February 11-15: SCA Canterbury Fair -- Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

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Canterbury Fair is New Zealand's largest annual SCA event, running for about five days, usually over the weekend nearest Waitangi Day.

Photos by other people are credited to the camera owners.

Friday February 11, 2005, Waipara Riverside Park

Alessandro, Isobel, Juliana
Cynethryth, Iuliana (obscured), Barbary
MRS: David, Kylie, Ruth, Andrew, Peregrine, Sonya, Einar, Karen, Tim
Redbeard, Josh
Matilda in the Mong
Catalina, Bernard? (background), Philippe, William (obscured)
Grace, Rosetta, Dickon, Pippin, Maria
Marienna (very obscured), Asbjorn, Alan (obscured)
Bartholomew, Katherine
Peregrine, Callum, Alessandro (very obscured), Stephen, Isobel, Chrettienne, Mathilde, Juliana
The chivalry present their candidate: ? (very obscured), Ulf, Bastian (obscured), Asbjorn, Tycho, Vitale, ? (obscured)
Peregrine, Isobel, Stephen, Alessandro, Martuccio, Mathilde, Juliana, Grace, Alys, Dickon, Chrettienne
Amalie (obscured), Kylie, Sonya (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Beth, Redbeard, Matilda, ?, Yngvildr, Ruth, Michelet, Bethany, ?
Mathilde, Martuccio, Juliana, Isobel
Alys (obscured), Ruth, Leah, Alison, Michelet (background), Yngvildr, Bethany, Tim., Redbeard, ?, Amalie, Sonya, Einar, Katherine (obscured)
Alison, Leah (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Photo courtesy of Alvaro
After the vigil: Ulf, Bastian, Asbjorn, Willehelm, Agro

