Historical: Belle's (1986-1990-ish) and Vix's (early '80s) albums

A few pictures from Belle's albums...

These run from 1985 to the mid 1990s. Not all the photos are by Belle.

A young NML (Steve/Wulf/Ulf)
NML, Uni Hall, 1986
Bear cub: LX dressed for Peter & Claire's wedding, 1986?

Milton Street, 10 August 1985
Andrew, Howie, Richard
Richard, Shelly, Bob

The old Armagh Street flat, 12 July 1986
Fitz, NML, Bob, Murray, MadDog, Liz (Ewok)
Guffy, Krispy, Nick, ?, Richard

NML's birthday 1987 at the Menagerie: LX, Leonie, Amie, NML. Sean? (obscured)
NML and Sean on the porch at the Menagerie, 1988?
LX at the Menagerie

UCR cocktail bar: Cooch at left, LX foreground, Chris Errington standing
Andrew Crampton, LCR
Rowley, UCR cocktail bar
LCR, late 80s. Note the (closed) bar to the right of KAOS Corner.
John, Nigel, Barry?, ?, Mark?, Bart, Belle, Sean, Mofe/Occles, Chris, Clayton?, Callum?
Cards in KAOS corner. We had dartboards in those days, and more convenient chairs. (Half the chairs did not have the arms, and could be set together to form a convenient couch.)
Clockwise from left: Mofe (or maybe Occles), Ferret?, Clayton?, Callum?, Chris Whelan (manager of the Police College at the time of writing), Sean.
Shane and NML

First 48-hour party, 1988
Charlotte and John
Marie (background), Sarah, NML, Charlotte, Barry?
Karl and Arizona
Barry, Rat (foreground), Craig, Rachel?, Mark?

Spring picnic 1989
Front row: Belle, Wombat, Angus, Jules, Craig Stanley, Mel, Vicki (no, not the real one...), Wayne?
Next (mostly unobscured): Sean, David Duckworth, Erika, Sarah, Shaz, Min (now Her Excellency Eleonora), Diana, Tania, Craig Mawson, Kenji
Back (mostly obscured): Marie, Pretzel, Cooch (?), Wulf, Peter Grooby, Brat, JL, Craig McGeachie,?
Tree: ?, ?, ?
Standing: Sean, Angus, Craig, Martin?, ?, Rat
Seated (etc): ?, Wayne?, Diana, Craig?, ? (obscured), Kenji, Bart?, ?, NML (white hair), Sharon, ?Mark?, David, ?Leonie?, Erika, ?, Peter, Jules
Peter, Debra?, Craig, Sharon, Sean
Menagerie inhabitants Amie, Leonie, Erika
Mel, Craig, Diana and Vicki
A different picnic, 1988?
Sean, Belle, Peter Grooby in hat, David Duckworth (obscured), Cooch, Occles (or Mofe), Marie, Mofe (or Occles), ?, ?, Heather (with braid), Wulf, ?, ?, Rachel, Rat
Callum, Dave Duckworth, Bart's feet

Awards 1988
Arizona, Karl, Shane
Belle, Chris, Heather
NML, Mel, Angus, Rat
John Kerr (back), Clayton, Mel

Lynd and Andrew at their wedding
Belle, NML, Shane, ?, ?, Annette
Cardinal Tarsitano informs Patriarch SD Murphy of his theological errors.

Alien Ball, Ely Place 1989?
?, ?, Craig, Jason
Standing: NML, Mike, ?, Min, Tania, Lynd, Ben, Annette
Kneeling: Belle, Angus
NML, Belle, Stella
Annette, Mike McGregor, Ann Witbrock as dragon

Cyberpunk party at Airdmhor, 1992?
Steve, ?
Min, Neil, Scott?
The monolith: Zilch, Ingele?, Blancmange?, Wintermute, the White Lady, ?, Pauline, Karl
Philippe and Belle
Philippe and Blancmange
The pale grey pair: Grey Sentinel and The White Lady (aka Simeon & Diane)

Party at Belle's place, 11 November 1988. Tony Smith crashed on floor; ?, Andrew Crampton, Lynda and Cooch on couch; Mel in chair; LX in background; Simon Auty in centre
Belle again
Peter and Belle -- parental absence party at John Kerr's, 1988?
KAOS does paintball
Standing: Mofe or Occles, ?, Jeremy, Martin, Nick, Sarah, Kim, Nigel? (background), Charlotte, JL, Bill the Galactic Hero, Chris, Occles or Mofe, Bart, Craig, Mel?, NML, Ryan?, ?, ?, ?, ?
Kneeling: Rat, Karl, ?, ?, ?
NML and Rachel
Gangster party (Craig & Emma's engagement?): ?, Craig, Keith
SCA royal visit: Adrianna, Wulf, Rowena, Patrick
Belle (Rowena le Sarjent) with MadDog (Thorvald Wulffaerson) at a Southernwood Hold feast, 28 September 1986

Old Stuff

The next batch are before I was associated with KAOS, from Vix's KAOS album. Identifications may well be dodgy! They date from 1981-84, I think.

Alfs battle, 1983?. Ian Daniel, ?, Roger McLoughlin, Gerard Dolan, ?, ?, ? facing a detachment of Alf's Imperial Army
And again. Looks like the Alfs are winning
Vixen. The real dictator. Early 80s.
Krispy and Roger McLoughlin. Roggy last reported as a slumlord somewhere in Christchurch.
KAOS meeting in a room that no longer exists - it was a lecture theatre located where the UCSA office currently is. Ross Smith front right, Roger McLoughlin obscured in third row. Possibly Krispy second from left in front.
Bob Bain and Rudy (Bruce Curtis). Rudy was last seen as a staff member in the Sociology Department.
Keith Wignall
Clubs Day. ?, Vix, Roggy
Bobby?, Shane, Vix, ?Grant Martin?
Alfs battle. Murray Tait? back left, Euan in black jacket, Ian Daniel with beard
Warren and MadDog. How come Warren never looks any older?

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