August 6-28: Alison and Leah's birthday, boardgames, MRS Platina feast, drinkies with boardgames, Paula and James's birthday, boardgames, Winter Weekend

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Alison and Leah's Birthday, Conway Street, 6 August 2005

Photo courtesy of Leah
Photo courtesy of Leah
Tim, Ness
Photo courtesy of Leah
Leah (abscured), Alison
Photo courtesy of Leah
Photo courtesy of Leah
David, Ruth
Photo courtesy of Leah
Photo courtesy of Leah
Leah, Andrew
Photo courtesy of Leah
Photo courtesy of Leah
Peter, Ness
Photo courtesy of Leah
Binky, Leah, Ness, Alison
Photo courtesy of Leah
Sam, Ness, Heather, Amy
Photo courtesy of Leah
Andrew, Leah
Photo courtesy of Leah
Sam, Leah
Photo courtesy of Leah
Amy, David (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Leah

Boardgames, Frankleigh Street, 12 August 2005

Betrayal at House on the Hill: Cutter, John, Seth, Heather, ?Amy? (knees)

MRS Platina Feast, Royal Foundation for the Blind, 13 August 2005

Bill?, Dave (obscured), Karen, Roland, James
Heather, Josh, Sonya
Steve, Gavin (obscured), Meredith, Sonya, Nicola, Peter
Nicola, Sonya
Leah, Alison, Andrew
Photo courtesy of Amy
Clockwise from left: Nicola, Peter, ?, Gavin?, Beast, ?, Meredith? (very obscured), Steve (obscured), ? (arm), Seth, Peter, Sonya (standing)
Photo courtesy of Amy
Nikki, Leah, Tim, Karen? (obscured), Roland, Peter, ?, Jacqui, Alison, Peter, ?
Photo courtesy of Amy
Phil, Seth
Photo courtesy of Amy
Tim, Sonya, Leah, Alison (very obscured), Nikki (elbow), Nicola, ?, Peter, Vicki (very obscured), ?, ?
Photo courtesy of Amy
Andrew (obscured), Nikki
Josh (obscured), Heather, Phil (obscured), Seth
Photo courtesy of Amy
David, Ruth and ruthlessly scavenged chickens
Background: Peter, ? (very obscured), Karen (very obscured), Rowena, Bill? (obscured), Roland (obscured), Dave, James
Photo courtesy of Amy
Nicola (hands), Vicki, Peter, Karen (hand)
Photo courtesy of Amy
Photo courtesy of Amy
Petit Riens: David, Ruth, Josh, Nicola, Andrew, James, Rowena, Dave
Photo courtesy of Amy

Drinkies With Boardgames, Frankleigh Street, 19 August 2005

San Juan: Amy, Gypzy, Claire, Dave
John, Amy
Fearsome Floors: Gypzy, Gavin, Meredith
Keenie, Rebecca
Amy, Beast (very obscured)
Betrayal at House on the Hill: Dave, Heather, Amy, Gold
Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers: Chris, Claire, Beast, Damon, Amy
Will, Beth, Charlene
Robo Rally: Heather, Amy, Dave, Amy, Damon, Gold
Spike, Will, Dust
Theuns, Gypzy, Schmoo
TransAmerica: Chris, Heather, Amy, Claire, Amy, Gold