Saturday February 12

The MRS hosts a royal breakfast: Martuccio (obscured), Einar, Stephen, Mathilde, Sonya, Juliana, Yngvildr, Duncan, Ruth, Josh, David, Andrew, Alison, Leah, Karen, Tim
Bethany at work
Results of a late night: David, Andrew, Alison, Leah, Tim
Pippin (obscured), Veronica
Corrupting the young: Agnes, Alan, Isabell, Pippin, Dickon, Katherine, Rosetta, Iuliana (obscured), ? (obscured)
Sabotage! David, Tim, ?, Isabell
Redbeard, Emrys
Terese (obscured), Kate, Mike, Einar, Roheisa (background), Amalie, Alan, Sonya, David, Isabell, Bartholomew (background), Karen, William, Beatriz, Ruth, Grace, Lorenzo, Yngvildr, Heloise, Andrew, Cristia, Josh, Veronica, Æward, Katherine, Yolande, ?, Isabella? (background), Michael, ?, Michelet, Killian
Terese (obscured), Ulf, Edward
Photo courtesy of Elen
Ulf, Willehelm, Catalina, Inigo, Asbjorn
Amalie?, Marienna, Karen, Asbjorn, Adele? (head), Emrys, Einar (obscured), Alan, Stefano, Maree, Terese (head), Sonya, David, ? (background), Ruth (very obscured), Redbeard, Heloise, Inigo, Yngvildr (obscured), Isa (background), Alvaro, Willehelm (obscured)
Peregrine, Asbjorn, Stephen, Alessandro (very obscured), Isobel, Mathilde
Peregrine, Asbjorn, Alessandro (obscured), Stephen, Mine (hat), Marienna, Mathilde
Vitale, Deordannan, Callum, Angus, Arabella, Chrettienne, Elizabetta (obscured), Peregrine
Lewellyn, Dieter, Michelle, Guenhyffwar, Duncan, Ceina, Bastian, Iuliana, Madeleine, Elen, Roheisa, Mike, Yolande (obscured), Amalie (obscured)
Paging the chivalry... ?, Angus, Glynyhvar (foreground), Philippe, Callum, Arabella, Harry, Jeremy, Chrettienne (obscured), Grace, Agro (head), Elizabetta, Michelle, Peregrine, Ulf, Ædward, Alessandro, Stephen, Isobel, Mine (hat), Pippin, Mathilde, Rosetta
? (obscured), Bastian, ? (obscured), Philippe
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Duncan, Guenhyffwar, Ceina, Iuliana, Roheisa, Elen, Madeleine, Mike, Yolande, Amalie, Willehelm, Adele, Lorenzo (obscured), Inigo, Dickon, Grace, Karen, Asbjorn, Æ'dward, Aelfric, Terese, Einar, Emrys, David, Hugh, ? (obscured), Sonya, Bartholomew, Ruth, Maree, Yngvildr, Richard, ? (background), Heloise, Andrew, Redbeard, Sasha, Tycho, Isa, Lotti, John (obscured), Isabella, Cristia, ? (obscured), Yolande, Mathilda, ?, Michael (obscured)
Caitlin, ?, Bernard (obscured), Lewellyn, ?, ?, Guenhyffwar (obscured)
?, Heloise, Redbeard, Tycho, Isa (obscured), Alexandria
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Awarding Lillies: Peregrine, Adele, Stephen, Alesandro (obscured), Isobel, Pippin, Terese, Mathilde, Juliana? (obscured)
Peers swearing fealty: Callum, Willehelm, Arabella, Catalina, Chrettienne, Glynyhvar, Elizabetta, Tycho, Marienna, ? (obscured), Agro (head), Vitale, Peregrine, Isobel (very obscured), Roheisa, Stephen, Alessandro, Mine, Pippin, Yves, ? (extremely obscured), Mathilde, Ulf, Lewellyn, Martuccio, Alys, Juliana? (extremely obscured), Eleanora, Bastian
A flock of Pelicans: Elizabetta (obscured), Del, Marienna (very obscured), Peregrine, Alessandro, Stephen, Isobel, Glynyhvar, Rosetta, Mathilde, Alys, Eleanora, Juliana (obscured), Martuccio (obscured)
A fledgling: ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Ruth, Maree, Yngvildr, ?, Heloise, Redbeard, Katherine, Lotti, Cristia (obscured), Josh? (obscured), John, Mathilda (very obscured), Yolande
Peregrine (obscured), Katherine, Stephen, Isobel (very obscured), Mathilde
