February 2-6: SCA Canterbury Fair -- Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday

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Canterbury Fair is New Zealand's largest annual SCA event, running for about five days, usually over the weekend nearest Waitangi Day.

Photos by other people are credited to the camera owners (or the people who brought the cameras to me, at any rate!).

There are doubtless manifold errors and omissions among the names herein -- my apologies in advance; feel free to contact me and set me right where this has occurred!

Thursday February 2, 2006, Waipara Riverside Park

Quiet campsite... for now.
Cooling off under the sprinkler: Matilda, Agnes, Ginevra
Michelet, Duncan, Martuccio, Lorenzo, Somerled, Bernard, Rugen, Agnes, Colum
Signing in: Peter, Terese, Gavin, Tim
Giant blocks of stone: Rugen, Somerled, Duncan, Bernard, Yoshitoshi, Bartholomew
Michael, Michelet (obscured)
Preparing to erect the Mong: Roland, James, David, Max, Dave, Andrew, Yngvildr, Sam, Michelet, Emayne, Ruth
Orla, Fen, Turloc
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Stained glass...
More window-dressing: Iseabail, Hanbal, Emayne, Peregrine, Andrew, Leah, Tim, James (obscured), Ruth, Dave (obscured), David, Yngvildr, Michelet
Standing: Hagen, Sebastian (obscured), Terese, Elen, Alayna, Katherine, Dave, Pippin, Christopher
Background seated: ?, ?, ?, ?, Tim, Hanbal, ?, ?, Yngvildr, James
Hanbal (hand), Emlyn
Mattress preparation: Peregrine, Emayne
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
? (obscured), Edward
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Leah and a fearsome beastie
Colum, Alayna, Marie, William, Adele, Emlyn, Elen, Yoshitoshi, Duncan, Martuccio, Lorenzo (obscured), Somerled, Ginevra, Rugen
Somerled, Ginevra, Rugen (arm)
Alayna (obscured), Marie (obscured), Elen, Aeron, Claire, Max
Singers: Ginevra, Matilda, Elen
Turloc (obscured), Mine
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Evening service in the Mong: Agnes, Einar, Yolande, Peregrine, Ædward, Sonya (obscured), Iseabail, Turloc
?Sam? (very obscured), Hera, Michael, Ginevra, Icka, Nadezhda, Iuliana, Emlyn (obscured), David, Aeron, Claire (obscured), Yoshitoshi, Iseabail, Sebastian, Gillian, Hagen
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Peregrine (hair), David (hair), Emayne, Yngvildr (obscured), Alison, Ruth, Dave, Leah, Bastian, Nigel, James, Andrew, Sonya, Einar

