Historical: A dozen photos out of Diana's album, mostly 1989-1990

A legendary panda. Possibly 48-hour party 1990.
Keeping warm. Sharon, Rat, Toni, JL (obscured), Fitz, Lee.
"The Divorce Party", 63 Elizabeth Street, 1990 - this marked Tony Smith & Adele Fletcher splitting up.
Divorce party again. Tony Smith, Andrew McRae, Sharon, Fitz, Mike Campbell, Rat, Neil.
Sean & Pretzel, 1990. Location uncertain - looks like a bunch of my books, which would make it the Peer St cottage, but the arrangement looks odd and others claim it's at Elizabeth Street.
Jules, Neil, Diana. Perversion Party, 1990.
Rat & Diana. Perversion Party.
Mark and Barry. 1988 48-hour party
1990 48-hour party. Craig Mawson, Craig McGeachie, Tanya Finn, Diana (kneeling), Mel, Jules.
Costume party at Euan's house in Puna St. Mike McGregor(?), Jennifer(?), Wulf, JL, Mark(?), Tanya
Same party. Dillon and Diana.
Dan Towse and Rat.
Charlotte and Fitz at LX's flat in Glenside Ave.

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