July 8-30: Martuccio's birthday, multi-theme drinkies, Dyers Pass walk, Pip's birthday, Frankleigh Street drinkies, Shannon's birthday, Jacqui's birthday, MRS dance, Dyers Pass walk, MRS dinner, Y party

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Martuccio's Birthday, Frankleigh Street, 8 July 2005

Binky, Keenie, Dan (obscured)
Peter, Sonya, Martuccio (obscured)
Martuccio? (very obscured), Stacey, David
David? (obscured), Amy
Peter (obscured), Schmoo, Martuccio, Stacey
Dave (obscured), Dan, Amy, ? (obscured)
? (hair), Belle, ? (fingers)
Al reveals his inner demon
Belle (knees), Charlene, Dan (obscured),
Belle (elbow), Colin
Guilty! Schmoo, Stacey (obscured), Charlene (hand)

Multi-Theme Drinkies, Greers Road, 9 July 2005

Paula, Simeon
Tony, Kirk
Simeon, Trond, Darian, Fiona
Lex, Nick, Lana, Robin
Sheryl, Lex, Karen, Robin, Hooch, Hamish, Nick, ? (feet)
Yes, KAOS is watching rugby
Hooch, James, Amy, Karen, Tony, Damon, Lex, Robert
Amy, Storm, Dillon, Chris, Claire
Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers: Robert, John, Paula, Rebecca, Damon, Dillon, Amy (very obscured)
Hooch, Fridge, Paula, Damon, Charlene, Theuns, Glenn, Amy, Rebecca, Dillon, Josh, Todd, Daria, Leon
Dan, Tony, Anita
Fiona, Beth, Charlene
Sally, ?Amy (obscured)

Dyers Pass Walk, 10 July 2005

I took photos looking ahead about every five minutes of walking until sometime after I started downwards. They get a bit irregular after 15-20 minutes of descent, and finally peter out just before I got to Valley Road. The captioning is somewhat uninspired here.

Frankleigh Street
Barrington Street
Still on Barrington Street
Turning into Cashmere Road
Starting to climb Dyers Pass Road
And climbing...
Still going, just past Macmillan Avenue
Hackthorne Road just ahead
Passing Westenra Terrace
Just past the Sign of the Takahe
On the Harry Ell track
Chilly here
Past the Sign of the Kiwi and still climbing
High point of the walk, a little below the TV transmitter
Heading down
Following the yellow signs
Taking a wrong non-turn
Trackless wilderness...
Victoria Park Road
19th Battalion memorial
And so on down
Sign of the Takahe
Back down Dyers Pass Road
And then the endless stair

Pip's Birthday, Canon Street, 15 July 2005

Robin, Lana, Luci, Gold, Ozy, Theuns, Rebecca, Claire
The expedition returns: Todd, Jason, Daria, Dan
? and Gold
Background: Theuns, Rebecca
Lana, ? (very obscured)
Josh, JD, ? (very obscured)
Storm, Karl, Luci, Todd (obscured)
Theuns (legs), Glenn, Oliver, Amy, JD, Euan, ? (cat), Rebecca, Lana, Robin
Ozy, Claire, Daria, Leon, Theuns
Jason, Storm, Robin (obscured), Ozy (very obscured)
Leon (legs), Tony, Storm, Glenn, Todd, ? (head)

Frankleigh Street Drinkies, 16 July 2005

Gavin, Beast, Meredith, Belle, Martuccio, Steve, Al, Stacey (foreground), Dave, Seth, ? (obscured)
Seth, Dave, Steve, Amy, Damon
Gavin, Meredith, Rat, Beast
Belle, Amy, Martuccio
Charlene, Helen, Steve
Bastian, Al, Dave, ? (obscured)

Shannon's Birthday, the Bordello, 22 July 2005

Shannon, Kat, Luci, Paula
Kat, Shannon, Luci
Daria, Leon
Theuns, Daria (very obscured)
Nicola, Daria (obscured), Rebecca, Leon (obscured)
Kat, Shannon, Theuns, Chris
Leon, John, Daria, Sebastian, Carl, Kat, Shannon, Rebecca, Theuns, Chris (obscured), Paula, Will
Will, Leon (very obscured)
Kathi, Shannon (very obscured)
Rebecca (hands), Brian
Charlene, Beth, Rebecca
Simeon, Claire (obscured), Gold, Andi, Luci, Steve
Steve (obscured), Robin
Dan, Jonty, Kat, ? (arm)
Shannon? (face), Kat, Chris
Background: Tony?
Tony, Lana
Sebastian, Fiona, Will, Daria, Theuns? (obscured)

Jacqui's Birthday, 23 July 2005

Chris, Cody, ?
Emlyn (obscured), Gypzy, Roisin
Emlyn, Phil
Theuns (obscured), Jacqui, Robert, Gypzy (obscured)
? (obscured), Angela
Jacqui, Phil, Hadlee, Schmoo, Joe, Gypzy (obscured)
Jonty, Roisin, Gypzy, Theuns
Candle time... ? (arm), Del, ?, Jacqui
Chris, Robert? (obscured), ? (foot)
Luke, Jonty, ? (obscured)
John, Joe (obscured)
Jenny, Damon, Jacqui

MRS Dance, Creation, 23 July 2005

Natasha, David
Photo courtesy of Amy
Photo courtesy of Amy
Seth, David, Andrew, ? (very obscured), Amy, Josh, Nicola, Heather, Peter, Sonya
Photo courtesy of Amy
Spagnoletto: ? (background), Sonya, Seth, Peter, Natasha
Photo courtesy of Amy
Amy, Seth
Photo courtesy of Amy
Sonya, Heather
Photo courtesy of Amy
Dave, James
Photo courtesy of Amy

Dyers Pass Walk, 24 July 2005

?, ?, Gold, Angela

MRS Dinner, Pizza Hut, 30 July 2005

Nicola, Andrew, Tim, Alison, Peter, Leah
Background: unknown
Background: unknown
David, Ruth
Background: unknown
Chocolate pizza... Alison (obscured), Leah
Background: Tim, Leah, Alison

Y Party, Greers Road, 30 July 2005

James, Fiona (obscured), Mel
Darcy, ?
?, Nick
Paula, Hamish
Fiona, Amy
Synchronised burnination: Mel, Paula
Gary, Starz
Brian, Steve, Tony, Kirk, Mel, Damon, Vania, Rebecca, Justin
Jennifer, Robin, Lana
James, Allanah, Paula, Nicola
Jennifer, Robin (obscured), Anita, Lana
? (obscured), Tony
Josh, Gary (obscured)
Frank, Rebecca

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