January 21-26, 2000: Sloth and Wombat walk the Abel Tasman Track

The Abel Tasman Coast Track is a walking track running around the coast of the Abel Tasman National Park in Nelson. The full track runs from Marahau to Wainui Inlet. Due to inclement weather, we only got as far as Totaranui.

Track starts here - through the door at the Marahau DoC Information Centre.
Leonie and Phil before beginning.
The first stretch of coastline.
Miscellaneous scenery.
Adele Island.
Anchorage Beach.
First camp:Torrent Estuary campsite, across the tidal crossing from Anchorage.
Cleopatra's Pool: the rock chute.
Cleopatra's Pool: the pool itself.
Upper Torrent Estuary
Bush above Bark Bay
Bark Bay
Second Camp: nice secluded spot near the Bark bay hut
Unfortunately, the next morning I looked up at my tent roof and...
...so we played cards in the hut. Thank goodness for Wombat's blisters!
Nice, lush scenery
Per and Andrea Andersson and family at Tonga Quarry
Wombat waits for the tide to go out at Onetahuti Beach so we can cross the stream
Ominous clouds...
Third camp: Awaroa Inlet, at some unpleasant hour of the morning to catch low tide
Awaroa Hut. One thing that they never tell you in any of the brochures is that this hut is inaccessible at high tide!
Waiharakeke Beach: Wombat
Waiharakeke Beach: Sloth
And even after we'd left the track, it kept raining: Kaikoura the next day.

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