?, Yves, Lotte, Isa, Mathilda, Lorenzo (obscured), John
Dickon? (background), Gerrad, Cameron, Caitlin, Grace, Alexandria
Roheisa (obscured), Dieter
Geoffrey, Arabella, Alexandra
Amalie, Sonya, Einar
Leah, Alison
Beating up the new knight: Stephen, Eleanora, Asbjorn, Duncan (obscured)
Waiting their turns: Martuccio? (obscured), Richard, Peregrine, Bernard, Sigurd, Agro, Ulf, Callum, Stefano
Tycho (very obscured), Stephen, Vitale, Martuccio, Sigurd, Asbjorn
Michael, Agnes
Emma, Del, ? (hand), Yolande
Eleanora, Katherine, Chrettienne -- past, future and present Southron Gaard baronesses
Juliana, Mathilde, Katherine, Fen
Turloc, ? (obscured), Callum (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Elen
The dodgy bakers' fine comestibles
Benedict, Michael, Beth, Isabell, William, Aelfric, Martuccio, ?Willehelm?, Grace
Photo courtesy of Elen
Sinech, Yolande, Iuliana, Isobel?, Sonya
Tycho, Deordannan?, Sigurd, Duncan, Rotte, Dieter, Sasha
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Lewellyn, Angus, Callum
Deordannan?, Stephen?, Dieter, Tycho, Callum, Valerian?, Inigo?, Bastian, Sigurd, Sasha, ? (obscured), Angus (obscured), Peregrine (obscured)
William, Alessandro?
Background: Grace?, Caitlin, Richard?, ?, ?
Martuccio, Benedict
Background: Isabella (obscured), Isabell (obscured)
Carl, Michelet (mug)
Background: ?, ?, ?, Lewellyn, Duncan
Peregrine, Karen
?, Fen
Alexandra, Alvaro
Valerian, ?
?, Katherine, Gerrad, ?, Maree, Ulf
?, Maree, Sasha Katherine, Gerrad, Rotte
Alvaro, ?, Valerian (obscured), Phil, ?, Alan, Alessandro, Emma, William, Josh, Alison, Leah, Aelfric (background), Ruth, Tim, David, ? (obscured)
Catalina, Glynyhvar, Agro, ? (obscured)
On his deathbed: Deordannan, Angus, Callum, Chrettienne, Rosa, Elizabeta, Peregrine, Rosetta
A possible restorative: Elizabetta (obscured), Chrettienne, Callum, Grace, Rosetta, Agro, Glynyhvar, Martuccio
Photo courtesy of Yolande
Alessandro, Duncan, Callum (obscured), Deordannan? (obscured), Elizabetta, Rosa (obscured), Martuccio, Angus (obscured), Rosetta (obscured), Chrettienne
Vincent, ? (obscured)
At the ball: Isobel? (background), Elen, Amalie, ? (obscured), Alison, Katherine (obscured), ? (obscured), Tim, Andrew, ? (obscured), Einar
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Josh, Emma
Yolande (hands), Madeleine, Roheisa (obscured)
Alison, Alan, Guenhyffwar (obscured), Maree, David (obscured), Ulf
Bardic auction: Amalie, Sonya, Bartholomew, Katherine (obscured), Stefano, Duncan, Iuliana, Agnes, Isobel?
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Mine, Natasha, Yngvildr (obscured)
Carl, Isa, Mathilda, John, Lotti
Yolande, Del, Natasha, Josh, Kylie, David, Andrew, Bartholomew, Isobel? (obscured), Elen, ? (obscured), Francesca, ?, Edward, Sonya, Karen
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Isobel?, Elen, Iuliana
Half-circle Theatre audience, and the chastisement of Martuccio
Front group, from left: ? (obscured), Michael (obscured), ?, ?, ? (background), Emrys?, ?, Hugh, Beatriz?, ?, Kate?, Mike?
Rear seats, from the top: ? (background), Mine (obscured), ? (obscured), Maree?, ?, Catalina, Yngvildr, Guenhyffwar, Ulf, Alys, Stephen, Mathilde, ?
Iuliana?, Elen, Isobel?, Sonya, Katherine
Audience disguised in shadow
At the pirate party: Deordannan
Photo courtesy of Alvaro
Photo courtesy of Alvaro
Agro, Glynyhvar, Sigurd
Photo courtesy of Alvaro
Photo courtesy of Alvaro

