September 19-October 3: Spring picnic, SAGA games night, Fluffi's birthday, twister drinkies, SAGA barbecue and games, Slosh's birthday, Sophie's birthday, Tim Burton party, Stacey's halfway dead birthday

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Spring Picnic, Hagley Park, 19 September 2004

Tim, Jenny
Background: unknown
Heather, Amy, Jenny (obscured)
Angela, Heather, Cutter
Josh, Ashes, Helen, Amy, Carl, Heather (very obscured), Daria (seated), Jenny, Cutter, Brent (obscured), Tim (obscured), Luke (seated), Danny, Angela, Dave? (obscured), Hamish, David, Trond, Meredith (obscured), Paula, Beast
Meredith, Beast, David
Josh, Nicola
Background: unknown
Amy, Hamish, John, Angela, Paula, Cutter, Trond, Ashes, Robin, Darian?
Background: unknown
Leon (obscured), Brent, Luke, Dan, Fluffi (foreground), Helen, Dave, Carl
Background: unknown
Amy, John, Hamish (very obscured)
Daria, Leon, Brent (obscured), Allanah (obscured)
Amy, Fluffi, Carl, Allanah (obscured), Luke (obscured)
Amy (obscured), Luke, Allanah
Springtime, and the ducks are frisky...

SAGA Games Night, UCSA LCR, 21 September 2004

Traders of Genoa: Sheryl, Dave, Heather, Duncan
Settlers of the Stone Age: Robert, Josh, Russell (extremely obscured), Seth

Fluffi's Birthday, Wainui Street, 24 September 2004

Fluffi, T
Angie (foot), Rebecca
Danny, Angie, Mary Anne (hands)
Dave and his new toy
Background: Angie, Rebecca, Angie, T
Danny (obscured), Diantha, Angie, Dave? (hand)
Fridge, Danny
Dave (obscured), Amy, Mouse, Damon (background)
Damon, T (obscured), Mary Anne, Charlene, Lana
Angie, Allanah, Luke, Rebecca, T, Lana, ? (foreground), Vanessa, Fluffi, Mouse (obscured)
? (hand), ?, Robin
Cranial merkin or not? You be the judge! (Robin)
? (hand), Dennis, Vanessa (very obscured)
Charlene (boot), Robin, Lana, Luke (arm)

Twister Drinkies, Wainui Street, 25 September 2004

Fluffi, Erin
Chris, Mouse, Vanessa
Mouse, Helen
Angie, Adam

SAGA Barbecue and Games, Greers Road, 26 September 2004

Alhambra: Sheryl, Michael, Heather
Dungeons and Dragons: ?, Trond, Nick, James, Cutter, ?, Will, ? (hand)
Seriously geeky: Russell?. Cody, Chris, Jonty
Michael (obscured), Duncan, ? (obscured), Helen, Mouse
Michael, Diantha, Duncan (obscured)
Paul, Lesley, Angela
Alhambra again: Will, ? (foreground), Amy, Heather, Sheryl

Josh's Birthday, Stanbury Avenue, 2 October 2004

Danny, Josh (obscured)
Shannon, Storm, Laura
Clockwise from front: ?Ben?, Danny, Storm, Laura, ?, ?, ?, Josh, Shannon
Nicola, Josh, Danny (very obscured)
?Ben?, Sass
Nicola, Heather, ?Ben?

Sophie's Birthday, Peterborough Street, 2 October 2004

Binky, Johnny (very obscured), Artaud
Beast, Fridge (obscured)
Dan (obscured), Rhiannon, Beast (obscured)
Laura, Artaud (very obscured)
Karen, Beast (obscured)
Clare (obscured), Sophie, Johnny, Angie
Ben, John, Dan
? (arm), Clare, Sophie (obscured)
Mmm, comfy... Clare, Sophie, Rhiannon
John? (obscured), Ben
Artaund (very obscured), Rhiannon, Kyla
Chris (obscured), Shayne, Beth (obscured), Artaud, Laura, Fridge, Beast, Karen
Artaud, Shayne, Chris, Beth
Fridge, Chris
? (obscured), Mary Anne
Artaud, Ben, Rhiannon
Colin, Arthur (obscured), Fridge, ?
Fridge (obscured), Rebecca, Binky
Bus travel can be more dangerous than you might think: Rebecca
Theresa, Sophie
Amy?, Matt
Theresa, Rhiannon
Mary Anne (very obscured), Damon
Mary Anne (obscured), Amy, Erin
Caleb, ? (obscured), Andrew
Andrew?, Claire, Bec, Kyla, Binky
Beast, Oliver
?, ?, ?, Garth, ?

Tim Burton Party, Mojo's, 2 October 2004

Photo courtesy of Miche
Photo courtesy of Miche
Photo courtesy of Miche
Photo courtesy of Miche
Photo courtesy of Miche
Photo courtesy of Miche
Secret Simeon
Photo courtesy of Miche
Photo courtesy of Miche
Photo courtesy of Miche
Photo courtesy of Miche
Photo courtesy of Miche
Photo courtesy of Miche
Photo courtesy of Miche
Photo courtesy of Miche
Shannon, Zara
Photo courtesy of Miche
Photo courtesy of Miche
Carys, Brendan
Photo courtesy of Miche
Reece, Jesse
Photo courtesy of Miche
Seth, Reece
Photo courtesy of Miche
Joe, Maria, Zara, Daniel
Photo courtesy of Miche
Simeon, Shelley, Nicola
Photo courtesy of Miche
Zara, Shelley, Simeon? (very obscured)
Photo courtesy of Miche

Stacey's Halfway Dead Birthday, Burlington Street, 3 October 2004

Robert, ?, ?, Matthew
Charlene, Melissa, Al
Amy (obscured), Martuccio, Belle
Stacey, Robert

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