Friday February 3

Lochac and Southron Gaard banners
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Marie, Matilda
Photo courtesy of Alayna
Photo courtesy of Tetsu
Photo courtesy of Alayna
Marie (obscured), William, Hugh, ?Beatriz?, ? (obscured), William, Hera, Isabella, ?, David, Colum, Yoshitoshi, Rugen, Richard (very obscured), Icka, Adele, Bernard, Peregrine (obscured), Luan, Elen?, Max, Mine, Terese, Ginevra, Bartholomew, Gavin (foreground), Marie, Emayne, Matilda, ibn Jemal, Iseabail
Inigo, Iuliana, Cecilia, Hagen (obscured)
Brian?, Patrick? (obscured), Alayna? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Aeron
Swearing fealty: William (obscured), Sigurd, Eleanora, Martuccio, Katherine, Luan, Bartholomew, Yngvildr, Somerled, Christopher, Fraser, Hagen, Peregrine, Ædward, Hanbal, Cecilia, Gui, ?Inigo? (obscured), Yolande, Bastian, Joan?, Emrys, Ute, Iuliana
Martuccio, Bartholomew, Somerled, Katherine, Yngvildr, Christopher (very obscured), Ædward, Fraser (obscured), Peregrine, Yolande
Catching a new Laurel: Sigurd, Marie, Ginevra, Crispin, Matilda (obscured), Agnes, Eleanora, Roheisa, Emayne?
Photo courtesy of Hagen
Helene, Nadezhda
Photo courtesy of Tetsu
Alayna, Rugen, Colum, Richard
I33 training: Somerled, ibn Jelal (obscured), Inigo, Eleanora, Cecilia (obscured), David, William, Alan, Marie, Peregrine, Emlyn, Nigel, James, Alayna (seated), Dave, Luan, William
Assembling a seige engine: Will, Bastian, Duncan
Ædward, Alan, Crispin, Dave
Ladies' solar: ?, ?, Iuliana, Mine?, Isabella, Joan?, Hunydd (obscured), Yngvildr, Icka, Aelflaed?, Beatriz
Crispin the silly...
The Mangy Mongol...
Photo courtesy of Testsu
...purveyors of fine comestibles
Meal plan lunch: Terese, ?, ? (obscured), Aeron, Hunydd, Martuccio, Nadezhda, ? (very obscured), Will, Daniel?, ? (obscured)
Hugh, Tim, Patrick, Alayna, Daniel, Christopher, Yoshitoshi
Far background: ?Luan?, ?Dave?
Preparing to fence: Ginevra, Martuccio, William, Cecilia, Iseabail?, ibn Jelal
TV reporting: ?, Richard, Inigo, Ulf, Peregrine
Perhaps the range needs adjusting... Bastian, Duncan
Bombard in action: ?, Bastian
Photo courtesy of Helene
Terese, Gwenhyffwar
Photo courtesy of Helene
Agnes on duty
Photo courtesy of Helene
Sigurd, ? (obscured), Bernard, Duncan (obscured), Peregrine, Kjartan, Inigo, Ædward, Richard
Photo courtesy of Aeron
Hanbal, Ulf, Peregrine, Ædward, Kjartan, Callum, William, Miles, Bastian, Emlyn (seated), Gui (obscured), Duncan (obscured), Will, Sigurd, Richard, Bartholomew
Photo courtesy of Aeron
Cecilia, Katherine, Crispin, Bethan, Alys, Annabel, Kazimira
Gui, Bartholomew, Callum (obscured), Miles, Hanbal, Ulf, Inigo
? (obscured), Emlyn, ? (obscured), ?, Fraser (obscured)
Tethuin, Annabel
Nadezhda, ?, Gillian, Icka, Fen, Turloc, ? (obscured), Sam, ?, ?, Somerled, ?, Colum, Alayna, Tetsu, Rugen, ? (obscured)
Leandra, Grace, Nikki, Dickon
Background: ?, Inigo, Martuccio, ?
The sun breaks through
Photo courtesy of Aeron
The Half-Circle Theatre: Martuccio? (obscured)
Puppet show
Photo courtesy of Helene
Scott, Katherine, Fraser, Gwenhyffwar, Bartholomew, Matilda, Emma, Elen
Photo courtesy of Helene
The Bard spins in his grave... Emrys, Michelet, Carl
Photo courtesy of Helene
The audience: Hunydd (obscured), Yoshitoshi (obscured), Emayne, Peregrine, Gwenhyffwar, Yngvildr, Cynethryth, Kazimira, Ursula?, ? (obscured), Sebastian, Fraser, Katherine, Scott, Dickon, ? (obscured), Fen, Beatriz, Roisin (foreground), Josh, Bartholomew, ?, Mine
Photo courtesy of Helene

