Alien Ball, Springfield Towers, 27? September 1987

The Alien Ball was the annual party held by the Science Fiction Club. Photos all courtesy of Helen van der Werf.

JL, NML, Mel, Min, Sarah Pitcaithly, Belle, Simon
Amie (obscured), Sean, Michael Smeaton, Richard Scheib
Miche, Peter Jordan, Mike, Clayton
Simon, Miche, Amie
JL, Chris Relling, Miche, Anne Witbrock
NML, Wombat, Jennifer's R2D2
Helen van der Werf
Darren, Belle (sitting on NML), Richard Scheib, Peeter Jordan
Peter's Dalek, the mural, Jennifer

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Copyright © 1987, 2001, Phil Anderson, Helen van der Werf