March 5-18: Naval battle, Yaldhurst Road drinkies, games day, toga party, SAGA barbecue, Schmoo and Rebecca's flatwarming

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Naval Battle, River Avon, Hagley Park, 5 March 2005

Shelley, ?, ? (very obscured), Richard, Simeon, Zane (obscured), Will, Ozy
Hostilities commence: Ozy, Will, ?, ?, Shelley
Water: ? (background), ?, ? (background), Seth, Shelley, Ozy, Will, Zane, Richard, ?, Carl, Simeon, ?, Phil
Land: ?, ?, Shannon, Kat, ? (seated group), Joe, ?, ?
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Water: Ozy, Will, ?, Carl, ?
Land: ?, ?, Shannon, Kat, ?, ?, Luci, Joe, ?
Photo courtesy of Marsden
?, ?, Shelley
British navy: ?, Carl
An unfortunate incident: ?, Carl
Trapped: Richard, Zane, Simeon, ?, Shelley
Background: unknown
Ozy, ? (very obscured), Simeon, Will, ? (background)
Simeon, ?
Water: Zane, Simeon, Richard, ?, Carl
Land: Maria (obscured), Luci, Gold, ?
Gold, Luci
Ana, Seth, Russell
Background: unknown
Daniel, Jeremy, Shelley, Ozy (obscured), ?, Will, Zane, Richard, Simeon, ? (background), ?
Will, Ozy, ? (obscured), Simeon (invisible), Richard, Zane
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Gold (very obscured), Joe, Luci (obscured), Shannon, Amy, Kat, Cat, Theuns, Colin, Maria, ?, Meredith, ?, Robert
Cat summons her forces!
Will (obscured), Ozy, Shelley, ? (background), ?, Zane, Richard (extremely obscured)
Terry, Daniel
Background: unknown/unidentifiable
Will (fore), Ozy (aft)
Background: unknown
Shelley, Joe, Colin, ?, Amy, Maria, Cat, Meredith, ?, ? (obscured), Robert, ?, ?, ?, ?,
Simeon, ?
Background: unknown
Flexi-dreadnaught: Richard, Zane, ?, Shelley, Daniel, Terry (obscured), Russell, Ana
Background: unknown
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Water: Shelley, ?, Richard, Zane (very obscured), Will, Ozy, ? (obscured)
Land: ?, ?, Jenny, Shannon, Robert, Kat (obscured), Gold, Luci, ? (obscured)
Daniel, Jeremy
Background: unknown
Another British naval disaster: Carl, ?
Photo courtesy of Marsden
?, Russell, Ana, Simeon, ?, ?, Jeremy, Daniel
Shelley, ?, ?

Yaldhurst Road Drinkies, 5 March 2005

Maria, Colin, Will
NOSing: ?, Shelley, ?
Daniel, Russell, Will, Terry, Shelley, Colin, ?, ?
Russell, Joe, Gold
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Bastian (obscured), Ozy, Gold, Robert, Richard
Beth (obscured), Charlene, Amy (obscured)
Lana, Robin
Luci, Jo (obscured), Bastian
Simeon, Robert (obscured), Beth, Charlene, Amy (obscured), Kat, Shannon
Daniel, Joe, Terry. Richard, Daniel, Seth
Jo, Bastian, Ozy (obscured)

Games Day, Frankleigh Street, 6 March 2005

Modern Art: Claire, Heather, Josh, Dave, Amy
Risk: Zane, David, Schmoo, Will, ?, Jenny
Fearsome Floors: Dave, Schmoo, Heather (obscured), ?, Jenny, John, Damon? (obscured), Stacey
Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation: Cutter, ?
Settlers of Catan: Rebecca, Angie, Meredith, Robert, Chris, Amy
Articulate: Stacey (foot), Amy, Heather, Meredith, Angie, Rebecca, Josh, Claire
Puerto Rico: John, Robert, Cutter, ?, Dave
Angie, Stacey, Will, Zane, Jenny, Beth, Schmoo
San Juan: Robert, Seth, Natasha, Dave
Claire, Josh
Monopoly: Martuccio, Stacey, Schmoo