Saturday February 4

Morning dawns in the Mong: Lewellyn
Photo courtesy of Elen
Photo courtesy of Tetsu
Hercules, Aeron?
Adele, Hercules (very obscured), Gavin (very obscured)
Photo courtesy of Tetsu
Lucia, Lief
Photo courtesy of Tetsu
Detritus of war
Photo courtesy of Tetsu
Ruth, ?, ?, ?
? (obscured), Miles, ? (obscured), Tycho, Callum, Gui, Miles, Bastian, Katherine, Lief? (obscured), Bethan, Marie, Bartholomew, Ulf?, ? (obscured), ?, ? (obscured), Luan?, Lucia? (obscured), Richard, Duncan
?, ?
?, Steve, ?, ? (obscured), ?, John, Ulf
Taz, Lorenzo (obscured)
Tycho, Duncan, Ulf, Bethany, Katherine, Luan, Marie
Photo courtesy of Elen
?, ? (obscured), Miles, Lief, Hanbal, Peregrine, Kjartan
Photo courtesy of Elen
Subverting the children: Pippin, Dickon, Patrick, Sebastian, Cecilia, Roisin, Mine, Christopher (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Alayna
Miles, Miles, Lief
Background: Patrick, Cecilia, Pippin, Mine, Roisin, ?, ?, ?
Photo courtesy of Gui
Tim, Miles
Hercules (background), Gwenhyffwar (background), Killian?, William, Alan, Helene? (obscured), Ædward, Miles (obscured), Hunydd, Gillian, Llewellyn, Hera, Steve, Aelflaed?, Cynethryth, Yoshitoshi, Inigo, Nikki?, Nadezhda?, Claire
Caterine, ? (obscured)
Rotte, Luan? (legs), Hanbal
?, ibn Jelal, Emrys?, Hagen
Kjartan, Rotte, Katherine, Bartholomew, Hanbal, Tycho, Marie
Photo courtesy of Elen
Eleanora, Madelein
Boffer tourney: ?, ?, ?, Dickon, Christopher, Rosita, Brian, Daniel, Patrick
Background: Unidentifiable
Background: Fraser, Ute, Colum, Martuccio
Clockwise from left at each table:
Left table: ?, Turloc, ?, Miles, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Claire, Hugh (obscured), Hera, Grace
Middle table: ?, Inigo, Luan, Marie, Kjaartan, ? (obscured), Ursula, Fraser, Gwenhyffwar, ?, ?, Helene?, Emlyn?, Nadezhda?, Max, ?Hagen?, Kazimira, Tetsu, David, Cecilia, ?
Right table: Joan?, Cynethryth, William, Catalina, ?, ?, Leah, Alison, James, Tim, Nigel?, ?, ?, ?, Andrew?, Yngvildr, Steve, ?, Hunydd, Aeron, Bethan
Gilbert, Ayfra
Richard, Tetsu, Francis, Claire, Turloc, David (obscured), Scott, Alayna, Patrick, Lynette
Feast cooks: Stefano, David (obscured), Ursula?, Sanchia?, Rachel?, Lorenzo
Hagen, ibn Jelal, ? (obscured)
Lynette, Francis
Photo courtesy of Alayna
Bastian's casting class: James, Lewellyn, Gillian, Aeron, Hercules, Crispin, William (foreground), Bastian, Andrew, Emayne
Craig, Cameron?, Harry?
Photo courtesy of Cateline
Sonya, Bethany
A very long court...
Under the marquee, left: Iseabail, Duncan, Adele (obscured), Luan, Terese, Eleanora (standing), William, ?, David, Isabella (obscured), Michael, Bernard, William, Madelein?, Gavin, Tetsu?, ?, Sigurd (standing), Hera, Carl, Mine, ?, ?, ?
Right: Gillian, Bethan?, Tethuin?, Marie, Scott, Lynette?, ? (very obscured), Colum (very obscured), ?, Francis, ? (very obscured), Emayne, Agnes, ?, Michelet, Gwenhyffwar, Veronica?, Sinech?, Madelein?, ?, ?, Richard, Ute, ? (obscured), ? (obscured)
Standing in the background outside: Ulf, Ceina, Bastian, Catalina, Fraser, ?, ?, ?, Iuliana, ?, ?, Martuccio, ?
? (very obscured), Ædward, ?, Hunydd, Alys, Grace, Yolande, Miles (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Elen
