1988-89/90: The Rat files, part two. KAOS vs Alfs, party at Craig's Salisbury St flat, UCSA and dossiers, fox hunt

It appears some of these pictures are from as late as 1992. There will be a reshuffle of the Rat files once I scan the next batch.

KAOS vs Alfs

KAOS forces gather: Clayton?, Stella, ?, Mel, Sean, Mofe or Occles, ?, Diana, Dillon?, ?, Heather? (obscured), Mark, Nick, Sharon?, Erika, Angus (obscured), ?, Belle
Mofe or Occles and Mel
The enemy: Murray, ?, ?, ?, ?, Nigel, ?
?, Murray, ?, ?, Nigel, Angus
Aaron?, ?, ?, Stella, ?, Nigel, ?, ?, ?, Diana, Mel,?, Mofe or Occles, Erika
?, Dillon?, Diana, Erika, ?, Aaron, NML, Belle, Clayton?, Stella, Sharon?, Mofe or Occles, ?, Mel
I say, that's not cricket: ?, ?, ?, NML
NML in foreground, Diana visible in trees
Diana, ?, ?, Dillon?, ?, ?, Sean, Mel
Belle being outnumbered

Party at Craig's Salisbury St Flat

Probably Simeon's first year, at a guess.

Isobel's nice legs...
Craig, Isobel
?Rachel?, LX
JL, ?, Craig
Pretzel, Craig, LX
?, JL (obscured), Isobel, Sean
Diana and Mark
?, Noel, ?
?Isobel?, Noel?, ?
Rat likes legs....
Keely, ?
?, JL (background, ?, Debbie?
Simeon, ?, Dillon, ?
Craig, ?
Pretzel, Euan

Dossiers and UCSA

Ian Barnes
Mel and Miche guard KAOS's UCSA testing zone
Marie and LX
Matthew? and Sean at the Menagerie

Fox Hunt, 1989

Angus?, Min, Sharon, Belle, Jason, Stella, Craig? (obscured), Mel, Simon? (obscured), Cooch?, Pretzel, Lee
Under the library
Belle and Sharon
Simon, Belle, ?
Pretzel, Craig, ?, Sarah, Min, Jason, Belle, Simon, Mark, Lee, Cooch, Angus, Sharon, Stella
Min, Angus, Sarah, ?, ?
Stella followed by Mark
Caught! Lee, Pretzel, Min

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