March 23-29: Tina's farewell, Riccarton Road flat-cooling, MRS mini-feast, White Palace flat-cooling

Tina's farewell, Olliviers Road, 23 March 2003

Brent, Keith
Meredith, David
Matthew, Jenny (obscured)
Finished at last!
Daniel, Emlyn
Clockwise from left: Jenny, Matthew, Daniel, Emlyn, Beast, Brent, Keith, David
Bastian, ?, ?
Jacqui (obscured), ?, Amie, Jacob, Jenny
Daniel (obscured), Tina, Jenny (obscured), ?, Jacqui, ?, Ian

Riccarton Road flat-cooling, 28 March 2003

Cody, ? (foreground), Sandra, Glenn, Chris, Bethany, Rebecca? (obscured)
Heather, Amy, Matthew, Theuns, Rebecca, Schmoo, Tina, Jenny?
Mike, Simeon, Daniel
Phil, Heather, Amy
Photo courtesy of Cody
Photo courtesy of Cody

MRS mini-feast, WEA, 29 March 2003

The repast
The good guys.
Clockwise from front: Seth, Nicola, Heather, Zane, Amy, ?, ?, ?, Jo, Bastian, Roland, Sonya, Peter, Jenny, ?
The evil usurpers.
Clockwise from front: Steve, Vadim, Natasha, Amy, David, Beast, Duncan, Charlene, Jenny, ?, ?, Schmoo, Rebecca
Zane begins construction of a seige engine
The enemy ready an inferior device: Duncan, Schmoo, Charlene
Liripipe envy: Roland, Heather (obscured), Duncan, Beast (obscured)
Artificer at work: Beast, Sonya
The soteltie
Jo and her work
Nearing completion: Roland (obscured), Heather (obscured), Zane
Targets: Duncan, Bastian
Assailants: Steve, Schmoo, Charlene, Beast, Jenny, ?, Meredith, ?, Roland, David, Amy, Rebecca? (obscured), Sonya, Zane, ?
The knot bransle: ?, Sonya, Vadim, Rebecca, Heather, ?, Natasha, Amy, Nicola, Roland
Vadim and Natasha

White Palace flat-cooling, 29 March 2003

Amy, ?
Glenn, Euan
Euan (obscured), Trudi
Simeon (obscured), Carolyn, Jonty
Fiona, ?
Troy, Erin, Kirk
Ashes, MaryBeth
Duncan, Tony
Background: Leon, Charlene?, ?
Lubie and her new necklace, Leon
Charlene?, Leon, Hamish, ?, Tony (obscured)
?, Fluffi (obscured), Chris, Amy
?, Mia, ?
Nicola, Sonya
Jess, Storm
Tess, ?, ?, ?, Todd
Charlene, Oliver
Simeon, Claire
Brian, Fluffi
Background: ?, ?, Andre?
Mary Anne, Seth
Dennis, Mary Anne, ?, Andre, Seth
Tony, Amy, Theuns, Simeon, Carolyn, Mary Anne
Amy, Carolyn, Andre, Amy
Andre, Leon
?, ? (obscured), Adam, Copper
Glenn and Matson share a tender moment
?, Luke, ?
Bethany, Mary Anne (obscured)
Brent, Andrew (very obscured)
Andrew, Michael, Rat
Danny, Beast
Todd (obscured), Zane
Paula, Hamish, Todd
Glenn, Danny, Matt
Copper, Ivan
?, Rebecca
?, ?, William
?, Karen
Oliver prays for beer
Mel, ?, Fiona
Hooch, William (very obscured), Simeon, Brian
Crowded bath: Storm, Jess, Glenn
?, ?, Copper, ?Robert? (obscured)
Lubie?, Oliver, Al, Mary Anne, Dennis? (obscured), Adam, ?, Duncan, Cat, Amy, Theuns
Haz, Kate
Fluffi, Glenn
?, Erin, MaryBeth
Todd, Amy, Brian

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