Awarding Tears: Bartholomew, Fraser, Terese, Christopher, Ædward, Catalina, Adele, Peregrine, Yolande, Gui, Hunydd, Gillian (obscured), Grace, Alys, Inigo, Miles, Cecilia (obscured)
Subverted children sing: Yngvildr, Katherine, Catalina, William, Pererine, Gui (very obscured), Ædward, Gillian, Rosita, Hunydd (very obscured), Pippin (very obscured), Christopher, Dickon (very obscured), Alys, Grace, Cecilia, ?, ?, Miles, ?, Cateline, Sebastian, Mine, Krystal
Official reactions: ? (foreground), Fraser, Claire, Somerled, Yngvildr, ? (head), ?, ?, ?, Catalina, Bartholomew, ?, William, Katherine, Gui, ? (obscured), Peregrine (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Elen
? (obscured), Tycho, ?, Angus, ? (obscured), Chrettienne, Eleanora
Eleanora's laurelling: Martuccio (obscured), Roheisa, Somerled, Sigurd, Fraser, Christopher, Yngvildr, Katherine, Catalina, ?, Eleanora, William (obscured), Ædward, Crispin, Gillian (very obscured), Yolande, Peregrine, Hunydd (very obscured), Cristia, Grace, Alys, Nikki?, Inigo, Miles, Cecilia
Roheisa gets the bird: Katherine, Will, Somerled, Bartholomew, Fraser, Roheisa, Christopher, Yngvildr, Ædward, Bethan?, William, Gui, Yolande, Peregrine, Hunydd (obscured), Madelein, Alys, Grace, Inigo (obscured), Cecilia (obscured)
Feast begins
Gavin, Terese, Colum, Aelflaed, James, ?, Hunydd, ?, Catalina (standing), Michelet, Fraser, Somerled? (obscured), Miles, ? (obscured), Katherine, Bethany, Carl, Sonya, ? (obscured), Ædward, Gwenhyffwar, Roheisa, ? (standing), Emma, Inigo, ?, ?, Einar, Cecilia, Roland, Max, ? (foreground), Beatriz, Emayne, Kathryn, Emrys, Agnes
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
?, Grace, Orla?, ?
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Gui, Aelflaed
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Matilda, David
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Foreground table, clockwise from left: Kathryn, Caterine, Veronica, Daniel, Max (standing), Agnes, Ginevra
Rear left: Hanbal (obscured), ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Ute, Hunydd (obscured), Miles
High table: David, Aelflaed, Bartholomew, Katherine, Ædward, Inigo, Cecilia (obscured)
? (obscured), Martuccio, Matilda, Max (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Tetsu
Bethany (obscured), Tetsu (obscured), Joan, Yngvildr
Luan, Josh, Bethany
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Hagen, Stefano
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Arabella, Elizabetta
Photo courtesy of Tetsu
Photo courtesy of Tetsu
? (obscured), Helene?, Dickon, Roisin?, Grace, Emrys? (background), Pippin, ? (obscured), ?, Patrick? (obscured), Emlyn, ? (background)
William, Gui, Terese, Crispin, Hunydd, Taryn, Matilda (obscured)
Singing at the Mong
? (foreground), Sanchia, Colum, Stefano, William, Ute, Carl, Elen, Killian, Miles (obscured), Lewellyn, Callum, Emma, Katherine (obscured), Bartholomew, William, Marie, Crispin, Gui, Hunydd, Iseabail, Matilda, Cynethryth, Aeron?, Ginevra
Ceina, Ulf, Sanchia
? (hand), James, Peter, Luke, Leah, Ursula, Bethany, Alison, Andrew (fingers)
I fall down, but I get up again... Amalgaid?