Paula and James's Birthday, Greers Road, 20 August 2005

Settlers of Cataan: Jono?, James, Maarten
Allanah, Paula, Becky
Hamish, Todd, Tony, Frank (fingers)
Fiona, Becky (obscured)
Mel, Brett
Sass, Maarten (very obscured)
Nikki, Greg, Paula
Chris, Nick, Tony
? (obscured), Chris (obscured), Luci, ? (obscured)
Clockwise from left: Frank, Greg, Sass, Josh, Nikki, Becky, Paula, Fiona, Brett
Background: Greg, Nikki, Frank, Becky, Paula
Vania, Justin
? (obscured), Neil, ?
Claire, Brian
Background: Sass, Greg, Fiona, Becky, Leah, Josh, ?
John, Claire, Andi, Simeon
Background: Paula, Frank, Becky, Tim, Josh, ?
Photo courtesy of Amy
Paula, Todd, Brett, Gary, Jono, Maarten (obscured), John, Neil, ? (obscured), Jennifer, ? (obscured)
JL, Damon, Kirk, Tony
Claire, Andi, Leah, Nikki, Sass, Simeon
Kirk? (obscured), Luci, Paula
Photo courtesy of Amy
Photo courtesy of Amy
Tim, Greg
Maarten, Jono, Lubie, Jason, Neil, JL, Amy, Brett
Mel, Paula
Brian?, Kirk?, Mel
?, Allanah, Chris, Sass, Robert, Nikki, Simeon, Damon? (obscured), Andi, Hooch, John, Todd, Chris, Fluffi
Photo courtesy of Amy
Photo courtesy of Amy
Luci, Jennifer, Kirk, Paula, Mel, Hamish
Simeon (obscured), Andi, Damon, John, Hooch, Chris, Gary (obscured), Leah, ?
Karen, Fluffi
? (obscured), Jason, ?, Amy
Todd (obscured), Damon, John? (obscured)
Jennifer, Dan, Brett, ? (vey obscured)
Photo courtesy of Amy
Leon, Daria, Luci, Ed, Maarten
Brett, Ed
Photo courtesy of Amy
Anita, Hamish, Jennifer
Dan? (arm), Sally
Leah (obscured), Alison
Background: Dan, Gary, Daria, ?, Jono, Sally
Gold changes drinks
Amy (obscured), Fluffi, Dan, Chris, Luci, Tim, Damon
Maarten, ?, Rebecca
Jonty (very obscured), Nicola
Seth, Tony (obscured)
Josh, Brett
Gold, Lubie
Background: ?, ?
Scienticians on an expedition to experiment: Jonty?, Hooch, Will, Maarten, Jono (obscured), John, Simeon, Hamish, Liz
Preparing the experiment: Hamish, Liz, Euan, Trudi? (obscured), ? (very obscured), John, Simeon, Kat, Lance
Jonty?, Neil?, Hamish, Maarten, Will, Simeon, John
The ball flies but does not burn: Liz, Jono, ?, Hamish, Maarten, Simeon, ?, Andi, ?
John applies heat treatment
Background: Hamish, ?, Liz
Binky, Amy, Nicola (obscured), Charlene, Robin (obscured)
?, ?, Euan, Liz, Kirk, ?, Marten, Jono
Photo courtesy of Amy
Euan marinates his balls
Photo courtesy of Amy
Midnight frisbee: Claire, ?, ?
Toasted golfball
Photo courtesy of Amy
Success: Hamish
Kat, Lance
Amy, ? (obscured)
Hamish, Jonty, Paula

