July 11-13: Martuccio's birthday, Buckets of Dice LARP, Homer Place party, BoD, Operation Fountain, BoD grand strategy, Curletts Road party, BoD last day

Many thanks to Naomi for major assistance in labelling southerners.

Martuccio's Birthday, Frankleigh Street, 11 July 2003

Amy, Joe
? (very obscured), Duncan, Charlene
Matt, Peter, Duncan (obscured), Sonya
Sasha, Jenny

BoD LARP, UCSA ballroom, 11 July 2003

Alan, Chris
Background: Angela (obscured), ? (obscured), Erin?, James, James (obscured)
? (obscured), Reece
?Nate?, Chloe
Background: Jarrod, Cameron, ?
Michael (obscured), Robin, Craig, Michael, ? (hidden in darkness)
Schmoo, Robin, Maarten, Lesley, Michael
Time to grovel: Svend, Michael, John, Chloe
Paul, Meredith, Keith?, Nick, Scarecrow, Michael?
?, Erin, Erik, ? (obscured), ?, James, ?
Craig, Bruno, Alastair
Morbid, Nate, Ian, Robin, Alastair, Scarecrow, Svend, Erik, Maarten, Bruno, Jarrod
Erin, Nick

Homer Place Party, 11 July 2003

?, ?, Bethany, Wayne, ?, Binky
Dan, ? (obscured), ?, Bethany, ?, ?, Danny, Gypzy, ? (obscured)
Simeon, Laura
?, Mel, Fiona, ? (obscured)
Greg, ?
Wayne, Greg (obscured), Dan
Amy, ?
Theuns surprised
Duncan, Bethany, ?
John, Laura, Simeon, Simeon, Theuns, Andi
Gypzy (obscured), Chris (background), Greg (obscured), ?, Sass, Binky, Morbid, ? (background), Duncan, ?, Charlene, ?, ?, Theuns, ?
Gypzy, Greg (obscured), Charlene, Sass, Chris, ?, ?. ? (obscured), Simeon, Wayne, ?, ?
?, ?
?, ?, Thomas, Jarrod, ?
Copper, ? (obscured)
Tony, Mel
? (very obscured), Leon, Storm
Duncan, Dan

BoD, UCSA, 12 July 2003

?, ?, Meredith (background), Robert, ?, Chloe, Alastair, Bruno (floor, very obscured), David? ? (obscured), Eleanor (floor), Jonathon (table) Robin (obscured), Naomi (very obsured), ?, Luke?, Angela, ?, Binky, Captain (standing), ?, ?, Jo, Thomas, ? (obscured), Morbid, Stefan, Michael
Foreground-ish: ?, ?, Binky, Angela, Luke?
More distant: Thomas, ?, Alan, Morbid?, Peter, Michael, Cameron, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Naomi, Eleanor, Robin, Erin (standing), Chloe, Bruno, Jonathon, ? (standing), ?, ?, ?, David?, Luke? (foreground)
Keith, Cameron, Thomas, Jo
?, Stefan
Captain, David, Meredith, Carla, Jonathon, Nate, Russell

