November 5-20: Guy Fawkes, Frankleigh Street drinkies, games day, pajama party, lesbian attack ninjas party

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Guy Fawkes, Dollshouse/Auburn Park, 5 November 2004

Josh, Daria, Leon
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Evan, Josh?, Shannon, Rebecca, ?
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Storm, Shannon, Rebecca (very obscured)
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Spike, Fluffi (obscured), ?Allanah?, JL, Oliver?, Beth, Rebecca, Binky, Rebecca, Damon, ?, Andre, Fridge
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Damon, Beth?, Rebecca, ? (very obscured), Amy, Fridge (obscured), John, Jason, Dan?
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Claire, Simeon, ? (obscured), Rebecca (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Sparklers: Claire?, Simeon?, ?, Jason?
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Andre (obscured), Sass, Dust (background)
Photo courtesy of Marsden

Frankleigh Street Drinkies, 13 November 2004

Bastian, Claire, Heather?, Theuns, Stacey? (obscured), Matthew, Amy?, Martuccio
Constructionary -- apparently not as much fun as one might hope. Claire, Heather, Peter, Bastian, David
Martuccio, Beast, Charlene
Pirates of the Spanish Main: Martuccio, Steve, Charlene (obscured)
Heather (head), Amy, Amy (obscured)
Heather, Amy (obscured), Peter (obscured)
Claire, Damon
Claire (obscured), Wayne

Games Day, the Bordello, 14 November 2004

TransAmerica: Steve, Josh, Seth (background), John, Josh, Amy, Heather
Alhambra: Amy, Robert, Heather, Meredith
Nicola, Amy, David, Stacey, Josh (obscured)
Pirates of the Spanish Main: Steve (obscured), John
Stonewall: Josh, Amy, David, Seth
Metro: Amy, Beast, Robert, Heather, Meredith
Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers: Seth, Amy (obscured), ?Simon?, Heather, ?Mary? (obscured)
Glenn, Storm (hat), Ozy, David, Pip, Lana
Chess: Josh, Nicola
Martuccio, Peter
Amy, Lana, Karl, Charlene, Amy, Pip (foreground), Storm, Neil, Ozy
Phil, Josh
Background: Karl, Charlene, Amy, Storm, Pip, Neil
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Amy, Peter
Maarten, ?Simon?, ?Mary?
? (hands), Martuccio
TransAmerica: Amy, Seth, Maarten, Charlene, Josh, Amy, ?Simon?, ?Mary? (obscured)
Amy, Robin
Pip, Bastian, Karl
Attika: Amy, Robert, John
Settlers of Cataan: Maarten, Jono, Seth, Josh (obscured)

Pajama Party, London Tankworks, 19 November 2004

Shannon, Simeon (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Tom
Photo courtesy of Tom
Miche, Seth?, Megan, Reece, Simeon
Photo courtesy of Tom
Photo courtesy of Tom
?, ?, Zara?
Photo courtesy of Tom
?, Nigel
Photo courtesy of Tom
Shannon (foreground), Nigel, Andy, Natalia
Photo courtesy of Tom
Photo courtesy of Tom
Photo courtesy of Tom
Photo courtesy of Tom
Photo courtesy of Tom
Photo courtesy of Tom
Photo courtesy of Tom

Lesbian Attack Ninjas Party, Greers Road, 20 November 2004

Fridge, Theuns, Daria
Robin, Fridge, Theuns, Sass, Gary, ? (obscured)
Robin? (elbow), Theuns, Sally
Gypzy, Binky, Trond
?, Johnny
Background: Sass, Allanah, T, Dan, Daria, Robin
Birthday girl: Sass, ? (obscured)
?, ?, Daria, T
Becky, Liz, Nick (obscured), ?
Claire, Damon
Robin, Lana
Leon, Gypzy, Daria, Allanah, Sass, Fiona
Artaud, Tony, Amy, Charlene (obscured), Gary, Theuns (obscured), Jason
Pip, Karl, Fridge (hand)
Todd, Fridge
Amy, Chris, Charlene, Damon (obscured)
Storm, Ozy, Shannon, Pip
Background: ?, Dust
Charlene, ?, Amy, Robin, Lana, Daria (obscured), Trond, Gypzy, Binky, Fiona, Storm, Pip
Sass, Artaud
Artaud, Pip (obscured), Karl, ? (obscured), Dan? (obscured), Todd, Fridge, Dust, Amy, Damon, ? (very obscured), Glenn, Leon, Binky (background), Lana, Robin, ? (foreground)
Jonty, Allanah (obscured), Luke
Charlene, Sally, Jason?, Lana, ?, Robin, Ozy, Shannon, Rebecca, Storm, Beast, Claire, ? (obscured), Chris, Allanah, Amy, Tony (hands)
Trond, John, Amy, Tony
Amy, John, Trond, Tony
Nick, Karl, Becky, ?, Liz
Background: ?, ?, Sass, Shannon, ?, Chris
Beast (obscured), Matthew
Robin (obscured), Lana, Sass, Fiona
Dust, Amy
Amy, Tony (obscured), Luke, ? (very obscured), Allanah, Rebecca
Shannon, Pip, Storm
Pip, Karl, Shannon (obscured), Todd (obscured)
Glenn (hand), Allanah (background), Jordan, ? (hand)
Steven, Sakura
Theuns, ? (hand)
Clare (obscured), Vaughan, Sophie
?, Artaud
Baiting the lure: Gary? (obscured), Johnny (obscured), Karl, Sass, Storm
Drawn like moths to a flame: Karl, Amy, Storm, Robin
T, Claire
? (very obscured), ? (obscured), ?, Lana (obscured), Dan (obscured)
Karl (obscured), Dan, Lana, ? (finger)
Storm, Artaud, ?, Johnny, Robin, ? (obscured), Pip
Johnny, Gary, Chris (obscured), T, Jason (obscured), ? (background), Hamish, ? (obscured), Steven (obscured), Fiona, ? (very obscured), ?
Simon, Gary, Janine
T, Fluffi, ? (obscured), Jason (obscured)
Clare, Theresa, ? (obscured), Theuns
Damon, Rebecca, Rebecca, Ozy, Amy, Pip? (obscured), Glenn, Fridge, Fluffi, ? (background), Chris, Storm, Sass (obscured), Karl, Theresa, Steven, ?, Clare
Rebecca? (obscured), ?
Rhiannon, Artaud
Chris, Amy
Storm, Tony
Robin, Lana, Luke (obscured)
Lesbian ninja attack! Tony, Fluffi, ? (obscured)

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