Historic: Zilch and Rachel's farewell, Clyde Road, Slave auction party, Morbid and Troy's 21sts, Sarah's party, Clyde Road (End of the World?), Puriri St beta, Maidstone Road, SCA Ball, Angela's birthday, SCA Yule, Dan's party, Gothic Vampire and one or two other photos

Mah jong at Linda's, January 1999

Linda, Sharon, Wombat

Zilch and Rachel's farewell, mid-January 1999


Clyde Road, first-half February 1999

Crowd on the drive: ?, Kirsty?, ?, ?Dave?, ?, Jo?, Mary Anne, ?, ?, ?Zane?, ?, ?, Mike, Beast, ?Jason?, ? ?

Nice sunset (not retouched at all)

Slave auction party, the Labyrinth, March 1999

The auction begins: Dillon, Mel, Schmoo, Duncan, Fluffy?, Dennis?, ?
The buyers: ? (foreground), Regan, Dennis, ? (balding head), Lisa, Leon, Ian, Ross?, ?, Sebastian, Jenny, Andrew, ? (head), Robert, Michael, Daniel, Cameron, ?, Michelle (corner)
Julie and Teri -- a high-priced offering

Morbid and Troy's 21sts, Labyrinth, 17 April 1999

Erebus, Troy and chocolate
Morbid, and a just-released Angels t-shirt
You'll have to guess who for this one...

Sarah's party, upper Clyde Road, April 1999

This may have been held before the April 17 party

Evan and Gold
Diana and Sarah

Clyde Road, 1 May 1999

Possibly the End of the World party

Skull - possibly Euan
White bear
Blessed are the bignoses
Mary Anne, ?, ?Vernon?, Gary, ?, ?, Bastian?, ?, ?, ?, Claire (obscured), ?
Michelle and Ian?
?, Keely, Seth, Becs
Phil hanging around. Gold, John, ? in background.

Puriri Street beta, May 1999

Steve?, ?, Robyn, Danny, John, Troy, Stella (reclining), Anthony, ? (foreground), Lisa, Adam, Leon (obscured)
Sharon, Evan, ?
Trond, Schmoo, Mike, ?JL?

Games at Linda's, May 1999

Linda, Seth, Sharon

Maidstone Road, May 1999

Same day as the previous picture.

?, ?, ?, Jevon?, Charlotte, ?
?, Olly, ?, ?, Picasso, ?, Trond, Neil

SCA Ball, Christchurch Music Centre, 28 May 1999

Lesley and Brenda
Tycho and Sigurd
Brenda, Ava, Peter
KAOS at the ball: Michelle?, Picasso, Becs, Leslie (Wellington Guild), Brenda (ditto), MaryBeth (standing)
Eleanora and Richard

Angela's Birthday, the Bordello, 26 June 1999

Birthday girl: Angela
?, Zane?, ?, Cameron, ?, Angie, Fridge, Claire, ?Nick?
Zane, Robyn, Del, Bastian, ?
?, Hadley, ?, ?, Sebastian, Sophie, John
Craig, as he has not been seen in some years...
Jess and Penny
Angie, ?, Andrew, ?, ?

SCA Yule Feast, Royal Foundation for the Blind Hall, 3 July 1999

Phoebe, Francesca, Vincent, Sigurd
Michael and Bastian
Richard, Ulf, Llewellyn, Hiordis
Cassandra surprised in the kitchen

Dan's party, 3 July 1999

Gold, ?, ?, Belle
?, Euan, Del
?, Morbid, Jess and Phil's arm
John, Euan, ?
Charlotte, Dillon, Belle

Gothic Vampire party, the Bordello Friday 13 August 1999

This set unfortunately ahs a number of out-of-focus shots due to camera problems.

?, Phil
Fluffy, ?Michael?, Angela, Chris
Penny and Teri
Diana and Krispy
Zane, Bastian, Al, Seth
?, ?, Glenn, ?, Gold, ?
Gary, Michelle, Sean, Sarah, Theresa, ?
John, Jenny, Erebus, Brendan
Dancefloor again
Erebus and Dillon. (Lovely quote from Marybeth about the jacket: "Dillon's jacket is bad for my pulse. It's all black and gold!")
Anthony, Sean, Sophie
Joe, Robyn, Brendan

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