Sunday February 13

Strange things found in armour checks... Vincent, ? (hand)
Vincent, Vitale, ?
? (obscured), ? (obscured), Peregrine (obscured), Mine, Emrys (obscured), Yngvildr (obscured), Karen (obscured)
Juliana, Alessandro, Isobel, Nigel, Katherine
Rachel, Ceina, Bastian
Yolande, William
Martuccio and his mighty weapon
Background: ?, Bernard
Yolande (obscured), ?, ?
Bastian (obscured), Francesca, ?, Ædward (obscured)
Michael, Phil, Alan
Sonya, ?, Andrew, ?
Rotte, David, Ruth
Chris (obscured), Luke, Matilda (obscured)
Rotte, Deordannan?
Inigo, Nikolai, ? (obscured)
Ayfra, Gilbert
Dieter, Tycho
Vitale, Inigo, ?, ?, Michelle, ?, Karen, Peregrine, ? (obscured), Alessandro, Mike (background), Lewellyn, Yolande, Francesca, ? (obscured), ?, ?, Rachel, Cynethryth, Pippin, Nigel, Katherine (obscured), Alys, Ulf, Ædward, Agro, Isabell, Martuccio, Vincent
Photo courtesy of Rotte
Bartholomew, ? (site warden)
Bastian's castings
Darius, Emrys, Willehelm, ?
Background: ? (obscured), ?, Michelet, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Carl, Eleanora, ?, ? (obscured), Michael, ? (obscured), ? (obscured)
Sancha, Stefano
Iuliana, ? (obscured), Geoffrey, Beatrice, Marienna
?, Peter, ?
Background: ?, ?, Josh, Pippin, ?, ?, ?, ?
Royal picnic: Bartholomew, Katherine, Juliana, Stephen, Grace, Mathilde
Background: Luke, ?, Katherine, Stacey, ?, ?, Vincent
Mathilde, ?, Darius, ? (background), ?, Lewellyn (obscured), Agnes, Matuccio (obscured), Peregrine, Will, Emrys, ? (obscured), Cecilia (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Rotte
Ysabeau, Stacey
Pippin, Philippe, Rebecca, Yolande, Dickon, Inigo, Rosetta
Armor-as-worn final: Mari, Martuccio, Vitale, Peregrine
Kate, Mike
Background: ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Katherine, Nikolai (obscured), ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Therese? (obscured), Alys, ? (obscured), Josh
Madeleine (very obscured), Elen
Background: Mathilda, Lotti, Will, Emrys
Alys, Beatrice, ?
?, Brenda
Background: Alvaro?, Tim, Gilbert, Maree, Kylie, Redbeard, Inez?, Philippe, Alessandro, Richard, Bethany? (obscured), ? (obscured), Peregrine
Well-filled targets: Redbeard, ? (obscured), Tim, Richard, Bethany, Gilbert, Kylie?
Inez?, Darius, William, Tim, Philippe, Maree, Richard, Redbeard, Alessandro
Ruth (obscured), ?Rowena?, Alison, Leah
Agnes, Hugh, Terese
Trying to learn a tricky song: Einar, Amalie, Sonya, Alys, Edward
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Francesca, ?, ? (obscured), Stefano, Sancha, Emrys (seated), Willehelm, Asbjorn, ?, Pippin, Guenhyffwar (obscured), Inigo, Michelle, Fraser, ?Katherine? (obscured), Roheisa
Willhelm, ?
Sinech (obscured), Callum, ? (hair), Chrettienne, Rosa, Grace, Arabella, Peregrine, Elizabetta (obscured), Asbjorn, Stephen, Alessandro, Mathilde, ?, Pippin, Rosetta, Yolande?, Juliana, Martuccio, Benedict, Inigo, Roheisa (obscured)
Vitale, Chrettienne, Amalie, Stephen, Peregrine, Elizabetta, Mine, Asbjorn, Mathilde, Alessandro, Rosetta
Photo courtesy of Yolande
Callum, Lachlan?
Photo courtesy of Elen
Rosa, Chrettienne, Sinech, Arabella, Fraser (hat), Peregrine, Pippin, Stephen, Asbjorn, Rosetta, Alessandro (obscured), Grace, Mathilde, Ædward?, Juliana, Inigo (very obscured)
Dismissing the ladies in waiting: Arabella, Rosa, Heloise, Elizabetta, Theresa, Richard, Sigurd (obscured), Chrettienne, Vitale (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Yolande
Juliana (obscured), Inigo, Martuccio, Cecilia, Benedict
Mathilde, Rosetta, Dickon, Juliana, Inigo, Martuccio (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Yolande
Investiture begins: Chantelle, Dieter, Bartholomew, Beatrice, Mari (obscured), Katherine, Grace, Will (obscured), Michael (obscured)
Peregrine (obscured), Asbjorn, Katherine, Stephen, Alesandro (obscured), Mathilde, Bartholomew, Juliana (obscured), Grace (obscured)
Katherine, Dickon (obscured), Bartholomew, Peregrine, Stephen, Asbjorn, Mathilde, Pippin (very obscured)
