July 9-17: Pole-dance drinkies, Buckets of Dice (Saturday), Martuccio's birthday, Buckets of Dice (Sunday), glorious French party

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Pole-dance Drinkies, the Bordello, 9 July 2004

Dave, Heather, Josh, Kat, Theuns (obscured), ? (knees)
Rat, Dillon
Fiona, Binky, Heather (obscured), Kat, Ashes, Theuns
Storm, Allanah (hat)
Background: Theuns
Theuns, Schmoo
Theuns, Schmoo, Gypzy, Allanah (hat)
Schmoo, Josh
Dust, Storm, Sass, Andre? (obscured), Lana (obscured), Shannon (obscured)
Binky, Gypzy (very obscured)
Dave? (arm), Mark
Sass (leg), Dust (leg), Lana, Storm (obscured), Shannon (leg), ? (foot)
Allanah, Will
Kat, Dust (obscured)
Sass, Fiona
Andre, Laura (obscured), Jess, Matson (obscured)
Fiona, Pip, Josh (obscured), Andre
?, Karla (obscured), Neil, Shannon (very obscured), Binky
Jonty, Storm
Shannon, Binky

Buckets of Dice (Saturday), UCSA, 10 July 2004

A Game of Thrones: Naomi, Jim, James, Trond (background), Andrew, Jarrod
Dave (obscured), Jenny
Amy, Michael, Maarten, ?, ?, ? (obscured), Cody, Trond, Cutter, ?, Dennis, Mark, ? (obscured), Heather (foreground), Will, ? (obscured), Matthew, Matt, Hamish, Jarrod (very obscured), Bruno, Peter, Keith, Damon, David, Robert (obscured), Dillon? (very obscured)
Chris, Angela, Robert, Cody, Joe
Matt?, Peter, Dennis, Keith, Lesley, Cutter, Jono
Phil, Ian, Matthew, Naomi, Will, Hamish (obscured)
Hunters and Gatherers: James, Heather, ?
Grand Strategy setup: Jenny, Dave, Dillon
Counters ready for use. Lots of counters...
People who read the rules get fancier jobs... Jarrod, Will, ? , Bruno, ?
Dillon, Steve
Meredith, Hamish, Nick, Ian, Tony, ?, Dennis, Maarten (obscured), Alastair, ? (obscured), Andrew, ?, ?, ?, Naomi, ?, Dillon
James, Maarten, Jenny? (hat), Matt, Cutter, Hamish, Dave
Cutter, Morbid, Jono, Angus, Will, John Dennis
Nick, ?, Hamish, Peter, ?
Carla, Russell, Tony, ?, ?
Background: ?
Cutter (arm), Angus, Will, Jono, Dennis, John
Morbid (hand), Alastair, Jenny, Nick, Cutter, ? (background), Hamish, Paul, ? (background), James, ?, ?, ? (obscured), Maarten, ? (foreground), Andrew, Bruno, Dave, ? (obscured), Peter
Peter, ? (obscured), Andrew, ?, Jarrod, ? (foreground), Damon? (background), Mark, Dave, Bruno, ?, Ian, Meredith, Steve, Lesley, Dillon, Jim, Jono
Matt, Mark
?, ?, Michael, Meredith (head), Dillon, Morbid, ?, Dave (obscured), Cutter (obscured), Andrew, Jarrod
Lesley, Dillon, ? (obscured)

Martuccio's Birthday, Frankleigh Street, 10 July 2004

Rat, Helen
Carolyn, Beast, Ashes (obscured)
Beast (knee), Ashes
Martuccio, Sonya (obscured)
Cat, Amy, Martuccio
Dust, Beast
Beast (shoes), Danny
Peter, Sonya, Amy
Theuns, Dan, Amy
Ashes, Jennifer, Dan
Kat, Heather (obscured)
Martuccio and Harley
Heather, Seth

Buckets of Dice (Sunday), UCSA, 11 July 2004

Tigris and Euphrates: Cutter, Bruno, Elenor, Angus, ? (hands)
Robert, Nick, ?, Tim, Bruno (extremely obscured), Andrew, ?, Angus (very obscured), ? (very obscured), David, ?, Naomi?, Keith, Meredith, Dougal?
Pizza time: Angela, Nick, Jono, Jenny (foreground), ?, Trond, David, Meredith, Robert, ?, Morbid, Mark, Phil
San Juan: Robert, Russell, David, Meredith
Domaine: Dave, ? (background), Heather, James, Meredith
Settlers: Tony, Dougal?, Becky, Nick
Jarrod? (obscured), Ian, Alastair, Carla, Maarten (obscured)
?, Damon
Will, Matthew
Citadels: Phil, Russell (background), ?, Robert, Tim, ? (obscured), Jim
Best GM?: Trond, Craig, ? (obscured), Tony, ? (very obscured), ?, Jim
Drill: Peter, Craig, ?, Jim, ? (obscured), Jarrod, Nick, Elenor?, Carla, Lesley, Cody
? (background), Cutter, Dougal?, ?, ?, Jim, Jarrod, Robert, Ian, Carla (obscured), David, ?, ?, ?, ? (obscured), Elenor?, ? (obscured), James, Peter, Dave, Meredith, Paul, Matt?, Lesley (obscured)
Paul, Lesley, Meredith, Trond, Tony, Matt? (foreground), ? (obscured), Dougal?, Peter, Nick, David, ?, Hamish, Jim, ?, Cutter, Carla, Will, Robert, Morbid, Dave, ?, Matthew?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Mark, Andrew, Naomi?, James (arm)
Drawing lots for prizes: Trond, Tony (obscured), Becky?, Mark, Craig, Hamish
Dougal?, Cutter, James, ?, ?, ? (obscured), Jarrod, Andrew, ?, David, ?, Angus, Elenor?, Dave, Peter, Bruno
?, Damon, ?, Ian, ?, Cutter, Robert, ?, Russell, Jarrod, Jim, Dave, ? (obscured), Elenor?, David

Glorious French Party, Yaldurst Road, 17 July 2004

Glorious French food: Morbier, Pont l'Eveque, duck and spinach terrine, a batard, pate de Palomines
Robin, Daria
Ozy, Will
? (obscured), Spike
Rebecca, Robin
Fiona, Janine
Clockwise from left: Allanah (legs), Ines (legs), Matthew, Michael, Daria, James, Chris, Dave, ? (obscured), Will (head)
Amy, Heather
Sass, Cat, Hooch, Lana
Rebecca, Michael, ?Nick? (obscured)
Allanah (very obscured), Claire, James, Dave (obscured)
? (obscured), Dawn, Allanah, James (very obscured)
Karen, Jennifer, Ashes, Charlene
Jonty, Paula
Michael (very obscured), Chris, Paula (obscured)
Ines (obscured), ?, ?, James (foot), Dave (knee)
John, Becky
Will, Tony
Nick, Suze, Ines? (obscured), Brian, Jonty, Lisa, Dawn, Allanah, ?, ?, ? (obscured), ?, Becky, Carolyn
Will, Tony
Sass, Chris
Sass, John, Chris, Chris, Hamish
Sass, Hamish
Allanah, ?, ?, Carolyn
Glenn, Hamish, Nick, Chris (obscured)
Tony, Liz
Amy, Amy
Fluffi, Tony (obscured)
Brian (obscured), Heather, Morbid, Hamish (obscured)
Paula, Hamish, Lisa, Morbid, Dust (obscured), Allanah, Tony, ?Liz? (obscured), Dawn, Ines, Sass, Robert (obscured), Charlene, Michael, Will, James, Fluffi

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