Claire's albums, part 2, June-August 1996

These pictures are scanned from an album belonging to Claire Hill, and the photos were generally taken by her. The album has considerable overlap with Dan's albums for 1996, and I haven't duplicated things here that I've already published on that page.

Hamish and Andrew's trial, 7 June 1996, LCR

Fridge, Andrew, Dan
Fridge, Ian (obscured), Andrew
Fridge, Ian, Hamish, Dan

Angst Party, 22 June 1996, ?

?, Dan, Duncan, ?Helen?, Zane?, Hadley, Robbie, Kara, Claire, Davita, Jason
Jason, ?Duncan?

Robyn's birthday, 29 June 1996, ?

Jason, Hadley

UCSA, June/July 1996

Robbie, Christian, Hamish

Bealey Ave parties, 13 and 20 July 1996

Traci, Fridge
Zilch (obscured), Sarnia, Andrew?, Jillian, ?
Noel, Robyn, Simeon
Erebus and Chris
Jason, Gary, ? (obscured)
Bob, ?Vivienne?, ?
Zilch and Bagel
Mary and Matt
Andrew?, Jillian
Mike and Kara
? (arm), Chris, Erebus, Casey, Bob, Daniel

Euan's party, 3 August 1996, Puna Street

Hadley, Duncan, Bob, Shekinah
Gold, Zilch, Noel
Kara and Shekinah
Jason, Gary
Julie, ? (obscured), John, ?Mike?
Sonja and Karen
Ian and Karen
Gold, Jeremy, Caitlin

LCR, August 1996

Karen's normal mode of transport
Mary and Karl
Matt, Picasso, Isobel, Tess, Mary, Mike
John, Dave, Sara

Cocktail party, 10 August 1996, Curletts Road?

Oliver and Fitz
Matt, Suzanne, Rachel
Kara and Mike
Daniel and Adele
LX, Menolly, Karl
Claire and Matt
Picasso and Richard
Picasso, Claire, Bob, Pauline, Karl, Richard
? and Gold
Karl and Mary
Caitlin, Picasso, Matt, Suzanne, Oliver
Bagel and Richard
Julianne and Tim
John and Leonie

Deviance and decadence party, 17 August 1996, Watchtower?

Sarnia and Bagel
Karl and Mary
Sonja and Gold
Tim?, Robyn, Paul, Zane
Olivia and Caitlin
?, Karl, Hamish

48-hour party, 23-25 August 1996, Watchtower

Duncan and Fridge
Hamish, Duncan, Claire, ?, Fridge
Menolly, Bagel, Mike?, Gold, ?
?Mary?, Caitlin?, Matson?, ?
Oliver and Simeon
Troy, Teri, Pixi, Gold
Dave, Sonja, Bagel
Chris and Matt
Zane and Robyn
Gold, Adrian, Sonja, ?Colin?, Karen?, Hamish?
John discovers something amazing about Picasso
Jillian, Picasso, ?Karl?
Julie and Dave
Gold, ?, Chris
Duncan, ?, ?
Bagel (obscured), Mike, Sonja, ?
?, Idiot?, Hadley, Mike, Mike and the shoggoth
Zane, Robyn, ?Damon?, ?
Hadley and Mike
Mike, Chris, Joe, Hamish and the shoggoth
Mike and Kara
Erebus and Vaughan
?Karl?, Meredith, ?Vernon?, Damon, Dave
John poses

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