October 12: Comic/Cartoon Character Party

Seen in their travels... York, England, 2002

The Kaos shop
Photo courtesy of Leonie and Craig

Comic/Cartoon Character Party, New Bordello, 12 October, 2002

As well as the names of unidentified people, I'd quite like the names of their characters -- I'm not much of a comic/cartoon afficionado.

Also, I've made a minor change to the layout of the individual picture pages -- please let me know whether or not this is helpful.

Welcome to the world of comics...
Neil as Professor Monkey-for-a-head
Mike as the White Rabbit
Jason, ?
Dan, Phil as Hagar the Horrible, Karen
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Ozzy as Dilbert's boss
Wayne and Mike
Escher attack
?, Dan, ?, Picasso
? as Rorschach, ? (background), ?, ? (obscured)
?, ?, ? (obscured)
Background: Dan?, ?, Kat, Nick?
Al as Preacher
Bastian as the Tick
Matson as Spike
Nicole as Alice, Adam
Adam and Michael
Sandra as Red Riding Hood, with her basket of goodies
Karl as Judge Moore
Cutter and Angela
?Meredith? (obscured), Al, Steve, Duncan
Tria?, Chris, James, Andrew, Michael?
? and ?
Simeon as Rorschach and Andi
Beast and Karen
Nick, and Paula as Lara Croft
Tony as Fighter
Carolyn, Jason, Diana
Lucia and Jonty
? (obscured), James, Dennis, Mary Anne, Kat (obscured), Theuns
?, Kat
Kyle, Dean, Mark
? as Lara Croft and Shekinah as Durham Red
Photo courtesy of Karl
John as Spider Jerusalem
...complete with tattoos
Danny as Shaggy and Karla as Velma
Photo courtesy of Karl
Tony, ?, ?, ?, ?, Bastian (obscured), Nicole, ?Michael?
Glenn as the Joker
Photo courtesy of Karl
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Pip as Daphne and Rat arrive
Glen as Scott Tracy
Photo courtesy of Karl
Karl as Two-face
Photo courtesy of Karl
The full implications....
Photo courtesy of Karl
Rat as Danger Mouse and Jo as Nero
Pauline as Dawn
Photo courtesy of Karl
Jess as Lara Croft, Simeon, Tess
Background: ?, ?, ?, Andrew, Adam, ?
Background: ?, ?, Lucia
Witches' brew...
? and ?
Rachel and Trond as Jet Girl and Destiny under pressure...
Photo courtesy of Karl
Lubie and Garth
Jonty gets molested by Rebecca and Kat
Amy, Bethany, Robert
Tony and ? as Black Mage
Photo courtesy of Karl
?, Neil, Matson, Glenn, Sandra
Background: Danny, ?, ?, Karl, Bastian, Lucia, ?, Shekinah, ?
Bastian's balanced diet...
Background: Jo
Trond, Scarecrow, Hooch
?, Claire, Damon, Danny
Sebastian, Sandra
Smoky dancefloor: Karen (very obscured), ?, ?, ?, ?, Black Mage, ?, ?, Andi, Diana, Trond, Keenie?, Karen, ?, ?, Hooch
Jenni and Laura
Lisa as Sailor Venus
Storm as Storm, menaced by ?
Dennis, Darcy?, Laura
Lisa, ?, ?, Scarecrow, Mary Anne, Simeon, Rebecca, Kat, Glenn, ? (obscured), Andrew
Zane as Indiana Jones, Jenny as Lara Croft, Rachel
Photo courtesy of Karl
Sonya as Smurfette, ?Seth? (obscured)
Most of the family: Erin as Delirium, Simeon as Destruction, Kat as Death, Ricki? as Dream, Trond as Destiny, Tria as Desire
Photo courtesy of Karl
Trond, Sophie, John, ? (obscured)
Nicola as Leia, Zane
Bondage Scooby
Sakura, ?
Nicole, Laura and Shekinah having fun
Diana, Mary Anne, Dan, Matt, Ricki?
Two Victorian gentlemen: Carl and Matthew
Photo courtesy of Karl
Standing: Nicole, Lubie?, Laura, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
Seated: ?, ?, ?
?, Darcy?, Copper
Troy, Garth, Jess, Sarah?
Photo courtesy of Rat
Bastian plays with danger
Photo courtesy of Rat
Amy and Al
Photo courtesy of Rat
Bastian and Shekinah
Photo courtesy of Rat
Red-light zone
Photo courtesy of Karl
Karl and Shekinah are up to something...
Photo courtesy of Rat
Even villains like ice cream: Glenn
Photo courtesy of Rat
Oops, warned too late...
Photo courtesy of Karl

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