August 10-18: Quail Island, slave auction, SCA Darchester Anniversary, Zane's birthday

Quail Island, 10 August, 2002

Visitors' centre. Nina on steps, at right.
Planters at work
Looking down to the heads
Eastern cliffs
Ships' graveyard -- there are seven hulls visible here, and others out of shot
King Billy Island

Slave auction, the New Bordello, 10 August 2002

Sonya, Rebecca, Peter, Jenny, Trudi, Trond, Euan, ? (background), ? (obscured)
?, ?, Stuart
Nicole and Heather dancing
Jess and Garth
?, Bethany, Robert
Andrew, Keenie?, Alan
Jason (obscured), ?, ? (obscured), Storm
Lesley is assisted to pose for the camera
Charlotte, ?, ?Fiona?
? and ?
Andrew, Michael, James
Photo courtesy of Alan
?, ?, ?, Harmony
? (obscured), Starz, Karl, Karla, Neil
Duncan, Kirk? (background), ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Wayne, ?
Nick and Tim
Charlene, Andre, ?, ?
Pip, Tria? (obscured)
The crowd gathers
Standing: ?Danny?, ?Stefan?, Ashes, Ricki, Nicole (background), Jenny, Glenn, Kate, Ivan, ?, Nicola?, Jess, Garth (obscured), ?Carolyn?, Bastian, Tria?
Seated/kneeling: Lisa, Heather, Zane, Neil, Karla
James, Andrew, Picasso
The staff: Bastian, Dan and Matt
Hamish and Tony
First slave: Darcy
Background: ?, Karla, Jess, Garth, ?, Carolyn?, Storm, Bastian
Storm, Tria, Keenie and whipped cream, Bastian, Dan, Al
Photo courtesy of Alan
Photo courtesy of Alan
Photo courtesy of Alan
Photo courtesy of Alan
Photo courtesy of Alan
Photo courtesy of Alan
Kate and Allie?
Photo courtesy of Alan
Photo courtesy of Alan
Zane and Jenny
Photo courtesy of Alan
? and ?
Photo courtesy of Alan
Tria and Storm
Photo courtesy of Alan
?, Jess, Garth, Storm, Pip, Carolyn, Neil, Bastian, Tony
Photo courtesy of Alan
Duncan (obscured), Dan, Tony
Standing: Del, Jenny, Zane, Shekinah, Trudi, Fridge, Nicola, ?, Nicole?, Kate, Allie?
Sitting/kneeling: Lisa, Nigel, ?, Tim, Heather, Jonty, Seth
Starz, Keely, Rachel, ? (obscured), Shekinah, Karl
?, Nigel, Charlotte
Vernon, Euan
? and Andrew
Storm, Leon, ?
Nicole, Rebecca, Hamish
Amy and Al
?, Lubie
?, ?Andrew?, Nicola, ?, ? (obscured), Seth, Fridge
Kat, Starz, Stefan
Andre, Keenie, Matt
Keenie (obscured), Sophie
Rachel is pampered by her slave, Zane
?, Jonty, Nicole, Carolyn, ?
Ben, Scarecrow

SCA Darchester Anniversary, Camp Wainui, 16-18 August, 2002

Miles and Ulf
?, William (aka Aidan), ?, Angel, Bernard
Benedict, ? (foreground), Fulk, Willehelm
Sanchia and Cameron
Cameron (very obscured), Benedict, Ulf (background), Miles, Fulk, William (foreground), ?, Alys, Bernard, Richard (background)
Background: Angel, Francesca, Alys, Redbeard (balcony)
Francesca, ?, Alys, Benedict, Stefano?, Ulf, Fulk, ?, Bernard, Terese (balcony), Sanchia, William, Miles, Cameron
Alexander, Redbeard, Angel
Benedict's world map
Dance practice: Stefano, Sanchia? (obscured), Cameron, Alys?, Janet?, Peter?, ?Fulk?, Lesley
High table: Alys, Francesca, Bernard, Miles
Mmmm, meat for Muirenn... Sanchia in background
Front table: Fulk?, ?, Benedict
Center table: ?, Lesley, Peter, ?, ?
High table: Ulf, Alys (obscured), Francesca, Bernard, Miles
Archery tourney: Benedict, Willehelm, Helen, Peter, Bernard, ?, Richard, ?, Cameron
Melee: Ulf, Fulk, Miles, William, Benedict, Willehelm, Marcus, Stefano

Zane's birthday, Puriri Street, 17 August, 2002

Nicola, Dan, ? (foreground), Duncan, Steve (obscured), Matt, Charlene (obscured), Mary Anne
Photo courtesy of Thorkell
?, Jenny, Zane
Photo courtesy of Thorkell
Peter, Jenny, Zane, Sonya
Photo courtesy of Thorkell
Zane's name in lights
Photo courtesy of Thorkell
The principal characters: Shekinah, Rachel, Jenny, Zane, Sonya, Heather, Nicola, Jo
Photo courtesy of Thorkell
Ashes, Duncan, Charlene
Photo courtesy of Thorkell
Indian temple art meets Celtic knotwork
Photo courtesy of Thorkell
Resting dancers: Sonya, Jenny, Heather, Nicola, ?, Schmoo
Photo courtesy of Thorkell
Zane cuts his cake: ?, Dan, Rachel, Amy?, ?, Zane
Photo courtesy of Thorkell
Twister: Sonya, Jenny, Zane, Heather, Nicola
Photo courtesy of Thorkell
Karen, Bastian, ?, Dan, Matt, ?
Photo courtesy of Thorkell
Mary Anne
Photo courtesy of Thorkell

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