Sunday February 5

Martuccio, Lorenzo, Roheisa, Alexandra
Michelet, Ruth
Breakfast: Leah, Luke, ? (very obscured), Killian
Helene?, Hercules, Nadezhda?, Krystal
Mmm, Mong coffee: Iseabail
Background: Luke, Leah, Ruth
John?, Dickon?, Tetsu, Daniel, Rosita, Roisin?, Pippin, Christopher?, Patrick, Brian?
Pas d'armes spectators: ? (obscured), ? (obscured), ?, ?, Carl? (standing), Eleanora?, ?, Emlyn, ?, Marie?, (Emayne's brother), Martuccio, (Emayne's sister), Miles, ?, Emayne, Lorenzo, ?, ? (obscured), Ulf, Catalina, Gui, ? (obscured), Terese, Ceina, Gavin
Rugen, William, Angus, Sigurd (obscured), Bastian
Hanbal vs Tycho
Watching: Rugen, Sigurd, Bartholomew?, Angus, Richard, Geoffrey, Peregrine, Bastian
?, Rugen, Inigo, William, Will, Duncan, Hanbal (seated), Stefano, Geoffrey, ? (foreground), Tycho, Callum, Peregrine, ? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Helene
Axes across the barrier: William, Rugen, Inigo, Lewellyn, Geoffrey, Tycho, Bartholomew? (obscured), Angus, Peregrine, Sigurd, Richard
Photo courtesy of Helene
Dance practice: Avril, David, Dave, Emma
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Fencing demo: ibn Jelal, William
Avril gets excited
Background: Nigel, ?, Kathryn, Max, Krystal
Sleepy Vincent
Background: Sigurd
?, ?, ?, ?
Photo courtesy of Cateline
Stefano (obscured), ?, Luan, Sakura, ?
Beads! Beatriz (obscured), Veronica
Crowded market
Adele, Alan? (obscured), Marie
Background: ?, ?
? (obscured), Roheisa, Gwenhyffwar (obscured), Hera, Lewellyn
Rose, Killian (obscured), Vincent, Yolande, Ædward, Peregrine (obscured)
? (obscured), David (obscured), Gavin, Tycho, ?Cynethryth? (very obscured), Cristia, Callum, Heloise, ? (obscured), Hera (seated), ? (obscured), Duncan, Inigo, Nikki?
Alexandra, Deordannan
?, ?, Hanbal
Photo courtesy of Tetsu
Sanchia, ?Elspeth?, Dave
Richenza, ?
Background: ?, ?, ?, ?
?Sam?, Tetsu, Alayna, ?, Alvarro, ? (obscured), David, Turloc, Fen, Emayne, Richard
Alayna (background), Emlyn, Dickon, Brian?
Playing a prize: Colum, William, Somerled
Isabella, Lewellyn, Catalina, ? (obscured)
I33: Peregrine, James, Nigel, David, Vincent (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Tetsu
Trying to dodge: Luke, Edward
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
?, Ruth
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Here's trouble... Mine, Matilda, Ginevra
Photo courtesy of Gui
Main table, clockwise from left: Miles, ibn Jelal, ?, Annabel? Tethuin?, Gwenhyffwar, Fraser, Carl?, Emrys, ?, ?, ?, Yngvildr?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Terese?, ?, ?, Hunydd, Gillian, Claire, Yoshitoshi
Background: Emlyn (obscured), Agnes, Matilda, Will, ? (obscured), Hera, Icka, ? (obscured), Stephen
Ball musicians: Elen, Crispin, Bethan, Iuliana, Stefano
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Photo courtesy of Hunydd
Gillian, Hunydd, Gui, ? (indoors)
Photo courtesy of Aeron
Background: ?
Ceina, Bastian
A pavane: Emma, David
Background: Fen, Emayne?, Gillian, ?, Hunydd
Saltarello la Regina: Terese, Beatriz, Emrys, Cecilia, Vincent, Hagen, David, Fen, Katherine, ? (background), Bartholomew
Photo courtesy of Hugh
Kick the tassle: ?, ?, ?, Sonya (obscured), Josh, Ulf (obscured)
Emma, ?, ?, ?, Ulf the Agile, Terese, ?, Vincent, Christopher?, Bastian
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Claire, Yoshitoshi, Yolande, Mine, Matilda, Miles, Katherine, Peregrine, Emayne, ?, ?, ?
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Maltese Bransle, clockwise from front: Fen, Edward, David, ?, Andrew, Katherine, Hercules? (obscured), Bastian (obscured), Tethuin? (very obscured), Emayne, Peregrine, ?, Alayna, ?, Roheisa, David (obscured), ?, ?, Cynethryth? (obscured), Cecilia, Hagen
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Nestlings: Pippin, Christopher, Grace, Patrick (obscured), ? (obscured)
Knot Bransle: Carl, Natasha, ? (obscured), Vincent, ? (foot), Crispin, ? (obscured), Tethuin?, Ute, Avril, Emma , Hercules?, ? (hand)
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr

