November 10-24: Communist Party, Chris's 21st, Jess's 21st

Most of the photos here were taken by Marsden, as I was out of town for several weekends in a row (as per other photo sets...). A few are scanned from Simeon's photos. Any further donations are welcome.

Communist Party, White Palace, 10 November 2001

? (head), ?, ? (obscured), JL, Adele, ? (obscured), Michael, Andrew (obscured), ?, ?, ?, ?, Ashes, Alex, Leon?, Jonty?, Troy?, ?, ?
Beast and Meredith
Fitz, James
Picasso, Karen, Samantha, Andrew? (obscured), James
Stefan, Damon, Lesley, ?, ?, Tony, ?
Theuns, Daniel, ? (obscured), Kaye, Lesley, Fridge, JL
?, Morbid, Pixi, Sophie, Karen (obscured), Rebecca, Damon, ?Angela?, ?
Tablero: Clare, Belle, ?, ?
Russell, ?, Chris, ?
Diana, Theuns, Stefan
Lisa, Storm, Jenny, Leon, ? (inside), Garth, Dennis, James, Alex, ? (obscured), ?, Fiona, ? (inside), Fridge, Charlene?, ? (obscured), Nick
Jonty?, Todd, Jason, ? (obscured), Fridge, Mary Anne, Dennis, Emma, ? (inside), Trond (inside), James, Sophie?, ?
New dictator: Tim's arm, Michael, ? (obscured), Tony, Leon, ?, Storm, ?, ?
Old dictators: Dennis, Belle, Troy, Tony, Dan, Trond
?, ?, ?, ?Fluffy?, Rebecca, Clare, Sophie, Ben, Charlotte, Damon, Andrew
Photo courtesy of Simeon.
Al and Nicola
Photo courtesy of Simeon.
Hamish, Trond, Simeon
Photo courtesy of Simeon.

Chris Proudfoot's 21st, Gladson Ave, 17 November 2001

?, Shekinah, Tim, ?, James, Wayne, ?
Ben, Pixi, Daniel, Sophie, Adam

Jess's 21st, Tinks's place, 24 November 2001

Balloon room: Garth, Amy
They're escaping! Glenn and Belle
Gynn, Tinks, Jess, ?, ?Leon?, ?

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