Boardgames, Bristol Street, 23 August 2005

Richard, Gold (obscured), Nicola, Jenny, Amy, Zane, John, Amy, Damon, Heather

Winter Weekend, Mt Hutt Retreat, 25-28 August 2005

Danny and the I-Top
Schmoo lurks in the computer corner
Amy?, Meredith, Charlene, Ashes, Gavin, Rebecca, Beast, Vanessa?
Jennifer, Richard
Lazing in the lounge: Martuccio, Stacey, Amy, ?, Ashes, ? (obscured), ?, Peter, Mouse, Rebecca (seated), Vicki, Belle?, Steve (seated), Jenifer
Monsters Menace America: Dave, Steve, Dan
Background: Gavin?, ?
SCA banner making: Vicki, Mouse, Belle, Thorkell, Peter, Dave, Al
Vanessa, Beast, Amy, Martuccio, Dan, Jenny, Brent, Damon, Rebecca?, Ashes, Steve, Dust, Jennifer, Jenny, Stacey
Wings of War: Mouse, Steve, Dan, Damon
Jenny, Beast, Ashes, Richard, Jennifer, Zane, Jenny, Vicki, Jenny
Amy, Dan, Dave (obscured), Stacey (obscured)
Richard, Steve, Jennifer, Martuccio, Al, Belle, ? (obscured), Matthew, Jenny (obscured), Zane, Danny, Vicki, Amy, Vanessa (obscured), Mouse, Amy, Dan, Dave, ?, Angel
Richard, Mouse (obscured), Dave, Spike
Angel, Thorkell (obscured)
Angel (obscured), Charlene
Dave, Mouse
Thorkell, Peter, Charlene
Photo courtesy of Amy
Photo courtesy of Amy
Rebecca, Dust
Photo courtesy of Amy
Photo courtesy of Amy
Bastian, Steve
Photo courtesy of Amy
Al?, Rebecca (hand), Dave (obscured), Meredith
Photo courtesy of Amy
Steve, Dave (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Amy
Steve, Dave
Martuccio, Schmoo, Angel
Spike, Ashes, Cat
Bastian, Mouse
Photo courtesy of Amy
Photo courtesy of Amy
Tasteless slippers: Belle. ?
Photo courtesy of Amy
Belle, Martuccio
The lodge
Photo courtesy of Amy
Mt Hutt
Photo courtesy of Amy
Betrayal at House on the Hill: Angel (obscured), Gavin (obscured), Dave (arm), Mouse, Dan, Spike, Steve
Martuccio, Brett
Photo courtesy of Amy
Steve, Dave, Angel
Settlers of Cataan: Amy, Damon, Rebecca, ? (obscured), Meredith
Evil Munchkin: Matthew (obscured), Gavin, Angel, Stacey, Schmoo, Brent, Jenny
Baked Alaska: Bastian, Damon, Jenny, Meredith, Beast, Cat, Danny
Giant Lochacian banner
And then they start on the next one: Belle, Vix
Hansa: Amy, Dave? (obscured), Seth, Jenny, Jennifer, Angel, Heather, ? (obscured)
Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers: Vanessa, ? (obscured), Stacey, Amy, Damon
Spike, Charlene, Ashes
TransAmerica: Seth, Heather, Amy, ? (obscured), ? (obscured)
Snow spa: Al, ? (obscured), Angel, Zane, Belle, Cat, Seth, Richard
Photo courtesy of Amy
Zane, Vicki (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Amy
Waking up is hard to do... Al (very obscured), Amy?, Angel, Dave, Damon?, Vicki, Beast, Jenny, Peter, Jennifer, Jo, Bastian, Jenny
Zane's portable workshop
Background: ?, ?
La Strada: Amy, Phil, Heather
Photo courtesy of Amy
Charlene, Rat, Peter, ? (obscured)
Rat, ?, Peter (extremely obscured), Steve, Martuccio
Photo courtesy of Amy
Photo courtesy of Amy
Meredith, Gavin, Jenny, Matthew
Trivial Pursuit Cat-style: Angel (obscured), Martuccio, Vicki, Mouse, Dust, Stacey, Zane, Cat, Vanessa, Jenny, Amy, Amy, Beast, Heather (obscured), Steve
? (very obscured), Jennifer, Al, Vicki (very obscured)
Photo courtesy of Amy
Photo courtesy of Amy
The quote board
Zane, Mouse, Angel, Jenny
Jenny, Mouse, Angel
Dan (obscured), Damon, Dust, Steve (obscured)
Standing: Phil, Heather, Seth, Gavin, Meredith, Peter, Vicki, Danny, Amy, Beast, Matthew, Jenny, Steve, Jennifer, Dust, Rebecca, Spike, Cat, Richard, Charlene, Thorkell (obscured), Angel, Jenny, Stacey, Damon
Seated: Amy, Dan, Martuccio, Belle, Dave, Al, Mouse, Ashes, Vanessa, Zane
Photo courtesy of Amy
Charlene (obscured), Cat, Ashes, Beast, Matthew, Spike, Steve, Vanessa, Jenny, Jennifer? (obscured), Amy, Mouse, Richard (obscured)
Articulate: Dave (obscured), Danny, Gavin, Peter, Meredith, Rebecca, Amy, Vicki, Jenny, Heather
Mouse, Vanessa
Mouse, Al
Photo courtesy of Amy
The perpetrators: Beast, Meredith
Background: Vanessa
Photo courtesy of Amy

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