August 17-23: 48-Hour Party: Friday, Saturday, Sunday; SCA trip to A Knight's Tale

48-Hour Party, Ilam Road, 17 August, 2001

Many thanks to those who helped, including, but not limited to: Trond, John and Simeon for putting up with us; Diana (who organised the jelly wrestling) and the other wrestlers; Tony for transport services; Mary Anne and Del for jelly shooters; Troy for marshalling a cleanup; Dillon for his galactic empire game; Andrew, Erin, Tim, Mike, Vernon and Zane for equipment; Kirk and Hamish for emergency toilet access; Bastian and Jo for recyclables disposal; anyone else who provided CDs, helped clean up or threw a few dollars into the hat for plumbing; and all the people who not only spent big at the slave auction, but actually paid up afterwards. John had a great time spending all your money.

A few pictures have blurry patches due to sunbstances such as jelly reaching the lens...c'est la vie.


Thorkell drops by for an early visit
Trond performs essential preparatory duties
DJ's station, with essential padding
Setting up the awning: Anthony and Andrew
First-time visitors: Natalya and Amy
? and Yvette
Al, Nicola, Karen
Middle KAOS: Karla, JL, Eamon
Diana -- not so sweet and harmless...
Nicola, Andi, Karen, ?, Simeon
Urban gorilla
Nicola, Al, Mary Anne, Michael
Michael. John in background
Seth, ?, ?, Beast, Dillon
Alex, Tony, Anna, Erin, Andrew, Stefan, Meredith, ?, ?, ?, Bec, ?Chris?
Jenny and Zane
?, Seth's hand, Jess, ?, Copper, John, ?, Jonty, Robert, Andi, ?, Karen, ?, ?
James, Amy
KAOS agents start early: CJ, ?
John the DJ
Jess, Tinks, Alex
Lisa, Ashes
Janelle and Andre
Cluster fuck! Seth? (obscured), Danielle? (obscured), Belle, Matt, Cat, Karen, Dan, ?Andi?, Diana?, Duncan, Yvette (background), Jonty (obscured)
Fire dancers
Bohemian Rhapsody
Clockwise from left: ?, Belle, Matt, Dan, ?, Andrew (red hair), ?, Angie?, ?, Cameron, ?, Jonty?, Trond?, Leon?, Amy (very obscured) Duncan, Josie?, ? (far right), ?, ?Dennis?, Bec, Phil, Tony, Diana?, ?, Seth, Beast. Cat in centre.
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Trond, Paula, Danielle
John's psychedelic ceiling
Mia and Andrew
Spud and Alex
Toe job. Belle attacks James
Photo courtesy of Marsden
James looks unimpressed
Photo courtesy of Marsden
?, Amy?, ?Damon? (reclining), CJ, Yvette, Leon, Storm
Shirtless guys. ?, Andrew (red hair), ?Adam?, Cameron, Cat, John (gold shirt), Sophie, Hooch?, ?, Dennis, Nigel, ?, ?, Ben
Seth and Bastian
The tentacled one sleeps: Daniel
Dancefloor thinning out: Matthew, Kiefer, ?, ?, ?, ?, Karen


Photo courtesy of Marsden
Barbecue time: Mary Anne, Robert, Nigel, Ben, Cat
Jam session: Leon and Tim
JL, just like last year
Troy, Nigel, Mary Anne
Mary Anne, Dillon, Josie?, Duncan, Phil, Matthew, Seth, John, Brent, Cat, Tony, Daniel
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Mary Anne, Steve, JL, Brent
Games break out: Matthew, Blair, Jenny, Kaye, Robert, Ashes (background), ?, Ben, Michael?, Seth, ?, Beast (obscured), Daniel. ?
Trivial Pursuit: ? (obscured), Steve, Phil, Josie, Ashes, Cat
Photo courtesy of Marsden
More games: Chris?, Duncan, Tim
Natalya and Duncan
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Cat nesting
Simeon amuses Duncan as Troy watches
Bigger children with balloons:Natalya, ?Morbid? (obscured), Ben, Duncan, Jenny, Seth
Fluffy and Simeon
Blair and Jenny
Andrew, Adam, Alex, James, ?
Fighting over the galactic empire: ?, Michael, Seth, Rebecca, ? (foreground), Beast, Dillon
The empire goes down in flames: Rebecca, Ben, Michael, Seth, ?
Brian, Russell, Michael, Kaye, Morbid, Angela
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Theuns, ?, Stefan, ?, Erin, Ricki?, Mike, Dillon
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Dennis and Trond
Photo courtesy of Marsden
JL, ?Mary?, Debra, Matthew
Photo courtesy of Marsden


Several people vanished from the party to dinner at Linda's, where we tried, with some success, to lure various old KAOS people back to the party.

