September 15-22: Nicola's '80s birthday, Spring picnic, Flatwarming drinkies, Laura's 23rd

Nicola's '80s birthday, Ilam Road, 15 September, 2001

Mmmm, pizza! Lisa, Anthony, Thorkell, Tony, Simeon, Trond, Lubie, Bec, Schmoo
Simeon and Andi
Leon, Diana, Nick, ? (foreground), Anthony, Tina, Storm (foreground), Sonja, Peter, Mary Anne, Jenny (prone), Nicola, Cristina (sitting), Al, John, Lubie, Bec, Schmoo
Mary Anne
Lubie and Charlene
Schmoo, Bec, Phil, Simeon?
Nearly critical mass...
Sitting/lying: ? (obscured), Nick (obscured), Anthony, Brent, Jenny, CJ, ? (obscured), Christina, John, ? (obscured), Charlene, Schmoo, Bec, ?
Standing: ?, Amy?, Michael, Tina, Anna, Meredith, Sonja (obscured), Peter, Stefan?, ? (obscured), Jonty, Al, Nicola
Mary Anne, Kat, Del, Josie
?, Charlotte?, Mia, ?
Alex, Mike, ?, Damon, Dennis, ?
Storm, Troy, Leon
Kat and Adam
Anthony, ? (very obscured), Andrew, ?, Lisa, Nick, ?Adam?, ?, Alex, Charlene?, ?, Del, ?, ?, ?
?, Bec, Karen (hair), ? (obscured), Damon, Adam, ?Clare? (very obscured), Robert?, ?, Brent, Sophie?, Natalya?, Fluffy, Andrew (foreground), ?, Josie, ?, ?, ?, Janelle?, ?
John, Lesley? (obscured), Alan, ?, Ben, Michael, Chris
Jenny dozes
James and Tria
Andrew, Mia, Charlotte?, Michael, ?, ?
Lesley and Alan. Chris in background
Daniel, Rebecca, Janelle, ? (foreground), Mary Anne, Andre, ?, Charlene, Seth, Natalya?, Josie, Jonty, Dennis, Simeon (obscured), Spud, ?
Damon, ?, Christina, Brent
Clare, ?
Heather and Jonty
Seth and Amy
Chris, Damon, Christina, Michael, ?, Matthew
What is Del doing to Russell, and is he enjoying it or not?
Massage room: Diana, James, ?, ?, Ben

Spring Picnic, Hagley Park, 22 September, 2001

Jenny, Jacqui, Duncan, Tina, Ben, Beast, Stefan, Rebecca, Russell, Brian, Meredith, Duncan
? (obscured), Jenny, Zane, Mouse, Al, Nicola, Dan?, Matt, Belle, Heather
Jenny, Brent, Richard
Foreground: Meredith, Stefan, Brian (obscured), Jonty, Rebecca, ? (obscured), Beast, Tina, Al, Alan?, Duncan, Jacqui
Background: ? (obscured), Zane, ?, Charlene? Heather, Belle, Duncan, Cat, ?Dan?, Jason, Mouse, Pip (obscured)
Zane, Matt, Duncan, Belle, Mouse, Jenny
Foreground: Jason, Nigel, Natalya
Background: Zane, Beast, Jenny, Ozzy?, Mouse, Nicola, Duncan, Belle
The inevitable game of Settlers: Meredith, Brian, Beast, Stefan, Rebecca
A late arrival: Jonty, Simeon, Nicola, Al
Spud, Nigel, Duncan, Russell, Dan, Tina (obscured), Schmoo, Pip, Jason
Ashes, Hooch, Karen, Cat, Alan, Lesley
Danny and his new friend...
Absolutely typical... Brian (obscured), ?, Beast, Rebecca, Meredith and the late Seth Wagoner

Flatwarming Drinkies, Rattray Street, 22 September, 2001

Lisa, Storm, Leon, James (foreground), Tony, Adam, Alex, Trond
Simeon, Jonty, Heather, Jenny, Troy, Lisa
Strange Masonic ritual

Laura's 23rd, Curletts Road, 22 September, 2001

Jenni?, Laura, Ivan
Nicole? (obscured), Jonty, Simeon
?, ?, Andrew, ?
Mia, ?, ?, ?
Mia and ?
Phil, ?, ?
A roomful of people I don't know
Mary, ?

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