Chocolate and dips: Mel, Beast, Trond, Zane, Morbid
Brent, Jenny, Jo and Bastian
Meredith's new piercing
Daniel, ?John? (obscured), Alan, Trond, Al, Iris
?Helen? (obscured), Mary Ann, Jacqui (trying to hide), Peter
Charlotte, Heather, Linnet, Jenny, Meredith, Stefan

SCA Twelfth Night, Christchurch Music Centre, 20 January 2001

Chretienne and Lughaid
Simon is now taller than Rowena...
Ulfric. Heloise, Cristia and Ethelind in background
I didn't know she was raised Catholic... ?Charlotte?
Geoffrey, Bastian, Richard?, Vitale, Michael (background), Sigurd
Kitchen crew: Madelein, Usamah?, Angharad
Tycho, Callum, Richard
Paul, Arnfridr, Stefan, Michelet, Rebecca
Callum, Eleanora
Court about to start: Rebecca, Martuccio, Sinech, Lesley, Rowena, Janet of Arden, Duncan, ?, Paul, Geoffrey (obscured), Daniel, Gryphon (obscured), Vitale, Arnfridr, ?, Maeve, ?, Heloise, Cristia, Richard, Ethelind
Court: Ulfric, Lughaid, Tycho, Sigurd, Alexandra, Therese, Eleanora, Madelein, Chretienne, Callum
Investiture of the reeves: Alexandra, Sigurd, Therese, Callum, Madelein, Eleanora, Chretienne, Tycho
Callum and Chretienne
Dollhouse and friends: Rebecca, Stefan, Michael, Adele, Roseinn. Background: Paul, ?, ?Bastian?, Arnfridr, Iarnulf, Michael, Phoebe
Iarnulf investigates cheeses
Feasters: Alexander, Michelet, Stefan (obscured), ? (obscured), Adele, Bastian? (background), Rebecca, Arnfridr (obscured), Iarnulf, Martuccio (foregrund), Vincent, Del, Clarice (foreground), ?, Sinech? (in red)
Sinech and Janet
Amberhearth corner: Ethelind, Heloise, Tycho, Vitale, Cristis, Richard, Lughaid
The soteltie (arms are Sigurd's and Eleanora's)

Scantily clad party, Ilam Road, 27 January 2001

Men take forever to do their makeup... LX and John
Mmmm, jelly!
? and Debra
Nicola's new dress
The Lizard King
Mmmm, jelly! Pip, Lubie and Jess
Becs (still sober) and MaryAnn
Vernon, Monie, ?
Outside in the cool: ?, Tria, Adam, Erin, Shoei (obscured), Kat, Becs, ? (obscured), Schmoo, Jason, ?, Jess, Pip (obscured)
Simeon's silver shorts...
Meredith, ?, Monie, Peter, me
Diana, wearing Theuns's handiwork
Jenny and Zane
A balanced approach to life: Charlene
?, Cody, Rebecca
How, um, er, macho... Theuns (innocent bystander), Simeon, Al
Outside again: James, Andrew, ?, Cameron, LX, Jason, ?, ?, Dennis, Charlene, Caleb, MaryAnn, unidentified people behind the shrubbery
Cleavage collection: Charlene, Lubie, MaryAnn
Conter-espionage: Nicola, Zane, Jenny, Peter
Johnny and Josie
Keeping abreast of gossip: MaryAnn, Charlene, Pip
Chris, ?
It's Pip's fault!
Bathing beauty? Jess.

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