Operation Fountain, registry lawn, 12 July 2003

Dan, ?, Heather
Inside the secreat weapon: Amy
Heather, John, Louise, Andrew, ? (obscured), Seth, Carl, Rebekah (obscured), Binky, Joe, Reece, Nick
Heather, Seth, ?, Naomi, Louise, Andrew, Nick, John, Carl?, Traci, Joe, Paul?, Duncan, Dan, Stacey, ?, Luke, Binky
Short crewed: Chris, Amy, Heather, Rebecca, Laura
Photo courtesy of John
Duncan, Tony, Kirk, James
Evil ones: Mel, Paul, Fiona, Lesley
The press: Stacey, Wayne, ?, ?
Carl, ?, Simeon?, Joe, Duncan (very obscured), Brian, Dan, Colin, Lesley, John, Paul? (obscured), Binky, Fiona (obscured), Luke, Mel, Amy, Tony
Carthaginians: Nick, ?Naomi? (obscured), Andrew, Rebekah, Louise, Heather?, Reece, Seth
Duncan, Carl, Brian
Photo courtesy of Stacey
Duncan, Seth
Zane (dead), Binky, ? (dead), Luke, Fiona, Mel, John, ? (prone), Paul, Simeon, Naomi, Traci (obscured), John, ? (background), Heather, Lesley, Amy, Nick
Photo courtesy of Stacey
Carl, Colin, Mel-and-Fiona, John? (obscured), Nick, Simeon, ? (seated), Chris?, Zane, Paul, Jo, John, Naomi (dead), Heather
?, Reece
Background: ?, Maria, Duncan, Luke, Fiona (obscured), Tony, Lesley, ? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Stacey
Spectators: Simeon, Andi, Tess, ?, ?, ?, ?
Conga charge
Rear line: Lesley, Paul, Mel, Fiona, Chris
Front line: Dan, Duncan, Tony, John, Maria, Colin (obscured), Luke
Photo courtesy of Stacey
Operation Get Binky: Heather, ?, Carl (obscured), Andrew, Binky, Reece, ? (obscured, seated), Naomi, ? (very obscured), Fiona, Simeon
Photo courtesy of Stacey
Same events, different angle: ? (gun), Mel?, Fiona?, Joe, Simeon, Amy, Jo, Traci, Heather, Andrew (obscured), Reece, Binky, Naomi, Brian, Louise, Sasha
Execution: Luke, Tony, John, Colin, Binky, Duncan
Joe, Jo, Traci
Dalek charge: Colin, ? (obscured), John, Dan?, Brian, Tony, Simeon, Duncan
Louise, Reece
Cultists guiding Cthulhu: Zane, Sasha, Lesley, Mel, Fiona
The secret weapon, Project Pump. And Amy.
?, Lesley?, Zane
Photo courtesy of Stacey
Joe, Brian, Nick, ?, John
Cev, Roland, Jenny
Heather, Amy
?, ? (obscured), John (obscured)
Nick, Seth, Andrew
Chris, Zane, Fiona, Tony, ? (obscured), Sasha, Mel, Paul, Lesley, John
Carthaginian Warlord ravishes KEA Tank Crew. Laura, Reece, Heather (obscured), Naomi
Photo courtesy of John
Keeping up morale: Colin, Paul, Nick, Lesley, Brian (victim), ?, ? (obscured), Reece, Andrew, Wayne, Seth? (obscured), ? (obscured), Mel, Fiona (obscured), Chris, Luke, Joe (very obscured), Duncan, Maria (obscured), ? (obscured), Carl, Amy, Amy, John
?, Mel, Duncan, Nick
Disassembly: Laura, Amy, Colin
Steve, Lesley? (very obscured), Rebecca, Fiona, Luke, Xena

BoD Grand Strategy, UCSA, 12 July 2003

Eleanor, Alan? (obscured), Jarrod, Maarten, ?, Svend, Cameron
Front: ?, Jo, ?, ?, Keith, ?, Thomas
Back: Svend, ?, Tina
Kirk, Fridge, Hamish. James
?, Alan, Chloe (obscured), ?, Carla, Jo, Lisa
Svend, Thomas, ?, ?, Bruno, Alastair
Behind the scenes: Tony, Morbid, Scarecrow
Map room: Trond, Jarrod, ?, Erik, ?
Grand strategy at full steam
The map begins to fill out

Curletts Road Party, 12 July 2003

?, Joe, ?
Amy, Bastian, Duncan
Fiona, Heather, Laura, Carl (obscured), Simeon
Glenn, Steve (obscured), Sandra, Theuns (obscured), ? (very obscured), Andre? (obscured), John, ? (obscured), Bastian, ? (foreground)
Chris, John, ?
Andre, Carolyn, Amy
Mike, Colin?
Nick, Rebekah
?, Glenn, Maria, ?
Duncan (obscured), Chris, ?, Danny (obscured), Dan, Glenn
Andrew, ?, ?
Pip, Binky (obscured), ?
?, ?, ?
?, Maria, Colin
Seth, Rebekah, Andrew
?, ?, ?
? (obscured), Rachel, ?Zane? (hand), ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Karl, Tria (head), Andrew?
Danny, ?, Joe, ?, ?, ?

BoD, UCSA, 13 July 2003

Svend, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Kirk, ?, Michael
Michael, Maarten, ? (foreground), ?, Alastair, Russell, Robert, Peter, Alan (hand)
Maarten, Peter, ? (seated), ?, Alan, ?, Chloe, Russell, ? (foreground), Naomi (obscured), ?, ?, ?, ?James?
Nick, Norman, James, David, Cutter
Rachael, Ian, Peter, Robert, Robin, Tina, Jarrod
Cameron, ?, Damon?, Thomas
? (obscured), ?, Robert, ?, ?, Russell, Tina, Angus, ?, ?, Chloe, ? (obscured), ?, ? (background), Carla, Wolfgang, Ian, Michael, James, Jarrod?, Robin, Peter (foreground)
Hamish, Cody, Robert
John, Cody, Robery, Alastair, Joe, Erin
?, Svend, ?, ? (obscured), Russell, Rachael (very obscured), ?, Tina, Carla, Kirk, Angus, Cutter, Chris, James (obscured), Reece, ?, Chloe

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