Gilbert, Veronica (obscured), Alys, Guenhyffwar, Spike (obscured), Isabell, Emrys, Yolande, Ulf, Josh, Duncan, Maree, Bethany, Ædward, Yngvildr, Sinech, Karen, William, Andrew, Ethelind, Richard, Rosa, Cristia, ? (foreground), Hugh, Terese, Adele, Tycho, ?Angus? (obscured), Elizabetta, Heloise, Geoffrey, ?, Vitale, Arabella, ?
Aelfric, ?, Nikolai, ?, Amalie (obscured), Bernard, Lotte, Yolande, Tim, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Einar, Agro, Mathilda, Stacey, Sigurd (obscured), ? (obscured), Glynyhvar, Isa (very obscured), Del, Dieter, ? (very obscured), David (very obscured), Ruth (very obscured), ?, Ilar, Michelle, Chantelle (very obscured), Eleanora, Michelet, Darius, Lorenzo, Mari, Vincent, ?, Mine, ? (obscured), ? (very obscured)
Lady in waiting: Yngvildr, Fraser, Katherine, Dickon (obscured), Bartholomew
Baronial charter: Caitlin (obscured), Grace, Eleanora, Sigurd, Dickon (obscured), Bartholomew, Katherine (obscured)
Catalina, Bartholomew, Katherine, Asbjorn, Alessandro (very obscured), Isobel (obscured), Peregrine, Cecilia, Inigo, Juliana, ?, Mathilde, Martuccio, Theresa
Imagining: Terese (obscured), ? (obscured), Ilar (obscured), ?, ?, ?, Adele, ?, ? (obscured), Iuliana, Vitale, Nikolai, Amalie, Emrys, William, Heloise, Sonya, ?, Chantele, ?, Lotti, Maree, Marienna (background), ?, Cristia, Asbjorn? (obscured), Mathilda, Elen, Glynyhvar, Karen, Agro, ? (obscured), Alys, Andrew, ?, ?, Tycho, ? (obscured), Michael, Ethelind, Geoffrey (foreground), Vincent, Matilda, Arabella, Mari, Spike (obscured), Veronica, Will, ? (obscured)
Michael, Matilda (obscured), Vincent (obscured), Josh, Veronica (obscured), Mari, Ayfra, Bethany, Will, Duncan (obscured), ? (very obscured), Gilbert, Eleanora, Ceina?, Yves, ? (background), Bastian, Ulf, William
Photo courtesy of Yolande
The Mong receives its warrant: Roheisa (obscured), Asbjorn
Chantelle, Ruth, Einar, David, Alison, Amalie, Leah
Stefano composing
Hugh, Alys, Amalie, Alison?, Yolande, Yngvildr, ? (obscured), Mari, Mathilde, ? (obscured), Michael
Shakespeare a la Brucie: Yolande, Mathilde, Bartholomew, Stephen
Background: Deordannan?
Audience: Mari, ? (background), Ysabeau, Elen. Cecilia (very obscured), ? (very obscured), Duncan, ? (very obscured), Bethany, Stacey, Tim, Vincent (very obscured), Beatrice, Alys, Ulf, ? (obscured), Chris, Sinech (very obscured), Yngvildr (obscured), Rebecca, ?, Iuliana, Leah, Stephanie (obscured), Alison, David, Michael, Ruth, Peregrine, Karen (obscured), Amalie, Einar
Katherine (head), Bartholomew, Mathilde, Yolande, Stephen
Alys presents Iuliana's song of the Ladies of the Rose: Katherine, ?, Chantelle, Bethany, Michelet, Ulf (obscured), Stephen, Sancha?, Mathilde, Tim, Hugh, Juliana, Vincent, Chris, Josh, Sinech, Rebecca, Del, Iuliana, Leah, David, Stephanie (obscured), Alison, Michael, Ruth (obscured), Peregrine (obscured), Alys, ? (very obscured), Beatrice, Einar (obscured)
Stephanie, ?, ?, ?, Rebecca, Luke, Jacob, Chris, Beatrice
Background: ?, Martuccio, Matilda, Madeleine, ?, Roheisa
Wax tablet and case
Photo courtesy of Yolande
Benedict's maps
The feast approaches
Clockwise from left: Michelet, ? (obscured), Adele, ?, Beatriz, ? (obscured), Aelfric, Rosa, Sigurd (obscured), Emrys, ?, Sinech, Hugh, Terese? (obscured), Vincent, Glynyhvar
Other table: ?, ?
Seated at table, clockwise from left: ?, Lotti, Mathilda, Gilbert?, Peregrine, ?Karen? (very obscured), Phil, Mari (obscured), Tycho? (obscured), Vitale?, ? (obscured), ?Angus? (obscured), Redbeard (obscured), Maree (obscured), Alan (obscured), David (obscured), Ruth, John, Isa, Mike, Kate
Standing: ?, ?, Chantelle, ?, Heloise, Geoffrey
Stephen, Mathilde, Bartholomew, Katherine
The play
Front table: Leah, ?, Einar, ?, ?, ?, Elen
Middle table: Sinech, Michelet?, Killian?, Beatriz? (obscured), Emrys, Danny, Kylie?, Eleanora?, Alvaro?, Yves?, Aelfric, Rosa, Sigurd?, Ilar? (obscured), Dickon?, ?
Rear table: Mari, Redbeard, Angus, ?Elizabetta?, Heloise, Teresa
Standing: Tycho, Cristia, Richard, Ethelind, Vitale, Chantelle, Geoffrey?, Dickon, ?, Arabella
High table: Isobel, Alessandro
Sonya, Chantelle, Del (obscured), Alys
Photo courtesy of Leah
Andrew, Alison
Photo courtesy of Leah

