SCA Ball, farewell to Gold, Sally and Andrew, SCA Darchester Naming Day, SCA farewell to Ulf and Alys

SCA Ball, ChCh Music Centre, September 2, 2000

Aliena, Naimh, Myfawnwy, Emma
Charlene and Kassandra
Ilar, Vitale, Richard
Her Excellency Eleanora
Alys and Ulf
Richard, Vitale, food, Rosein
Vincent and Francesca
Rosein and Del
Myfawnwy, Genevieve, Lesley, Vanessa, Marie, Francesca, Angharad, Charlene
Maeve and Sigurd
Aliena, Heloise, Einar
Kitchen helpers: Steven, Michael, Kassandra, Marie

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Gold, Sally and Andrew's farewell (and Adam's birthday), Memorial Ave, September 2, 2000

Arrival time: Heather, ?, Duncan, Steve, Josh, Meredith and a host in the background
Josie and Robyn
Leatherman! Jason; Jenny Allen, Charlene and Euan behind him.
Garage chat room: Jess, Mel, Damon, ?, ?
Leon and Mia
Little sister and Ashes
Brent's new earring
Charlene, Damon, Andrew
This man is ticklish: Alex
Kitchen lurkers: Schmoo, Glen, Beast
Jess and Gold
Back yard
?, Caleb, Meredith, Gold, ?
Typical pose...
Tony and Fluffy
Rampant snogging...
Back yard growing quiet: Caleb, Troy, Tria, Michael, Tony, Zane, ?, Trond, Robyn, Nick

Darchester Naming Day anniversary, Wellington, September 8-10, 2000

First night tavern. Working round the table: Gwendolyn?, Alexander, Leslie, Adam, Ava, Steve, Bearnard, Mel. Marcus bearing mug
Leslie, Adam, Phil, Ava, Steve
Fighter auction: Theresa and Marcus
More gamers: Isobel, Beatrice, Mel, Vitale, ?
Morning in the hall
Chess: Sven? (Lief's brother), ?, Lief
Danse de Cleves: Helen?, Beatrice, Ethelind, Ava, Richard, Adam, Leslie, Steve
Peter in his element
Helen, Isobel, Mel, Gwendolyn?, Marcus
The Order of the Boar
Theresa gets her Harp Argent: Richard, Cristia, Theresa, Sigurd, Eleanora
Jon and his lady, Jaimee?
Gwendolyn distributes salad
The boar arrives: Bearnard, Duncan, Tycho
Marcus carves the beast
Between courses
Ann-Marie and Aexander
The Guild dances Buffons: Brenda, Adam, Peter, Ava
Back in the tavern again
Alexander and Eoghan
A challenge for the cooks: the site swarms with nice, fat wood pigeons
Major workers: Bearnard, Theresa, Duncan

Ulf and Alys's farewell, LCR, September 14, 2000

The guests arrive at last: Alys, Ulf, Duncan; Einar in background
Reading the card: Ulf, Alys, Vincent, Duncan, Iarnulf, Ayeshah, Emma
Phoebe and Michael
Dancing Newcastle: Theuns, Phoebe, Alys (obscured), Ulf, Del, Emma (head only), Alexander, Vanessa
Miles, Ulf, Vincent
Ayeshah and Josie
Alys and Einar
Duncan, Alexander, ?

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