Emma, Helen, Linda
?, ?, Rat, Pip, ?, ?, Ray, ?, Brat, Rachel, Bob, ?, ?, Linda

Back to the party

Amy and Storm
Kat, Damon, ?
Julie and Paula
Crowd awaits developments: Laura, Russell, Colin?, ?Karen?, Mike, Alex (foreground), James, ?, Ben, Angela, Morbid, various unidentifiable in a clump, Robert, ?, ?Jo?, Wayne (background), ?, Dillon, Chris, Josie, Nigel, Cameron (background), Angie, JL (foreground), Natalya,
Dennis reads the awards. Brent in background
Tim, Troy?, Lisa, Adam, James, Cameron, Angie, Simeon, Andrew, Sarah, ?, Robert (obscured), ?
Phil's life membership. Angea and Cutter identifiable at right.
Preparing for the wrestling: Rob, ?, Duncan, Spud
Photo courtesy of Marsden
The entertainment begins: Diana vs Julie
Crowd: Simeon, Glen, Angela, Hamish, Del, Cat, Cameron, ?Brian?, Rob, ?, ?, Sarah, ? (obscured), Danielle, Ricki, Paula, Erin, ?Fridge? (obscured), Andrew, CJ, ? (obscured), Tim, Tinks
More crowd: Ricki (obscured), Fridge (obscured), Paula, ?, CJ, Josie, ?, ?, Adam, Alan, Lesley, Mia (crouching), Lisa, Karen, Hooch, Andi?, Kiefer, ?, ?, Storm? (obscured), Leon?, Jess, Wayne?, Tinks, Ben, ?, ?, Laura, Kaye, Natalya, ?, Robert, ?
Pixi, Paula and Danielle
Crowd: James (obscured), Simeon, Cutter? (obscured), Angela?, Hamish, Glen (obscured), Cat, Del, Diana, Michael, Cameron, ?, Brian, Julie, ?, Russell, ?, ?, ?, Ricki, Fridge?, ?, Tim?, CJ, Andrew, ?
Free for all: Danielle, Beast, Diana, Paula, ?, ?, Russell, Julie, CJ
Lubie, Michael, Dan, Pip, Steve, ?, ?
?, ?, Alan, Lesley, ?, Karen, Hooch, Mia, Andi, Simeon, Kiefer, Storm, Leon, Jess, ? (obscured), Wayne, Ben, Tinks, Laura, Natalya, Kaye, Nigel?, Robert, ?, ?, ?
An interloper! Diana, Mattson, Tinks, Paula, Cat? (obscured), CJ
Brotherly love: Russell vs Gynn
Crowd: ? (obscured), Julie, Hamish, Michael, ?, Brian, Rob, ?, Sarah?, ?
Russell and Gynn still at it
Crowd: ?, Julie, Charlene, ?Dennis? (obscured), ?, Michael, ?, Brian, Rob (obscured), ?, Sarah?, ?, Fridge, ?, Paula, Tim, Andrew
Scarecrow and Tony
The hour grows later: Tony, Colin, ?, ?
Brian and Amy
Krispy and Phil
Tinks. Derogatory description to be appended when she reminds me what it is...
?, ?, Amy, Belle?, ?Alan? (obscured), ?, Lesley, ?, Seth, Glen, CJ, Sarah
?, ? (obscured), Jenni?, Laura, ?, ?
Dancing cetacean: ?, ?, Cutter, plastic whale, Seth (background), Angela
Brat and ?
Del and Mary Anne
Jo? and Caleb?
Alan, Lesley, Wayne, ?, ?
Charlotte and Dillon
Michael, Michael, Kat, Charlotte, Chris
?, Sebastian, ?, ?
Sophie. Del in background.
Mary Anne and Dennis


Back to barbecue time again: Michael, Simeon, James, Tim
James, Tim, Morbid
Party victim
Dennis, Natalya, Tim, Michael, Nigel, Mary Anne, Jenny (obscured)
A very small haul of orphan alcohol this year
Mutant rat!
Preparing for videos: Diana, Trond, John, Simeon, Jess, Russell, Tony, Mary Anne, Michael


Back to Linda's to finish the leftovers.

Seth and Rat

A Knight's Tale, 23 August, 2001

Standing: Arabella, Martuccio, Arnfrithr, Stefan, Therese, Phoebe, Gwynhevar, Fraser, Thorkell, Amy, Vincent
Kneeling: Geoffrey, Emma, Duncan, Edward, Rowena, natalya
Reclining: Bastian

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