Monday February 14

A class on Platina: Bethany, Vincent, Katherine (obscured), Adele, Isabell, Stefano, Roheisa
Dance lessons: Katherine, Bartholomew, Einar, Yolande (obscured), Sonya
Emrys, ancient of days...
...but not entirely helpless: Martuccio, Duncan, Emrys
Background: William, Eleanora, Sigurd
Michael, Spike
Vitale, Yves
Benedict, Chantelle
Eleanora, Bastian, Peregrine, Bartholomew, Katherine, Catalina
? (obscured), ? (obscured), Spike, ?, Cecilia, Agnes, ?, Eleanora, ? (very obscured), Inigo, Benedict, Sinech, Sasha, Æ'dward, Yolande, Redbeard (very obscured), William, Iuliana, Yolande, Alys, Karen, Del, Asbjorn, ?, Vincent (obscured), ? (obscured), Killian, Hugh, Beatriz, Emrys, Sigurd, William, Isabell, Mari (obscured), Cristia, ? (very obscured), Heloise, Vitale? (obscured)
"Your cartographer is demented!": Dickon, Peregrine, Bartholomew (obscured), Inigo, Katherine (obscured)
Duncan (obscured), Elen, Sonya, Roheisa (demented cartographer), Matilda, Martuccio, Eleanora, Spike
William, Yolande, Redbeard, Iuliana, Yolande, Alys (obscured), Karen, Del, Asbjorn, Vincent, ?, Killian, Beatriz, Emrys, Sigurd
The troublesome map
Rapier training: Michael, Emrys, Isabella, Yolande (very obscured), Phil, Catalina, Cecilia, Chantelle
Yves, ?, Bastian, Duncan, Bernard
Making chapbooks: Iuliana (hand), Cecilia, ? (head), Aelfric, Katherine, Sonya, Mine
? (obscured), Tycho (obscured), Ulf, Asbjorn, Bastian, William, Bernard (background), Benedict, ?, Sigurd? (obscured), Richard, Bartholomew
Tycho, Duncan, Asbjorn, Rotte, Sigurd, Richard, Benedict, Bartholomew, Ulf
Duncan, Richard, Tycho, Inigo, Vitale, Elen
A broken Bernard
Phil, Alan, Peregrine
Beatriz, Killian
Benedict, Inigo, ? (obscured), Ulf (obscured), William, Bastian (obscured), Sigurd, ?, Tycho, Mari, Richard, Rotte, Duncan (obscured), Bartholomew
Photo courtesy of Elen
Inigo, Bastian, William, Vincent, Benedict (obscured), Asbjorn, Sigurd, Rotte, Yves (obscured), Vitale, Richard (obscured)
Rotte, Duncan, ? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Elen
SCANZ discussion: Gilbert?, Vitale, Beatriz, Ceina, Steven, Marienna, Roheisa, Sinech, Del, Maria, Yolande, Bartholomew, Katherine, Asbjorn, Alys
Vincent, Bastian (obscured), Duncan
Playing Medieval: Alan, Emrys, Cecilia, Maree, Phil
Questing workshop: Leah, Alison, Andrew, Tim, Dickon, ?, Josh, David, Ruth, Bartholomew?, Chantelle, Roheisa
Martuccio, Michael, Adele
Truth in advertising
The aftermath of coffee
Roheisa the rat-vendor
Photo courtesy of Yolande
MRS puppy pile: Yngvildr, Alison, Andrew, Leah

Tuesday February 15

Local scenery
Photo courtesy of Elen
Swimming hole
Photo courtesy of Elen
Martuccio, Lorenzo, Roheisa
Killian, Guenhyffwar, Gilbert
Matilda, Grace, Veronica
Alexandra, Pippin, Rosetta
People begin to depart: Ædward, Ulf, Alys, ? (obscured)
Gwenhyffwar, Katherine, Bartholomew, Veronica, Gilbert, Rosa, ?, ? (obscured), Matilda, Bernard, Cynethryth, Vitale, Mari, Beatriz, Heloise, Emrys, Redbeard, Mine, Ethelind, Chantelle, ?, Maree, Alan, Isabella, Cecilia, Sigurd
Martuccio, Inigo, Nicola, Cecilia, Bartholomew, Peregrine, Katherine
Inigo scores a hit in the battle of words: Duncan, Elen, Terese, Roheisa, Ceina, Adele, Deordannan, ?, Bastian, ? (obscured), Kate?, ?, Mike, Cynethryth, Veronica, ? (obscured), Leah, Alvaro, Alison, Matilda, ? (obscured), Beatriz, David, Ruth, Kylie, Mina, Sasha, Michael, ? (foreground), Gilbert, Karen, Chantelle, ?, Tycho, Vitale (obscured), Maree, Redbeard (obscured), Alan (obscured), Heloise, ?, Bernard, Phil
Volunteer raffle results: Richard, Ethelind, Emrys
Alan, Maree
Matilda, Michael? (obscured), Yngvildr, Mine (obscured)
Asbjorn, ?, Marienna
Matilda (obscured), Bartholomew, Yves
Chantelle, Karen, Maree (obscured), Peregrine (obscured), Alvaro, Yves, Kylie, Richard, Phil, Inigo (obscured)

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