Monday February 6

Cecilia, ibn Jelal
Lief, Lucia, ? (very obscured), Miles, Luan, ?, Ulf, Bastian (obscured), William, Inigo? (arm), Duncan, ?, ? (obscured), Katherine (obscured), Bethany?, Hanbal, Michael, Olaf
Bodies everywhere... Miles, ?, Inigo, Will, Ulf, Luan, ?, Bartholomew
...and then the looters arrive: Daniel, John? (obscured), ? (foot), ?, Sebastian, Pippin, Bethan (background), Gui, Grace, Dickon (obscured), Patrick?, Lucia (dead)
Photo courtesy of Hagen
?Alexandra?, Alvarro, Aelflaed?, Claire, Hunydd, Aeron, Yngvildr, James, Max, Marie, Matilda, Veronica, Lorenzo, Marie
Photo courtesy of Hagen
Bethany?, Bartholomew, Katherine, ?, Richard? (obscured), Luan, Miles (obscured), Lief, Kjaartan, ?, Lucia, William, Hanbal, Will, Gui
Photo courtesy of Hagen
William, Kjaartan, Lucia, Gui, Will (obscured), Hanbal, ?
Photo courtesy of Gui
Duncan, Ulf
Photo courtesy of Lorenzo
Hagen, Bethan, Luan
Claire, Michael, Yoshi, ?, Gillian, Marie, Aelflaed?, Killian, Isabella, Pippin?, Matilda, Michelet, Krystal, Emrys, Adele, ? (obscured), Hagen, Stephen? (background), James, Gavin, Terese, Max, Yngvildr, Hunydd, Alan (obscured), Christopher, Fraser, Lorenzo, Joan
Photo courtesy of Aeron
Peregrine, Emayne, Sonya
Photo courtesy of Aeron
Joan, Roheisa
Background: ?, ?, ?, Bernard?
Photo courtesy of Hagen
Bastian, Miles
? (obscured), Will, ?, Olaf?, ? (obscured), Inigo, ? (very obscured), Lief, Miles (very obscured), Gui, Lucia? (very obscured)
Photo courtesy of Gui
Olaf, Duncan (obscured), Inigo, Lief, Miles (obscured), Gui, Lucia, Will, ? (obscured)
Duncan, Rotte, Will, ? (head), Hanbal, William
Photo courtesy of Hagen
Adele (obscured), Katherine, Ædward, Joan
Lucia, Stefano
Photo courtesy of Elen
Adele, Daniel? (obscured), Sanchia
Olaf, Lorenzo
Gui, Hanbal, Sigurd, Lewellyn (obscured), Olaf, Will, ? (obscured), Miles
Rosita, Roisin?, Dickon, Sebastian, Ædward, ?, ?, Yolande, ?
Emrys narrates the play
Beatriz, Mine
Cross-dressing baronage: Inigo, Cecilia
Photo courtesy of Hunydd
Taking a bow: Tamara, Sebastian, Inigo, William, Isabella. Hagen, Cecilia, Mine, Emrys
Marie, Ronan, Tetsu, Tim, Richard (obscured), Kazimira, Avril, Kjaartan, Peregrine, Ute, Sebastian, Dickon (obscured), Hagen, David?, Daniel, Grace, Patrick, John, Hera, Pippin, Alayna (obscured), Luan
Background: ?, Will, ?
Ilar, ?
Richard, Marie
Pack-down time: Einar, Sonya
Brass rubbings class: Joan, Emrys, ? (arm), Hercules
Amberhearth kitchen equipment
Photo courtesy of Helene
AoA: Daniel, Bartholomew (obscured), Martuccio, Yolande, Christopher, Katherine, Fraser, ?, Ædward, Yngvildr, Peregrine
Hanbal, Patrick?, Martuccio, Bartholomew, Pippin, Fraser, Christopher, Yngvildr, Katherine, ?, Sebastian, Peregrine, Dickon, Ædward, Aelflaed
Photo courtesy of Elen
Mong wenches: Ginevra, Matilda, Agnes
Background: Beatriz, Max, Mine, Hanbal
Thanking the stewards: Gillian? (obscured), ?, Katherine, Ædward, Bartholomew, Yolande, Inigo, Cecilia, Dickon, Adele, Mine, Terese
Ædward, Yolande
Photo courtesy of Hagen
Burying the hatchet: ? (background), John (obscured), Martuccio, Avril, Roheisa, Alayna, Alvarro, Max, Steve
John, ?, Avril, Deordannan, Alayna, Emlyn, Christopher
? (obscured), William, ?, Sam, Iseabail, Crispin, Deordannan, Emlyn, Terese (obscured), Lorenzo, Veronica, David, Adele, Emma
Waggon drivers: Jennifer, Jason
Rosita vs Grace
Background: Eleanora? (obscured), Taz, ?, Max? (obscured), Emlyn
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Sam? (obscured), Lorenzo, Terese, Emma, Veronica, Adele, Michelet, Matilda, Killian, Claire, Yoshitoshi, Alvarro, Deordannan, Taz, Dave
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Alexandra, Deordannan, Eleanora (obscured), Marie (obscured), Danny, ?, ?, Dave, ?, Gavin, Taz, Max, Emlyn
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Helene, ? (foot)
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Peter, Emayne, Sam, Peregrine, Tim, Yngvildr, David, Helene (obscured)
And now it comes to an end: Ruth, Alison, Leah

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