September 29-October 6: SCA spring tourney, Anderson family gathering, Get Drunk party, Decadence, Drunkeness, Depravity & Debauchery party

SCA Spring Tourney, Hagley Park, 29 September, 2001

Vitale vs Callum. Geoffrey (obscured), Aidan, Alexander (obscured) in background
Emma and Sonya
Face from the past: Andrew, ?, ?. ? and Vitale in background.
Richard, Michael, Vincent
Phoebe, Bethany, Jonty
Alexander, ? (sword), Callum, ? (obscured), ?Vitale (obscured), Micael, Aidan, Geoffrey
The aftermath: Edward, Michael, Vincent, Rowena (background), ?, Vitale, Callum, ?
The detritus of battle: Angus, ?, Aidan
Angus vs Vitale. Alexander, Duncan, Vincent, Rotte, Phoebe, ?, ?, Geoffrey, ?, ? in background

Anderson family, Christchurch Airport, September 29, 2001

Clan Anderson: Anne, Murray (birthday boy), Ted, Pip, Rat

Get Drunk party, Blenheim Road, 29 September, 2001

Erin, Leon, Heather, Jonty
Troy and Josie
Hamish, Del, Josie
?, ?, Dan, ?. ? and Darcy in background.
Gary, Sebastian, Brent, Jenny
Josie, ?, Mary Anne, Jason, Hamish, Del, Steve, ?
Lo! Charlotte?, ?, Mia, Andrew, James, Chris?, Erin, ?, ?
Glenn and Beast
Sophie and Clare
Storm, Danielle, ? (doorway), ?, Mary Anne (obscured)
Andre, Trond, Simeon
No drunk people here. Move along. ?, Paula, Janelle, James, ?. Background group unidentified.
Morbid, Charlotte?
Kirk, Trond, Brian
Yvette and Gary
A sign!
Slightly dodgy: ?, Janelle, Andre
Jess and Garth get demonstrative. Jason, Lubie, ? in background.
Lubie and Pip
Big bubbles: Mary Anne?, Nicole, Del, Tony

Decadence, Drunkeness, Depravity & Debauchery party, the New Bordello, October 6, 2001

Balloon volleyball: Daniel, Isaac, Kat, Jonty, Picasso, Brian, Paula
Mary and ?Victoria?
Chris, Picasso, Angie, James
Stefan in the entry corridor
Two little maids from France are we... Rachel and Jo
Karla and Neil
Rebecca, Gary, Duncan
Jess, Garth, ?Josh?, ?
Charles and Tony
Schmoo and Debra
Del and Diana lick peanut butter from Simeon's nipples. Bevan and ? in background.
"I think the number seven is called for..." Jo, Rachel (obscured), Karl, Bastian
Heather and mousse
Jenny and Nicola
Shekinah returns
Ricki and Danielle
Isaac and Erebus
Alex and Lisa
Sophie and Clare
Standing: ?, ?, Lubie, ?
Seated, from front: Jonty, Amy, ?, Paula, Trond, ?, ?, ?, ?
Lubie and Bevan. Danny in the background.
Daniel, Cody, Lesley
Kat, Karl?, Heather
Mass nibbling: Al, Nicola, ? Gary
Danny, Janelle, James, ?, Amy
Gary, ?, Lubie, Bevan
? and ?
The thinkers: ? and Jason
Jo, ?, Mary Anne
Del and Hamish
Glenn molests Erebus with ice

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