June 20-July 1: Robyn's birthday, Ilam Rd drinkies, Sophie's flatwarming, Dollhouse dinner, Bye-bye rugby party

Robyn's birthday, Dennys, June 20, 2000

Diners: Zane, Robyn, Dave, Steve

Drinkies, Ilam Road, June 24, 2000

John, Simeon and Trond's new flat.

Trond's room
John's room: John and Picasso
The guardian
Lisa, caught at last
The lounge: Brain, Cara, Simeon, Nicola, ?, ?
Belle and Matt, with Simeon's den in the background

Sophie's flatwarming, Clyde Rd, June 24, 2000

Wasted unit, so early in the evening
Pixi and Teresa
Welcoming committee: Dillon, Colin, Julie, Matt, Belle (obscured), Gary, ? (obscured)
Charlene, Rebecca, Cat, Oliver, ?Mark?
Quiet dance room: Fridge, Dave, Ricki
Old guard: Ryan, Linda, JL
Scratching post: Heather, Michael, Jenny, Joe?
Incoming guests: Dan, Zane, Duncan, Dale?, Ricki
Old and new: Vaughan, ?, ?
Crowded doorway: Ryan (obscured), Tim, Theresa, Oliver, Darcy, Ricki, Cat, Dave?, Fridge
Still at it! Heather, Johnny, Jenny
Jenny and Morbid

Dollhouse dinner, the Dollhouse, July 1, 2000

The beginning
Mmm, yummy: Salmon tarts and basil tarts
Guests: Clockwise from foreground, Beast, Claire, Stephan, Rebecca, Mark, Lesley, Ross (obscured), Glen, Meredith (obscured), Oliver
Meatball soup
Startled cat: Winnifred
Pears in cider, custard and semolina cake with sugar syrup
Bloated diners: Claire, Lesley, Ross, Charlene, Glen, Meredith

Bye-bye rugby party, Colman Ave, July 1, 2000

Sacrificing the rugby ball: ?Damon?, Todd, Glen, ?, Andrew
Puppy pile: Cat, Robyn, Dillon, Zane, Robyn
Spectators: ? (hiding), Simeon, Sophie, Keenie, Michael, John, Emily?, Matthew, Damon
Avalanche of flame fools automatic flash... Damon, Glen, Andrew
Hiding inside: ?, Dennis, Chris, ?Schmoo?, Tria, Troy
Sophie (and Damon)
Dancing Simeon
Fallen women? Charlene, Cat, Troy
Why do they have a baby octopus in a jar?
Doorway crowd: Fridge, Emily, Keenie, Dillon, Robyn (obscured), Robert
Dancers: ?, Dennis, ?, Zane (obscured), Richard, Rebecca, Ricki, ?
A cup too many: Euan's tower is about to fall

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