August 6-7: Slave Auction Party, David's Farewell

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Slave Auction Party, Richards Ave, 6 August 2010

Fiona, Nick, Robyn
Unsure about all these strangers...
Photo courtesy of Nick
Joe, Nick, Chris
John (obscured), Andrew, Chris, Karl (obscured), Leashelle, James
Lance, Liam, Nick, Sophie
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Lisa (very obscured), Storm, Spanish
Signing up a slave: Lance, Lucie? (obscured), Izzy? (very obscured), Sophie
Joe, Nick, Whitt, Ben
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Tim, Izzy (obscured)
Luke prepares for fire poi
Foreground: Phil? (hand), ?
Photo courtesy of Nick
Luke in action
Long exposure
Photo courtesy of Marsden
The spectators: James, Nick, Andrew, Robyn, James, Peter, Whitt (obscured), Karl, Ben, Maggie, Lance, Nick, Robert, Lucie, Sophie, Chris, Izzy
Media contingent: Phil, Joe
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Paula takes the poi
Photo courtesy of Joe
More swirling kerosene
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Will, Fiona (obscured)
Tim, Izzy
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Lucy, Phil
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Matt, John, Joe, Will
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Spanish, Lucy, Izzy, Tim, Robert
Matthew, Lisa
Background: Nick
? (obscured), Andy, Chris
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Background: Lucy, Andy, Chris
Background: Fiona, Lucy
Oli, Willow, Acacia (obscured)
Ursula, Ben?, Chris, Finch, Whitt
John, Naomi, ?, Matt, Phil, Will? (obscured), Maggie, Lucie, Ursula, Ben, Izzy, Chris, Matthew, Whitt, Nick, Sequioa?? (obscured), Will, ? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Acacia, Nick
Chris, Joe
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Mmm, tasty chocolate: Josh, Phil
Background: ?, James, Karl
Photo courtesy of Nick
Rachel, Theuns, Bina
Dancefloor: Luke, Lance, Maggie, James?, Nick, Robyn, Izzy, Spanish, Sophie, Nick
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Whitt (obscured), Kathi, Oli (obscured)
In the kitchen at parties: Gareth? (obscured), Jen, ? (very obscured), Lucie, Finch, Joe (obscured), Peter, Scott, Ty
Jen, Gareth, Jen
Scott, Sam
Ursula, Chris, Fiona, ?, Matthew?, Chris, Bina, Leashelle, Josh, Rachel, Lucy, Sophie, Izzy
Lance summons his legion of slaves...
Background: Ty
...and gives them their orders: Chris, Tom, Sophie, ? (obscured), Lance, Robyn, Izzy
Nick, Ty, Spanish, Scott (obscured)
Jennifer, Sequoia, Joe, Bina, Acacia, Leashelle, Andrew, Phil, Nick, Chris, Lisa, Matthew, Chris, Sam, Andy, ? (obscured), Lucie, Kathi
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Sam, ? (obscured), Lucie, Karl, Kathi, Brett, James (obscured), Luke, Liam, Ty, Theuns, Nick
? (head), Will, Joe, Sequoia, Bina (obscured), Acacia (very obscured), Leashelle, Rachel, Nick, Chris, Matthew, Andrew, Chris, Sam (obscured)
Slave pen: ? (obscured), Tom, Sophie, Ben, Robyn (very obscured), Chris, Maggie, Peter (small cloud of hair visible), Josh, Whitt (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Marsden
The first lot: Lance, Will, Nick (very obscured)
? (hair), Rachel, Bina, Leashelle, Chris, Lisa, Joe, ? (obscured)
A cheerful new slave: Robert, ? (head), Theuns (obscured), Sophie, Finch (obscured), Danny
Peter, Chris (obscured), Jen
Some garments considered optional... Lance, Lucy, Chris, Jen
Lance, James, Nick, Chris
Selling off an old, used Dictator: Lance, Fiona, Nick, ? (obscured), Chris (obscured)
Lance, Izzy, Chris (obscured)
Showing off: Lance, Nick, Izzy, Chris (obscured)
Lucy, Izzy
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Robyn, Nick, Lance, Chris (obscured)
Lance, Will (obscured), Ben, Chris (obscured), Nick, Jen (obscured)
Lance, Tom, Fiona
Andrew, Joe (obscured), Tim, Nick, Josh (seated), Chris, Sam, ? (obscured), Kathi, Karl (obscured), Brett, James, ? (very obscured), Robert, Liam (obscured), Lucie, Maggie, Whitt, Nick (obscured), Danny, Storm, Luke
? (obscured), Daniel, Will, Acacia, Jennifer (obscured), ? (obscured), Bina (obscured), Sequoia, Rachel (obscured), Lisa, Chris, Peter, Leashelle, Joe, Andrew, ? (obscured), Tim, Josh (seated), Nick, Chris, Sam, ? (obscured), Kathi, Karl, Sophie
Not the man, but the chocolates: Lance, Josh, Nick (obscured)
Lance, Will, Maggie, ? (obscured), Fiona (obscured)
Rachel (obscured), Mike?, Chris, Karl (obscured), Phil, James (obscured), Sam, Ty, Brett (obscured), Kathi, ? (obscured), Robert (obscured), Josh, Andrew, Maggie, Jen, Ben
Photo courtesy of Theuns
More shirtlessness: Lance, Nick, Whitt, ? (obscured)
Lance, Ty, Will
Last lot: Spanish, Lance, Storm, Nick, Will (obscured)
A happy purchaser: Scott (obscured), Storm, Spanish
The traditional sale of the auctioneer: Spanish (obscured), Storm (obscured), Nick, Robyn, Lance, Will, ? (obscured), Jen (hands)
Back outside again: Danny, Will?, Finch, Andrew, Matthew, Chris, Willow, Oli, Nick, ?, Karl? (obscured), Acacia, Mike?, Daniel
Lance totting up the profits
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Danny, Jen, Robyn, ?, Chris, Storm, Gareth, Lance, Jen? (obscured), Scott? (obscured)
Peter, Nick, Acacia
Chris, Sophie
Leashelle, Sam
Daniel, Jennifer
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Bina, Maggie (obscured)
JD, Lucy
Background: ?, Tom
Izzy, Rachel
Oh my god!!! Peter, Oli, Lucie
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Tom, Joe, Oli, Willow
Not dodgy, honest!: Luke
Background: Lance
Kathi, Brett
Background: Liam, ?, Tom
Tim, Peter, Lucie
Robert, Izzy (obscured)
Izzy, Tim, Lance, ?, Rachel, Ty
Playtime: Lance, Ty
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Lance waves it about
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Theuns, Rachel, Rosie, Acacia?
Tall man is tall: Rosie, Lucie, Vincent, Nick
That's all folks!

David's Farewell, Gladson Ave, 7 August 2010

Puerto Rico: Michael, David, Jana, Gerd
Jan-Yves, Jo, Amy, Melina, Rose, Beast, Josh, Robert, Nigel
Dominion: Jan-Yves, Jo, Rose, Josh, Melina (obscured)
Background: Amy, ?, Dave
Playing Wushu: Ben, Mike (obscured), Sarah, Jan-Yves, Will
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers: Nigel, Bevan, Amy, Dave, Phil
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Gerd, Meredith, David (very obscured), Melina, Norman, Beast, Chris, Lisa, Ian, Kate, Jo
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Arkham Horror: ? (obscured), Melina, Chris, Ian, Rose

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