Toga Party, Greers Road, 11 March 2005

Terry, ?Binky? (obscured)
Background: Paula (obscured), Terry (obscured), Amy, ?, ?
Robin, Lana, Theuns
James?, Daria, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Paula
?, ? (feet)
?, ?, ?, ? (obscured)
? (obscured), James
?, Richard
Cutter, Troy, Karen, ? (very obscured)
Todd (obscured), Fridge (obscured), Leon, Hooch (obscured), Robin, Brett
Rebecca (obscured), Gary (obscured), Allanah, Todd, Damon, Robin
Peter, Tria, ? (obscured), Sally? (obscured)
Rebecca, Stephanie
Trond (obscured), Fiona
Hamish, Trond
Karen (obscured), Hooch, Damon
Background: Fiona, ?, Allanah, ?, Damon, Chris
? (obscured), Norman
Tinks, ?Troy?, Daria (obscured), Dan
Ben's new haircut
? (very obscured), Chris
Brian, Lex, Fridge (obscured), Sheryl
Storm, Tony
Justin, Vania
Storm's new tattoo
Dan, ? (very obscured), Chris
Todd, ? (obscured), Seth, Justin (obscured), Vania (obscured)
? (obscured), Adam, Erin
Luke, Storm, Chris (obscured), Claire, Allanah, ?, Seth, Fiona (obscured), Trond, Hamish (obscured), Amy, Karen, Ben?
Jonty, Paula
? (arm), ?
Award announcements: Tony, Storm
Chris (obscured), Seth, Adam (obscured), Gypzy
Trond (very obscured), Adam, Luke, Fiona, Allanah, Claire, Frank, Norman, ?, Shannon, Kat (obscured), Chris, ?, James?, Sam, Beast, Chris, Paula, Cat, Michael, Charlene, Will, Sally, ?, Amy
Richard, Gary (obscured), Storm, ? (obscured)
Fridge, Andrew
Sally, Damon? (obscured), Gary, Justin
Fiona (obscured), ?, Amy (very obscured), Brett, Frank, Adam, Luke, James?, Robert, Jonty?, Will, Chris, ? (very obscured)
Cat, Terry?
Background: ?, Frank, James?, Chris, Beast
Terry (obscured), Brett, ?Richard? (obscured), Leon
Luci, Victoria, Ryan, Robert? (obscured)
? (obscured), Rhiannon
?, ?
Simon, ? (obscured)
? (hands), Janine
Weirdoes: Robin, Lana
Background: ?, Shannon, Kat, Robin

SAGA Barbecue, Greers Road, 12 March 2005

Articulate: ?, Meredith
San Juan: ?, ?, Michael
Settlers of Catan: Michael, Robert, ?
Carcassonne: The City: ?, James, Cutter, ?
?, ?, ?, ? (obscured), ?, ?
Joe, Chris? (obscured), ?, Meredith, ? (obscured), Alastair
La Strada: Sam, ?, Tim
Peter, Damon
Michael, Michael, ?
Tony, Damon
The prodigal returns: ? (feet), Scarecrow
? (obscured), Scarecrow, ?, Meredith, Joe (obscured), Alastair, Chris
?, ?, ?, Russell, Robert, ? (obscured), Hamish, ?, Meredith
Kirk, Cutter, Nick, Peter, Russell, Michael, Alastair, ? (obscured), ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Sam
Hamish, Robert
Addressing the voters: ? (obscured), Damon? (obscured), ?
Brian, Kirk, Cutter, Nick, ?, Peter, ?, Russell, ? (obscured), Joe, ? (obscured), Chris, ?, ? (obscured), Michael, Sam, ?, ?, ?, Alastair? (obscured), ?, ? (foreground), ? (obscured), ?, Robert
Munchkin: ? (legs), ?, ?, ?, ?, Josh (foreground), ?, ?, ?, ? (obscured), ? (knees)
Blood Bowl: ? (obscured), Nick, Russell (obscured), Damon
Barbecuage: Hamish, Michael? (obscured), Robert, Trond, Russell, Fiona
? (obscured), ?, ? (arm), ?, Jennifer

Schmoo and Rebecca's Flatwarming, Somerset Crescent, 18 March 2005

David, Rebecca, Beth, Todd
Matthew mixes a brandy Alexander
Schmoo, Charlene (obscured)
Charlene, Schmoo, Beth

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